Have Pneumonia/5ft of New Snow/Man Left/Feeling Lonely

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    Greetings to Everyone~~BE PREPARERD FOR WHINING: I have been out of work this week as I have pneumonia and the FM/CFS, degenerative disc disease, nerve damage, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, IBS, nausea, head aching, and sinuses are all in flare. I just took 20mgs percocet and hope I can keep it down. Misery must love company 'cause every part of my body has joined in--even my gums are hurting.

    We have 5 feet of fresh snow on the ground, and it is still snowing heavily. Looks beautiful, but the pain in my back and all the arthritis has become unbearable. Have been unable to keep pain meds down--and throwing up oxycontin and percocet gets expensive. And since I only work 3 days a week--if I don't work--I don't get paid...so I will miss half a paycheck which I can't afford.

    My man left on a two day business trip, and he wanted me to go with him, and I wanted to go with him....but just too damn sick. I felt so lonely as I watched him drive away.

    My 7-month old puppy chewed up my best boots last night; the laundry is piled high; a stack of unpaid bills lay on the table; puppy chewed a hole in the couch; house needs cleaning; neck & shoulder area is so red, swollen, & inflamed from rheumatoid arthritis I can't turn my head sideways or up & down; my back & spine is swollen and pulsating with muscle spasms--can't keep muscle relaxer meds down; no hot water for comforting soak as one of the main water lines in the village burst~~temp is 22 below; my head aches so bad my vision is blurred, and I can't read or watch tv; my body is in so much pain I can't lay in any position long enough to sleep; just threw up the percocets I took a few minutes ago; I feel so weak and exhausted; stressed out over missing half a paycheck and don't know how I'm going to pay the bills now; fever is marked at 103, but feel chilled to the bone; stomach is sore; feel lonely for my man...he didn't want to leave me here so sick...drove off and came back twice to get me, but my head was in the tolit, and I just couldn't make such a long drive; he made me some homemade chicken & rice soup before he left--just wish I could eat it; made sure I had everything I needed; told our neighbor lady to check in on me...but the snow is so deep now she couldn't get through it; they shut the main highway down 30 minutes after my man left>>now alot of poor, freezing people are stranded and can't get home; my boss is angry because I didn't come into work this week; my doctor is miffed because I refused to go in the hospital (no insurance); my loving cats won't come around me because I stink from all the Tiger Balm I've massaged all over my body; I've lost my voice, so I can't talk on the phone or sing the blues.

    I'll end this pathic pity party with one last request--
    Does anyone have a special recipe or something they use to stop nausea besides the usual Pepto and stuff like that? If so, PLEASE tell me. I've got to start getting some meds down me, some liquids, and something to eat so I can take these enormous elephant-sized antibiotics.

    If you managed to read your way through all this silly whining--I "Thank You" from the heart. I don't feel so alone in my misery anymore. And if you know of anything that will stop this nausea, please send message asap. Blessings to all, Carol...
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    wish I could help you but the only thing I can do is send up some prayers and maybe a cyber hug your way.
    Hope you get to feeling better.
  3. Shirl

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    Gee Carol, wish I lived close to you, I would come over and give you a big hug and bring my heating mattress pad for you to keep warm!

    I could not imagine weather that cold, I live in Louisiana where we are freezing at 30 degrees above zero!

    I sure am sorry you are so sick, and sending good thoughts and prayers your way for a quick recovery.

    As for that nausea, the only thing that has ever helped me was (no pun intended here), is crushed ice, just let it melt on your tongue and slide down your throat. Don't know why it works, but it does.

    Also some room temperature coke or a little 7UP with dry toast.

    Oh yes, there are some prescription suppositories that are just wonderful. Can you get the doctor to prescribe them and the druggest to deliver? Maybe not with all that snow?

    I don't know what to tell you about those meds, you really do need them with pneumonia. Is there anyway you could get a medical professional to come and give you them in shots?

    As for that puppy, give him something to chew on, and barricade him in a room where he can do the least damage to furniture etc.

    Sure hope your friend gets back soon, and that you are feeling better too.

    Take care!

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. Frogdogger

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    I wish I could offer some help to you. I read someone else's reply about the suppository or shot for the naseau. I think that's probably what you need. Is there any way you could do an emergency room visit just for the shots/suppositories so you could get to the point of keeping your meds down? I wish I was near and could be of help. I think putting the puppy so he can't do any more harm for now is a start. I hope it is of some help to tell you that I would help you if I was near. Know this isn't much but I will say a prayer for you.
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    Just read your post, must`v taken ages to write.

    Despite being so ill - you have one hell of a sense of humour, I love the way you describe everything.

    I really don`t know what to say to be of any help whatsoever, other than if I liked heights and didn`t hate the cold so much, i`d drop in by parachute and stay with you.

    Just pretend we are all holed up with you, I certainly am in my thoughts. Hope these two days are not long ones, and that you get some respite from your illness soon.

    Sending you warmest humungus hugs,

    Love Pat.

  6. kaths

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    Catgal, I've had a lot of problems with nausea, and these have worked for me -- the homeopathic Nux Vomica or the prescription drug Reglan. When five of the Nux under my tongue don't work, I go on to one Reglan, which always does the job. For a while there, I was barfing every morning before going to teach class. I keep the Reglan refilled and nearby just in case. Take care, Sweetie.

  7. catgal

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    It is 10:25 pm here, the snow is up the middle of my big bay window now and still falling heavily. Absolutely gorgeous if you don't have to get out in it. And apparently no one is as our sideroads here haven't been graded, and not a creature is stirring.

    I truly appreciate all your suggestions. I live in a small village in the Mountains on an isolated Indian Reservation, and the closest Drug Store/Pharmacy is two hours across mountainous roads which are closed tonite. And there would be no way to make it to the emergency room 15 miles from here. Roads are closed and no visibility due to a blizzard of blowing snow.

    Around 6 this evening I was in pretty bad shape. Been throwing up for 4 days, couldn't keep meds down, couldn't start elephant antibiotic therapy, couldn't eat or keep liquids down. The pneumonia was bad, fever high, aches and pains were killing me, totally dehydrated....but I started going into narcotic med withdrawals--and that was more horrendous than everything put together. Imagine taking 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day and 10mgs percocet 3x's a day every day for two years--and stopping abruptly because you can't keep the meds down. There are absolutely no words to describe what I started going through. I tried everything possible in the house to stop the nausea, but anything that went down--came violently back up. I was so weak and the withdrawals became so horrific that I decided to just lay down and die and hoped that the Lord would take me FAST!

    And then my precious old cat Cassie Ann jumped up on the bed, and I heard her toying around with a wrapper. I was in so much agony from the med withdrawals that I couldn't make out what she was playing with....and then she finally got the wrapper ripped off, and I smelled it..............peppermint--a peppermint lifesaver in one of those individually wrapped kind you get in bags, and I remembered years ago my Comanche GrandMa Gray Mountain would pick peppermint leaves out on the farm and give them to us whenever we kids had stomach aches. And, I remembered I had a bag of those peppermint livesavers in a basket in my study that I had forgotten about.

    I took the one Cassie had unwrapped and slowly started sucking on it; gradually dissolved that in my mouth and no throw-up yet. The withdrawals were so bad I couldn't keep my balance standing up, so Cassie walked beside me as I crawled on hands & knees into the den, grabbed the basket of pepperments, and laid on the floor allowing several of them to slowly dissolve in my mouth one after another. No throw-up, but shaking uncontrollably from the wicked, wicked withdrawals.

    I warmed up a small cup of the broth from the chicken & rice soup my man had made me and very, very slowly got it down--then grabbed an oxycontin since it is a slow release to stop the withdrawals. It worked! Cassie Ann is my 18 year old female cat that I have always called my "Guardian Angel" because she always watches over me while I sleep or stays with me when I'm ill. I'm sure that God and Grandma Gray Mountain guided her little paws for she has always loved to play with candy wrappers.

    At any rate, the peppermint stopped the nausea; I've kept the soup and meds down; the horrendous withdrawals have abated and stopped the pain and aching, and I have been gradually coming back to life and taking care of the pneumonia. What a lesson! What a Miracle!! What Relief!!!

    I appreciate you all being here, being so kind, and I have a whole new gratitude for my being here! And Cassie Ann is getting her Royal Reward....a real can of Starfish Tuna in Spring Water. Bless her sweet, sweet heart! Thanks much, Carol....
  8. Bellesmom

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    I really don't think there are words to add here. My, my, my. That is truly amazing. So glad you added this message. Please put another followup on when your man returns and finds out how this played out, okay?

    Talk about a miracle!

  9. PatPalmer

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    Thank God you`re OK, well, a bit better anyway.
    Just woke up this morning (England) and my first thoughts were of you, so nice to hear from you again with good news.
    I too beleive your cat must have been guided, bless her and your Gran too.

    Keep us posted on how you get on today,

    Lots of love
  10. pam_d

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    I get awful nausea from migraines, and I take 25-50 mg of diphenhydramine (like in benedryl)-----doesn't take away the headache, but helps the nausea a lot & helps you sleep. My daughter sucks on something peppermint for nausea.

    That said, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time, & I hope things start looking up a little for you.

  11. AnnetClo

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    You've really been having a horrible time of it girl. When I read your first post I just wanted to give you a hug. The second update post warmed my heart though. I am not the least bit surprised that your cat helped you feel better. I have 6 cats and there are days that they are literally what keeps me going. They can always sense my mood or my pain and they are right there. Oh course, it gets a little crowded in our queensized bed with Ronnie, me and 6 furbabies all around but I wouldn't change it for the world. Give that little doll some ear scratches and tell her I said...."Good Job". And I am so glad you're feeling better.