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    since i am mostly housebound and we aren't able to do much, we got some banty (the small ones) chickens for our daughter as pets. They are inside our garage for the winter. Our daughter made a craft and had a few small pom-poms left over. she decided to let the chickens play with one as a toy because she is afraid they will get bored in the garage. Cloudy (the chicken) ate the pom-pom. I guess things are either food or not when you are a chicken. Our daughter was devastated--fearing the chicken would die. We said many prayers over the chicken. We gave it some seeds and extra grit to grind up the pom-pom. My husband said it was the first time he's prayed over a chicken which wasn't on his plate. It has been a few days, and apparently the crisis has "passed" as Cloudy seems to be fine. Yeah! We have to find happiness in small silly things. Blessings to all of you. Jen102
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    I love the crazy situations kids get us into. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad Cloudy survived.

    Tell your husband I have prayed over many a sick pet. And, yes, I know God hears them all! Squirtpepper
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    your story made me smile
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    My sister and I were raised on a citrus/chicken farm in AZ. I have had plenty of pet chickens..and Mable, we even had Roosters! They did turn mean eventually.

    My folks let us keep the littlest banty in our rooms even.

    Love to hear stories like this. Tell your daughter one of the chicks might be born with a cute little "hat".