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    never have i been so strictly on a program.

    this is a year i am devoting to my health. for the first time i have committed myself to an approach (in this case, the Perricone program (similar to Atkins, but with emphasis on getting low-glycemic carbs from fruits and vegetables, plus eating lots of salmon).

    it is a big challenge for me to stay disciplined- always has been the case- but i'm finding this journey interesting. i've learned some new food ideas, and giving up my usual supports and comforts (like chocolate) is do-able.

    it has been 2 1/2 weeks, and my skin and eyes are better. i don't succumb to crashes as readily as before. i feel somewhat strengthened overall. head is clearer and i can stay focused for longer period of time.

    i'm having trouble with the supplements. maybe it's my IBS, but my digestive processes are having trouble coping with supplements that are part of the program. i got some pectin yesterday, and it seemed to help.

    i'm determined to stick with it for once- and take stock at regular intervals. like one month, 6 months.

    i'm not at all convinced that eating regimen alone can make the difference in becoming well, but i AM certain for me, that it could well be a big piece of it.

    so that's my input at the moment. i do plan to check back in from time to time. thanks- Sascha
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    Hi Sascha,

    Good luck with your new food program. I hope it works for you.

    I am very curious to know though what exactly it consists of.

    Best wishes,


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    it IS entertaining trying out new food approaches. i always learn something. i've discovered how great kefir is this time around. i make a smoothie with kefir, blueberries, raspberries, ice, stevia for sweetener, and it's delicious.

    this food plan consists of fish (mainly salmon), poultry, low-glycemic index fruits and vegs (in other words, no bananas, oranges, pineapple, potatoes, carrots, beets, winter squash..); no sugar, juices, alcohol, , vinegar, caffeine, or dairy products except for lowfat yogurt, kefir, hard cheeses like parmesan. i can have raw nuts and seeds, eggs. so no butter or substitutes. i am using coconut oil for cooking; sometimes olive oil. olive oil and lemon juice for salad dressings. i can have avocadoes, feta cheese, olives. there is a rich variety of foods i am fixing. i like it fine so far and it doesn't seem terribly difficult once i get into the swing of not having my usual comfort foods, which inevitably result in my downfall.

    i'm trying to step it up in use of spices and herbs. many of them are supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

    last night i followed a suggestion in the book i'm using (Perricone Weight-Loss Diet) and had a tsp of pectin when i took the supplements (i hadn't taken them for maybe five days, and this morning my innards felt fine! no soreness.

    i chose the Perricone program mainly because it mentioned repair of mitochondrial damage, especially from the supplements Dr. Perricone recommends, and i think this may be a major source of my CFIDS, or major cause of the symptoms i have experienced for six years.

    i wouldn't mind losing weight, but that is not my prime objective.

    i felt really good all day today. that's amazing and noteworthy-- we'll see... best, Sascha