have to reapply for SSI because of spouse unemployment.

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    awhile back my husband lost his job and started collecting unemployment.

    So I stopped receiving my SSI benefits but was still disabled.

    Because my case was stagnant for so long I also lost my disability status.

    I thought I would just get it back because I am sick, I have fatigue that is so bad that just going to the store, or doctors appointment warrants time at home immediately for rest, among other issues. I also thought because I was on morphine and other strong meds that it would be a good indicator of my poor health status. as well as receiving care from PCA worker's.

    apparently it is not, the PCA department will not fill out forms, its not what they do, period.

    I have been in treatment and on medication for depression and anxiety for over 12 years, but the psychiatric nurse wrote me a damaging report saying that I was doing better mentally after only one appointment.

    basically I'm being told that my case does not look good because of lack of documentation.
    I went to the ER seven times last year and was hopitalizrd for 3 days do to dehydration,..

    I'm really frustrated and afraid, if I was able to keep a job, that would me I was well, and I wish I could work with all of my heart, but since I cannot, I have no way of surviving, my husband is no longer in issue. I am on my own and am afriad of being homeless

    please, any advice would be welcomed unless it is unkind or mean spirited. instead count your blessings and give thanks,......................thank you,...
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    When your husband was working and receiving paychecks from the private sector and you were on SSI, your family was only receiving public resources from ONE PUBLIC RESOURCE (SSA) and at a set limit. When your husband became unemployed, he began receiving PUBLIC resources (unemployment), and you were already receiving a public resource (SSA) so your family then received TWO PUBLIC RESOURCES. With budget cuts to agencies, and so many people in need, apparently there is a limit to how many public resources can be received AND how much money received total from those public resources within one family--your family apparently went over the limit and you were eventually taken off SSI. That's the difference between your husband working in the public sector and then receiving unemployment payments.

    First, call the main department of your city/town and ask for the Social Services section. Talk to the social services and ask for an appointment to apply for anything and everything, including food stamps, welfare, find out about the food bank, etc.

    I don't know if you have children, but some states--not all--welfare will provide a very tiny amount of welfare to adults (without underage children) who are disabled. This gives you a small amount of money. If you have children, welfare usually provides for the children including food stamps and medical, and goes after the husband in court for money assistance on your behalf. T

    The City/town and Welfare will have to ask about your husband and since you said he is no longer an issue, I assume you mean that both of you have separated and are intending to divorce. If so, welfare may want to see some type of separation agreement, and if so ask them to send you to free lawyers to help you get that and then ask those free lawyers to set a hearing to have your husband assigned money to assist you (and any children).

    As to your SSI case, unless your treating doctors continue to agree that you are unable to do the job you used to do AND unable to do any job, then the Social Security Administration (SSA) will probably not approve you. If your doctor doesn't support you, then they don't. My suggestion would be to get a new psychiatrist that will be supportive. Personally, when treating, see the actual psychiatrist as they are the highly trained specialists. The psychiatric nurse shouldn't be writing a report and I would want any report to come from the psychiatrist in the future.

    If you need someone to help you complete the SSA application, you can contact someone from your local Area Agency on Aging and although they help seniors, they also help disabled and the one near me explained they help disabled to complete the SSA application.