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    Yes, I am in not so good a mood tonight. Had been in a good one for a long time as I have come and told you a few times to keep you posted on how I am, as promised.
    Well, one of the probems is easy, I am just antsy as to the fact that I had to go to dr's tomorrow and have an ultrasound on my right breast, cause of the lump.
    I have had mammogram before and never had to had this done at that time, all dr did was just take it out.
    But have been told that an ultrasound gives a clearer picture and may pick up something that the mammogram may have missed. This recent mammogram said there was no cancer.
    Dr says that it may be just a cyst, but don't they grow larger. Anyways I have put it into better hands and I know that I will be alright.

    Tonight, reason for being down, a little long so please bare with me, as I have to get this off of chest.

    A friend of mine went and bought a new home theater system. The old stereo system he had he is giving to someone else.
    Well we traded speakers, as he were of a stronger wattage. Now the people who are getting the stereo, free of course, are b----ing about it. At first they had to come and check to see if the speakers worked because there was a misunderstand about which speakers were traded. You see I have these speakers that noone has ever seen before. They are 3-1/2h by2ft wide and 18in deep and are on wheels. Well the woofer in both of them is shot, son blew them back in 1986 (,that is how old they are and some). They thought it was them. Anyways, when the person came to check the speakers and found out that they worked were still upset about not being the bigger ones. I made a comment like "anyone who gets something for free should not be so picky", well I got an earful and was told to f--- off and stay out of there business and then called a gold digger.
    For why I do not know.That just rolled off of me like water off of a duck's back. I thought it was funny, something like just over a paid of speakers. How petty.
    My friend is the one that got me upset, you see he is blind and I help him out a lot, sew his clothes, cut his toenails, mend anything he needs, set up anything that needs to be, like his home theater, his new CD player, his VCR and his DVD. I do all the reading he wants me to do and because he has bought me a few things, his friends call me that and he did not go to bat for me. So I think I am going to walk away for awhile again. I have cooked him meals, ironed clothes for him and other things to little to mentioned, and right now I am sounding petty.
    Maybe he spends money on me, but I give these things to him out of my love for him as he does when he buys me things.
    Why can't people keep their vicious thoughts to themselves.
    If he had only stuck up for me I would not be so upset right now, but no he let this woman brow beat me and I was sitting right next to him on the couch. Go figure.
    Ok, thank you for letting me vent and I am sorry that it was such a long story.
    Am also a little sad, was at day camp at my church for the past week, had g-daughter for weekend, and today was in nursery at the church. Kids all week and tomorrow have to go back to the same old grind. I am going to miss it very much. Was very busy for the week as had G-daughter every day last week too.
    One good thing came out of all the extra energy I picked up from the kids and my g-daughter, I got five loads of laundry down yesterday, and my maid came back, and the whole house was cleaned also. I hope you know that the maid was........little ole me.
    Thank you for listening to me as it has made me feel better putting it down on here.
    Does anyone else get to a point that at times the least minute thing will bother them. Is it because of this FM/CFS thing??? Does it make us more vunerable to things that usually don't fizz on you.
    Bye now
    Hugs Lee
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    hi we all need to vent at some point i know i get like that alot lately. well good luck at the doc. take care kris
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    Walking away for awhile is certainly one solution. But maybe you could/"should" talk to your friend about your being upset. No blaming, just tell him it hurt you that he didn't stick up for you?

    I don't know what kind of relationship you have, so the suggestion may not be appropriate. And just because you say something doesn't mean he'll defend you in the future (though it would be nice).

    Or maybe you were just being hypersensitive (I sure am often enough) because of whatever particular chemical combination was happening in your brain at the time....