Have not experienced this in years..wanted to share.

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    Hi, I have fibro (diagnosed) and what I suspect is cfs. My worst symtoms have always been debilitating fatigue. It has kept me from holding a job for the last three years.

    Saturday..my sweet husband was going to drive up to his folks, three and a half hour drive one way. I was not going, as that drive both ways in a short amount of time really racks me up. I always feel so guilty about it though. Anyways, I got up at 3:30 and baked a red cake and made the cooked icing that goes on it. Took his truck in to town and gassed it up, brought it back home and washed the windows and inside, finished wrapping presents for him to take. Got his shirt ironed and got him on the road. I did chores, milked. The billy was trying to get to my baby twins..so I had to move fence panels around and juggle goats. I did three loads of clothes, swept the entire house and cleaned the kitchen...all by 10:00 in the morning. I WAS SHOCKED! I was sitting here having a cup of coffee and the strangest thing happened. It was a feeling..I cannot put into words..it dawned on me what I was feeling..WELL. For the first time in years..I felt WELL on the inside as well as the outside. I sat and tried to remember how long it had been..I could not remember..it has been years.

    I have had two good days since..I know I cannot be cured..but this is such an awesome change I wept. I know it could all change by noon..but even this morning I feel well.

    I have tried to figure out what the heck I have done lately that is different. Not much. I was having a bit of a problem getting some deep sleep..have fought this for years and years..then it hit me. I have started sleeping sounder the last few days. I am still thinking about getting the ZMA that they sell here..just to insure that I KEEP getting good sleep. After all this time I am finally making progress..and I will give praise to God for the good days..and for the bad..I would not have believed how good I could feel..if it were not for feeling so bad for so long...does that make sense? Just hoping this makes someone else hang in there for these gifts of good days.

    If anyone is interested..I take vitamin C and B, Coral Calcium, juice plus,I upped mine from two to three capsules last week),garlic, occacionally olive leaf. I take honey for sinuses, muscle cramps and headaches. Grapeseed extract. Occasionally willard water and I drink alot of water. Started cutting out some carbs..I think I feel better for it. I was on a joint compound..am thinking about using the ZMA in its place. I also started taking probiotcs. That has helped me tremendously..I think I sleep better because by innards are quieter and not so darned painful. I learned about this on this site.

    I move .. on a bad day..praise God..I still do chores..I force myself. It has dawned on me that between sleeping sounder and moving more..I am starting to reap some benefits.

    Sorry this was so long..I was just so awestruck Saturday..it has just been so long. I am going to be 50 in Feb. I have experienced both fibro and cfs symptoms since about six or seven. The last three years have been the worst..until this light of hope.

    Wishing you all a glimpse like I was blessed with....Sherry

    P.S. Just wanted to thank Jolly, Mikie, Shirl, Mel, sue, misdiagnosed to name a few..things that you have written and referrals from your postings have helped me immensely.[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2002]
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    I get those days from time to time and it is an awsome feeling. I do the same thing and try and analyze what I am doing differently and never figure it out.

    i have had fibro for years and unfortunately been in a almost constant flare for 3 years due to 3 surgeries in 3 years. I am on my way back to wellness finally after beeing home for 3 months after knee surgery and depression. Been working out again, taking my suppiments and doing much better.

    i hope your well streak keeps going--take care and thanks for sharing the good news

  3. stillafreemind

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    I am so glad you understood what I was saying. At this point I do not care how long it lasts..I am just thrilled for the moment!

    I am so glad you are improving too!
    Hey..would you share what kinda work out you are doing? Thanks and have a great day.
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  4. klutzo

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    I am thrilled for you and hope it lasts and improves. I am curious though....what is willard water???
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    So glad to read about your painfree period!!! You don't know how it brightened my day! It's great to hear when someone else feels better no matter what the reason!

    Have a happy new year!!!
  6. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    thanks so much. Its alot like sitting on the fence..feeling like you are so close..knowing that you could just as easy feel bad in the next hour..but I will take it for now.

    klutzo..on the internet there are many sites..I chose the one that usually order over the phone to. The Willard water does so many things..I mostly take it to help my ph..which it does..and to boost my supplements..which it does. It will also boost your meds...so keep that in mind..like you might have to cut back your dosage. I am the only one that has ever called him (Charlie) and said...help..I cannot take the juice plus and colostrum with willard water cause it makes me go too fast! So now I wait until noon and start drinking it.

    Any way..their site..has the three w and willards(Yes with an s this time)water and the old dot and com. The only reason I stress which one is, I have read a whole lot about it, and the way theres is made and the quality..I chose that place. I do not sell it..I have no interest other than to share something that is quite hard for me to put into words. On the site it tells you the hows why and wherefores. And heck..they have a toll free number..I called and talked to them about it...with all my questions and any concerns I had.

    My mom got me started on it. She will be 70 Jan. 3rd. Know what she did yesterday? Raked and hauled leaves. And cleaned the eaves of her sheds and trimmed tree limbs that were too low. Know what she takes for meds? Not a blasted thing..Praise to God. Lives by herself on the farm and mows five acres and has flower gardens and pots all over the place. But she is high on supplements.

    Hope, if nothing else..you find the site informative! Blessings...Sher
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    Thanks for sharing your great news! I would love to have a single day when I felt normal. I keep working on my supplements, hoping to find the right combination soon. I hope I may some day be able to come and say the same thing as you have!

  8. jolly

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    This is so interesting to me because I had the same thing happen before xmas. One night I was going along with my normal stuff when I realized that I wasn't hurting. And not only was I not hurting ANYWHERE, but I felt completely normal like before any of this started. I was high as a kite, playing the piano, making plans for the next day. I felt like I could finally take care of all these things that had mounted up and I could physcially and mentally and emotionally handle them now. It lasted about 5 hours, then I took my dentures out, and it triggered something and all the pain returned. It was so weird. Since then I've experienced this a few more times. They always pass, but give me lots of hope that one day it won't pass..that great feeling will stay. Jo Elln
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    Good for you - I would LOVE to have just ONE of those days

    What about the Probiotics? I have a bottle but have been afraid to take them. Tell me about them.

    Also, I good sound sleep makes ALL the difference in the world. I get very few nights like that

  10. Spoonerpaws

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    What do you do with the honey - put it in something>?

    How does it help?
  11. stillafreemind

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    Good to see you JollY! I am so glad you understand and know from experience what I felt! Since then..I have gone through some periods of fatigue that needed naps. And a sinus headache from hell <G> BUT..I still have to say I am feeling like I am slowly but surely improving. One thing kinda shocked me...went out to do chores this morning..feeling pretty good..I mean it was 7:00 in the morning!HA! But that cold air hit me and WOW..My arms ached, my hips ached..everything ached. I thought NUTS! Got dear hubby off to work and was still hurting..thought about going back to bed..but instead I cleaned my kitchen, folded two loads of clothes and put them away, swept my whole house and scrubbed the sink,whirlpool and toilet...THEN I laid down for a nap..guess what Jolly? When I laid down..I did not hurt and took a great little nap. This is one of those puzzling things to me. When I have that bone knawing hurt..if I get active..before I know it..it subsides. Probably 9 outta 10 times. What does this mean? I am not talking just muscle pain here..I mean bone pain..Ya know what I mean? for me..there is a trigger there somewhere. Same with butt dragging fatigue...you know .. the kind where ya think about going to pee for an hour and then finally get up and do it. Thinking about dialing the phone and talking to someone is like thinking about climbing Mt. Everst? I have noticed the same darned thing. If I absolutely force myself..and get up and do housework of someking or chores or even go to the mailbox..something changes. I wish I could understand what is going on in my brain when these things take place.

    Spoonerpaws!! Hey .. if I can get blessed with this gift of a glimmer of wellness..you can too! I am one of the biggest chickens in the world when it comes to taking something new. Does not matter what it is! So I understand .. LOL..when I first got mine..I made my husband take one whenn I did!! Absolutely nothing bad happened..only good. Alot of times after I eat..I either blow up or have such pain that I wish I would! I cannot even begin to tell you how much better I feel with the probiotics..that is something I read alot about on this site..and I am so grateful. I try not to miss taking it now..as I know when I have. I hope this helps you to feel more comfortable. I think of it as putting back the good stuff so my gut can work better! As far as the nights sleep goes..I take juice plus..when I do not..I do not sleep as well. I also take coral calcium..for me..I think it has really helped me get a good nights sleep..so does magnesium. Sometimes I think that I have pain that I do not acknowledge..I am so used to having it..also muscle tightness..I think these two things keep me from going into a deep sleep. The more I address the source of these two things..the better my sleep is getting.

    As for the honey..put the honey in a teaspoon and down it..try to do it before your sinuses/headache get too much of a headstart on ya. I usually drink a glass of water afterwards. If you still have a headache..take a couple more teaspoons and three glasses of water..it should be gone or much improved.I have not the foggiest idea of why it works. That book is chucked full of things like that. I have always thought that God in his infinite wisdom has the cures for what ails us..they are right here under our noses. The pollution of the world has probably gone far and away worse than even Father thought it would! If you try it..I hope you find relief with it!

    You two have a great night!...Sherry
  12. jolly

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    I've not very knowledgeable about eastern religions, but my theory is "chi." It's energy or life force or something similar, but I think some days we have it and some we don't. That's why I consider it important to try to walk outside and watch the sunset or the birds flying around - things that feed your chi. It seems to make a difference. Things like violent movies, cnn, useless chatter or gossip just suck it right out of us. The people on this board can't tolerate tv commercials, heavy traffic, draining stuff. We need all the chi we can get and definitely don't need any sucked out of us. I think most of my mind-numbing pain is gone (knock on wood), but I still have the leaden legs feeling a lot. And I swear my mind seems to be working better. No inverted words in a few weeks, although I did get a kick out of some of them. Another thing that's changed drastically is my sleeping habits. I've always been an all-nighter, but now I'm going to sleep earlier and getting up earlier - not every night, but most. This might just be a cycle..don't know.

    I'm so glad you posted about your "good time" though. I thought it was just some quirky thing that happened to me. Jo Ellen