Have to see shrink for ssd..what to expect?

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    Got a letter today from ss saying I have to seea shrink, I went into detail about the depression I've had with this disease...Do they just talk to you or give you those dumb tests etc.?? thanks Deb
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    Hello Deb,

    I saw one in July of this year. It was about 30 minutes long. It was fairly routine. He asked questions like "who was our last president and current president. He asked some number questions, like counting forward and backwards of a series of numbers that he gave. He also asked if I drove to my appointment. He would only let me elaborate on things that might hurt my case. He also wrote down all of my medications (they ask you to bring them). He asked me what I did during the day. I would assume that the questions are pretty standard and the appointments vary in nature due to different personalities administering the exam.

    Wishing you the best...Jan
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    Did you get approved for disibility?..just wondering it seems like a lot of people have been denied lately..Oh well I'll just keep trying.thanks.Deb
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    Rose ssd sent me to a dds shrink too. Everything Jan said they do applies to me too. Don't be afraid to mess up a little bit and show him how depressed u are because that all goes down on the record he sends to them. I cried and made it quite clear that depression was a major factor. Tell him you had to have someone else drive you there. Tell them you are limited to what u can do around your house and if married hubby has to help and how depressed it makes you.CRY, CRY, CRY if you can. I have a copy of the report he sent to ssd and it has how you were dressed, your wieght, if you had to get ride. Hun it's all stated. THIS REPORT IS WHAT GOT ME ONTO SSD when a lot of others are still getting no for an answer. This is the fastest way. Thanks to this dr's report i was on in 4 months time. Don't let your pride get in the way. So what if u don't get the questions right and misspell things wrong or don't tell them the right amount of change your supposed to get back. In the long run u will be the winner. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    I wont have to fake it either..because without meds im a mess...thanks
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    I am still in the process. However, my case analyst said that I was approved and ready to be notified the end of August. Another office selected my case for a second review. She said it is a checks and balance method to see if they are doing their job right. Another office will check one out of twelve for a second review. She told me it usually takes 2 to 3 months before you are notified. She also added that none of her case decisions have ever been reversed and another office can reverse the original decision if they find a mistake.

    This is crazy stuff. This is my first try and I didn't know what to expect. As for the shrink appointment, well, I was just myself and I drove to the appointment. I guess it didn't hurt my case to be myself or to drive. It was kind of funny. I couldn't remember the presidents name for real. I didn't do so well on many questions.

    The best to you...Jan
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    And I mean take them orally. If the doctor says you can take two, please follow his directions. You will probably worry and be unable to sleep the night before the exam. If after laying down for a few hours you still can't get to sleep, take your sleeping meds. Since you are afraid of getting lost driving to the appointment, better have someone drive, you know how stress increases your confusion and you want to make sure you get there. You will be totally worn out after this exam, even if it is short. The day or two before the exam, I suggest you do your housecleaning. wash clothes, etc because you certainly won't feel like it afterwards. It is also a great time to try out an exercise program. That way you will remember if it makes you sore or go into a flare. Answer the questions honestly. If you think you would feel better dead, say so. This is your time to tell someone how you physically feel and how it makes you feel mentally. You know no one can see your pain and how it is affects your life, speak up. You might look ok but let them see how you really feel. Dress as you normally do around the house, wear your most uncomfortable shoes, make an appointment to have your hair done the day after the exam, you will need the treat then. Don't worry if you forget your nail polish and the make up. I had my husband go and they also asked him questions too. This is the one exam you will take that it is ok to get the answers wrong. Remember there is a lot riding on this exam. Everything depends on this. Getting nervous yet? And don't forget to take your strongest pain meds, you want to be somewhat comfortable for this exam. You will do just fine.
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    thanks for the info..All the meds I have right now is soma I cant afford to go to dr to get more and im all most out so unless amiracle happens I'll be going there without any meds ..I'm going to call doc and see if he'll write prescriptions and I'll go pick them up..and soomeone said there are places here in town that will fill my prescription for me so maybe I'll get it filled I also take paxil but I have enough for 3 more weeks..but yea when I'm there I'll tell him exactly how it is thanks Deb
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    Bumping for you.....if you tell it like it is, I'm sure you have nothing to be worried about. Good luck!