have tried every mattress topper and sometimes two

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crossword, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. crossword

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    at a time but have recently decided to go back to a waterbed. I am now looking for a used one as the new ones are too expensive. It seems that the warm water with a mattress that conforms to the body works wonderfully for me.
  2. nanna4550

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    I have a waterbed too, crossword, and I love it. I also have a egg crate/down topper on the waterbed. My one is the mattress kind with two baffles, you can fill it as full on your side as you like. Mine doesn't have heat, but I have an electric blanket that I put on 1/2 hour before bed to warm it up. I think my bed is like a "Somma".
    Have you looked on craigslist.com? maybe you can find a nice one there.
    Best wishes to you.
  3. JLH

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    Yes! I have two of them on my bed and think that they really make a difference!!

    I have an extra-firm Sealy Posturepedic mattress, which I need the support for my bad back, but the mattress toppers add enough cushion that helps my sore, aching muscles and bones, that my body needs.

    My only compliant sometimes is that the toppers create too much warmth and I get too hot during the night.

    I put my mattress cover over top of the egg crate toppers, then my fitted sheet, so you would think that I wouldn't feel the warmth from the toppers, but I do.

    A cousin of mine tries to convince me to discard my 2 egg crate toppers for 2 featherbed mattress toppers. She has fibro and said she LOVES her featherbed toppers.

    Maybe one day I'll try her suggestion!!

  4. butterfly83

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    did you try the cuddle ewe? i can't say that my pain is better, but it HAS made resting/sleeping a lot more comfortable for me.
  5. Bikebon

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    what is the cuddle ewe? It sounds cute. I have my bed so loaded up with pillows of different sizes, that it looks like a minefield.
  6. JewelRA

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    I have had so many mattress toppers too in the past year! LOL. I don't personally care for memory foam, as the smell of it makes me want to hurl, and it does not offer me much relief at all.

    I have a Cuddle Ewe too, and sometimes I use it, sometimes not. My back pain is so weird. Sometimes I feel I need a firmer sleep surface and sometimes softer. Fortunately I only have a Twin XL (my dh didn't want anything on his side of our king sized bed) so I can easily take it on and off. I do like it better than memory foam. It is soft but not "squishy" like foam. Do a Google Search for Cuddle Ewe - I'm sorry I can't remember the website off hand.
  7. butterfly83

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    The Cuddle Ewe is this special matress topper with wool inside, made especially for fibromyalgia patients. I put off buying one for awhile, because they are a bit expensive, especially if you have a larger bed. But my pain and trouble sleeping had gotten to the point where i just was willing to try anything, so i decided to go ahead and get it. Most everyone online has a money back guarentee on it, so if you don't like it you can send it back for a refund.

    I have to say that even though i'm still in pain, the Cuddle Ewe is just SO comfortable, and i want to take more naps now because of it! Using that on my matress and a couple of body pillows to support my legs has really helped me be a lot more comfortable while sleeping.