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    I need some input from anyone who could help me about the income you can still earn while on disability. I know some of you know what I a talking about when I tell you I cannot make it a anymore without making some extra money.
    It is to stressful not to work and yet I know it will really stress me out when I return.
    I cannot pay the bills anymore without working. I am not living with a lot of extras either, just the basics.
    I earn just a small bit of 800.00 monthly, but this does not cut it anymore.
    My car needs new tires, new air conditioner and now of all things omg I think the alternator is going out and who can buy a new car, not me.
    Please help with some advice and if there is any kind of work that anyone can suggest please help me.
    I do not have a college education but I am pretty smart, I guess.
    Do any of you know any kind of work you can do over the internet at home that is not a scam or some kind of rip off?
    Blessing to all and awaiting to hear from you.
    Thank and hugs,