Have the health of your teeth gone down since having Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beadlady, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Beadlady

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    I've had my share of dental issues over the years but I definately feel they have gotten worse over the past 10 years. Anyone else think the same?
  2. rosemarie

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    I am in need of a dentsit that will do all the work I need done pro-bono. I don't have the $6,000-$8,000 that it is goign to cost me to fix my teeth. I know that I need as least one extraction, and two crowns, two build ups with pins and posts and a prayer that it will stay together. I need all the cavities filled with composite fillings. {All white, no mercurey} I also need my upper teeth in front buildt up to the right height as I have been grinding my teeth and now my front teeth are shorter than they should be.

    But this all costs money and as this time we don't have it. To have any work done I will have to pay for each procdeure before the next can be started. I have three months to pay for each procedure like an extraction, $190.00 minus 30%. But it has to be pain in full before they will do the next tooth on the list. I can't afford to get the crowns done as I don't make enough in a month on SSDI to pay the reduced fee as it is around $350.00 a month and I only bring home $322.10.

    MY have talked this thru with my husband but he has just cahgned jobs and is still on his 90 day temp status so he has NO insurance. Even when he has insurance it will be the kind that is self pay he will put X-dollors in an account and he will have as much money to use as he puts into the plan. But there is no dental insurance.

    So that means he is paying full price out of picket for his insluin pump supplies, all scripts, test strips , every thing and it costs close to a $ 1,000 a month. Even with his increase in pay it does not leave enough for him to help me wwwhile still paying for every thing else that we need to live. Rent, lights heat, gas for the car,food, cable internet phone you name it and he pays for it. Incluing my car insurance. I have a problem with my car it died and has a serious problem with a wheel well ,

    I have not had a car in months. But he was going to fix it last weekend but when he got his first check he was not happy as it was not the agreeed amount per hour and infact left him rather short, He would have made more money at his old job in during the past two weeks pay period. So it is some thing he and his boss have to work out. So it does not look like I will be getting any of the dental work I need for quite awhile. I have applied for every discount possiable but when you combine our money we make way over the amount listed. At this new job he will be making much more than the last one when everyt thing get worked out and when I applied fdor assistance last year at his old wages we still were over the highest amount to qualifiy for any help. If I remember right we make $$1400 too much. Mind you this is still not all that much but it is too much for any assistance.

    So I am up a creek with out a paddle, and this year my insurance scroipt price changed because medicare changed the Tier ratings for scripts and aof the 6 scripts I take three of them will cost $44.00 each and the other r two $6.00 and one that medicare does not cover is going to cost me $18.00. Scine I get paid every third wed. of each month I have to take out at least $ 120.00 and up to$160.00.So that cuts down what I can spend on every thing I need to pay for .
    But as to your question about teeth becoming worse since my Dx of fibro I don't really know. I just know that it costs more than it used to. But then I was a dental ASsistant and got a deal on the work I had done. But scine I don't work any more and am on SSDI , I have to pay full cost. or what ever discount they will give me .

    I Hope htat you don't have this same isssue and that you can get your teeh fixed . I have ofund out htat if you use a brush on floride it helps keep the enamal better and you don''t get as many cavities.
    HUGS ,
  3. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    I finally had to admit defeat last year, when my dental health became just too much to handle. Between the drugs, and the health issues I could have auditioned for a role in Once Upon a Time, and not as a good guy! Even with dental insurance, we had to say goodbye to our tax refund. I wanted implants, but I didn't have enough bone without a bone graft (like insurance would pay for THAT one!). Now I have to be really careful of the denture adhesive, because the chemicals make me queasy and it's like having a combination of melted mozzarella and Crazy Glue in your mouth. It's always something with this DD!

    Soft hugs,

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