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    I found a tick in my bed about 2-3 months ago when I woke up, do not know if it was attached at all. I also found one in my scalp 2 weeks ago that had been firmly attached. It had a white spot in the middle of it. I looked on some sites, & they called it a star tick I think, I can't remember. I was just wondering if anyone thinks I should be tested, & can my GP have a test run at our local hospital? I'm in a fairly small area. After a week of finding this last one on my scalp, I've been EXTREMELY fatigued. To the point of sleeping 16 hours a day sometimes.I'm normally tired alot due to fibromyalgia, but this is the worst I've ever been. My hubby came home from work the other day, I was still in my nightgown. I had slept literally all day, straight through! Is this a side effect as far as anyone knows? I'd appreciate any info anyone could give me. Thanks everyone!
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    I would say YES! It sounds like you could have been bitten to me. I would go to your doctor and tell him/her that you think you have been bitten and you want treated for it with antibiotics. And tested. I would think they could test for it in a hospital as long as they do a Western Blot test. some of the others on this board know more about the better types of testing than I do.

    I would get it treated, don't just let it go and let it become a chronic problem.

    Take care and please let us know how it turns out for you!
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    do your research online, ilads.org has a lot of info (papers, research, and Lyme-Literate MD's views) about why the Western Blot should be run thru Igenex in particular, and how one should be treated based on clinical picture and probability, not test results alone as no lab test is 100% accurate.

    Also they have info as to why abx should be rx'd longer than 3-4 weeks, as the spirochete has a 28 day replication cycle AND can immediately also go intracellularly or form cysts to hide out - so it's not always in the bloodstream easily killed by abx.

    Hope this helps!
    all the best,