Have to pee a lot? (more info from my hair analysis)

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  1. klutzo

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    My hair analysis showed my calcium is much too high in relation to my magnesium. Jelly has posted recently on how this may be common in our illness.
    Here is an excerpt from my hair analysis booklet that may interest those of you, like me, with an irritable bladder:

    "Calcium and Magnesium are important elements whose roles include involvement in muscular response. When not in a normal balance, an excess of tissue calcium relative to magensium will frequently lead to constant muscular tension and contraction. If the muscles surrounding the urinary bladder are in a state of tension due to this error in mineral metabolism, the volume capacity within the bladder will be reduced. This condition may contribute to an increased frequency of urination due to the restricted size of the bladder".

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    My allergist did many of the same tests you had, hair analysis, etc. My level of calcium was very high----now, this was before I found out how allergic I was to dairy products (I DID go through all the food testing by skin & blood, & stool analysis----essential in my case, because I found out about the dairy/gluten/soy/eggs, my allergy #s were off the charts). I never ate a huge amount of dairy, but now I eat none, so I don't know where my calcium levels are now---I take as much magnesium as my body will allow, but for me that's only 200mg----any more & it's diarrhea time (I've tried them all, BTW, now I use Mag. glycinate from this site's store). I definitely pee a lot, so this may be a reason...

    Thanks for this info!

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    for Madwolf
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    I hear this complaint from a lot of my patients. (It always makes me worry about Interstitial Cystitis.) Never heard of the connection to Magnesium before, but I do recommend supplements for all my CFS/FM patients on the very first visit, because most American diets are deficient and it's involved in just about all the chemical reactions that create energy in our cells. I've also found it very helpful to prevent migraines. Remember to "start low and go slow", as it may take a while for your GI tract to adjust, and too much can cause diarrhea.

    Madwolf, I'm glad to hear you're back. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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    Doesn't IC make you hurt when you pee? I don't hurt, I just have to pee a lot, and when I need to pee, I need to pee RIGHT NOW. If I try to hold it too long, I can actually have a POTS attack when I finally let it go.
    I also am very thirsty, and have MVPS, so I drink at least a gallon of filtered water daily.
    What I notice, since I am in the midst of doing three 24 hr. urine collections for metals and am using large measuring cups to pee into, is that my capacity appears to be about 2/3 cup. If I remember correctly from my hospital years, normal bladder capacity is more like 2 cups. Is that right? No wonder I go so much.
    This sounds like the description of what calcium does to the bladder to me.
    The problem is what to do about it. I can't go without my calcium supps. forever, since I have osteopenia.
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    You're right, and thank goodness for small blessings. We THINK about lots of things before we make a diagnosis; if we don't keep things in mind they won't pop up when we need them. Your evaluation makes sense to me; make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D, etc., for that osteopenia, and good luck with all your tests.