Have new prescription for Effexor-does it kill sex?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by contessa, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. contessa

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    Got off Paxil because I was numb. Could have been a log for all sex mattered to me. Read side effects of Effexor and they only mention problems in males. Be honest, other than finding energy for sex, how had Effexor affected your sexuality?
  2. contessa

    contessa New Member

    Got off Paxil because I was numb. Could have been a log for all sex mattered to me. Read side effects of Effexor and they only mention problems in males. Be honest, other than finding energy for sex, how had Effexor affected your sexuality?
  3. Milo83

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    I really don't think Effexor is that bad..Been on it since "97, with me it's mostly the fact that I'm just completly exhausted or emotionally drained from everything in my life right now..Personally I will stick with Effexor compared to some of the others out there........
  4. lavender_butterfly

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    A few years ago, my former doctor put me on Zoloft without even warning me about any of the side effects. I wasn't as resourceful then as I am now, so I didn't question it. After all, would my doctor do anything to harm me? No, never! *rolls eyes sarcastically* I am sooo glad I am with my new doctor now. She is a gem.

    Well, I ended up with many SEVERE side effects with the Zoloft. One of them was, as you put it, feeling like a log. I felt like my female parts were completely numb. I broke down crying one time when my husband and I were trying to be intimate and nothing was happening. I looked up the side effects on the internet the next day and realized that I had something like ALL of them. I went to see my doc and threw an enormous fit.

    Anyway, my husband was put on Paxil shortly after that. He suffered the same sexual side effects that I did. His doc switched him to Effexor and he had no complaints. He loved the stuff. He said it was all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of Paxil. Now, keep in mind that everyone reacts differently. For example, I can't take a single antidepressant without getting sick as a dog. Everything I have tried has caused some kind of horrible reaction in my body. So maybe Effexor would do bad things to me, too. But I know my husband's experience. He said that Effexor was a blessing. And we could still get frisky...

    Best of luck to you!
  5. Annette2

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    I've been on Effexor for almost a year and have no problems. No side effects - it's okay for me.
  6. ValG

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    Effexor is in the same class of drugs as Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac. They can all effect sexuality. And don't believe the "2% reported sexual side effects" in the side effects column. Note the word "reported". The test subjects are not asked about sexual problems. But if they report the problems without being asked, it must be included in the drug company's report. Not many people will volunteer such information, so the actual incidence is much higher. A good book on the subject is "Prozac Backlash" by Joseph Glenmullen,M.D. Valerie
  7. marinemom

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    I can't help you with the effects of Effexor, but I DO know from past experience that the sound of little feet, covered by those "plastic" pajama bottoms, coming down the hall way SURE WILL! =)

    Sorry, but I could resist!
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  8. JP

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    Just kidding...I am on 300 mg of Effexor daily...have been for over a year. I don't feel any side effects from Effexor. I am on a very high dose too. Never thought I would EVER take an anti-depressant or any other medication. I started this one after a posttraumatic experience. The high dose was intended to help work with other medicaitons to help a chronic pain condition that I have as seperate from FM.

    Take care,
  9. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I sure hope it works. Got a lot of info on serotonin and how it affects the entire body during yesterday's neuro appt. Will just add it to my daily cocktail! Kinda like the info that it may also help me lose those last ten pounds I've gotten tired of toting around. Now, if I can just keep the little chocolate devils out of the house.
  10. blondieangel

    blondieangel New Member

    Good news:mood stabilized, no more depression, no more feeling 'left out', not jealous of friends and family w/ "lives"

    Bad news re: sex, unable to acheive "ahem" - (NEVER a
    problem b4)

    just can't win. every other anti-depressant made me nuts, paranoid, etc..........
  11. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I remember way back in my history an old boyfriend asking if I wanted to do IT! I went balistic - "IT? This is how you refer to the most intimate moments of our relationship- IT? Actually, he and his current lady friend are really good friends of my husband and me (after a 20 year separation of course). I really can't help wondering what her IT life is like!

    Fortunately, hubby is much much better than old boyfriend ever was. Plus he's almost 10 years younger than I am. Want to keep frisky because he's so special. Hope this works..am also starting out on a low dose so should be safe. Now if I could only get hubby home for nooners (work schedule won't allow it-pfooey).
  12. azcrum

    azcrum New Member

    Effexor after being taken off Paxil. I complained to my dr that paxil stole my sex life so he put me on this. It's suppose to have less side effects. Yeah right. My husband mentioned last week he was going to buy a blow up doll. I think all anti depressants do this. What are we supposed to do?
  13. contessa

    contessa New Member

    Never any problems with Wellbutrin. I take it mainly because it allows me to concentrate and focus (I also have attention deficient disorder/non-hyperactive varity). Love Wellbutrin. Went off it for a couple of years when I wasn't working and my creativity soared. But Doc and I agree, too many other things get in the way including ADD and depression. Why suffer when a little pill can help. On third day of Effexor, 1x in am. Still groggy, hopefully it will pass. Next week start on 75mg in am. Hubby hasn't had time for me this week so I'm waiting in the wings for the weekend!!
  14. karen55

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    I'm on Paxil, and don't have a problem with sex drive/orgasms. Years ago I took Prozac for a while and it affected me sexually, but the Paxil has not. Different drugs affect different people in so many different ways. Good luck. :)
  15. Sweetmia

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    I was on 75mgs of Effexor XP and recently switched to 30 mgs of Remeron (taken at night). Everyone is different, but Effexor diminished my sex drive and I was totally unable to have orgasms--even with a very patient husband.
    I stopped taking it because of those side effects.
  16. LadyDragon

    LadyDragon New Member

    YES!!!!! But prozac was the worst. I take Wellbutrin, it does not have the side effects for me.... Luck to you...