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    I have read several times here where patients have been "fired" (or dismissed) from a doctor's practice for one reason or another.

    I have just learned that if you have been dismissed from a doctor's practice that he MUST see you again after a 30-day waiting period, if you want to return to his practice. It's a law.

    At least this is true in the state of Ohio.

    Of course, if the doctor was such a jerk to "fire" you as a patient, I don't know what the conditions would be that you would want to go back to him, but if he was the only doctor available, he would HAVE TO take you back into his practice after 30 days from your "firing".

    Just thought this info may be useful to someone!
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    Need to know where you found this, and if it is a law ONLY in Ohio, or a federal law. I have just been "dismissed" by a pain clinic Dr. for unfounded reasons, and am not happy about having to start again with another practise. Oddly, this Dr. refused to terminate me personally, but had the head "nurse-practicioner" do it, and surprised me by adding that once the decision was made, I was not even allowed to TALK to the Dr.

    After finding there was an error in the reason for my dismissal, I attempted to ca;ll the practice to straighten it out, and they are refusing to return my calls.... This is one of the few times I really DO wish to challenge the dismissal, prior to this I was happy in their care, and realize that a partial reason is that the state I am in is currently leaning HEAVILY on doctors trying to help patients in chronic pain.

    Your timely response is the answer to a prayer, please, tell me more. Thanks!!!!!
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    Please keep this bumped at least tell tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some good answers or opinions on this one.

    I have never been fired. But I have been told "there is nothing else I can do for you."

    My problem with this is how am I supposed to keep proving to SSDI that I am still disabled when I cant find a dr. to at least document what is going on with me!

    Please, anyone else with this prob., let us know what we can do.
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    a big bump............
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    The doctor had to have a valid reason for letting you go from being your health care provider. You had to have done something that was out of line for that practice. My pain doctor has one that you must sign when you see him the first time and it states that you will see one doctor for paind control and that same one doctr will be the only one to prescribe pain meds ( Narcotics of any kind) and you will use one pharmacy. If for any reason this is violated you will be dismissed from being his patient . You will recieve a letter explaining why you are being let go from the practice and will be given 30 days to find a new doctor You will be given that one months narcotic pain meds. And that is all. You will not be allowed back in to the practice for at least a year ( I am not quite sure on that one but it is longer than 30 days).

    The dentist I worked for did this. For what ever the reason was , the receptionist would write the patient a letter explaning in detail the reason that they would no longer be reciving care from this dentist and was being dismissed as a patient. The patient would be given 30 days to find a new dentist and then the patients records would be sent there and they would no longer be treated for anything. And then he would sign it and have it noterised. It would then be sent to the patient with a reciept recieved notice so that the dentist would know that the patient had recieved this letter. There was no going back, he would never treat that patient again.

    He had talked this over with an lawyer so that it would be legal and not on violatation of the law , with his lience, his practice, and with the medical code . He would have to had a reason that was r eal to dissmiss you from his practice.

    You can't be dismissed because of stupid things . Like I said my pain doctor has his written in to his forms that you fill out at the time of your first visit. And like I said it stated that he would be your doctor for pain control, that ALL NARCOTIC'S would be prescribed by him . This includedif you had surgery from another doctor You were ok in that case HE would allow wthe surgen to prescorbe your narcotic pain meds untill you were released from his care after that HE was your doctor and you were bound by this contract. and you had to go to ONE pharmacy always for everything. If you were going on a trip and could not see him for your monthy visit you would be given enough meds to last you till you could see him again.

    So I don't know what you can do about it. I have had two surgeries and the doctors that did my surgeries only took care of the pain control while I was in the hospital after I was out they would leave it up to my pain doctor. And that worked for me.
    I hope that that you find a way to be able to see this doctor.
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    Hi jlh!

    While I've never personally been terminated by a doctor or dentist, I have been told by surgeons that they felt my health problems made operating too risky for them. Usually they'd refer me to a surgical specialist who would do the operation.

    Also, an elderly relative of mine was terminated from two different practices. He'd argue with the staff and the doctor (and heaven help the doctor who kept him waiting more than 30 minutes for an appointment!) at each practice in NC.

    In both cases he received letters of termination in the mail - guess no one wanted to tell him in person. In each case, he was informed in the letter that the doctor was willing to prescribe 30 days worth of medications for him. There was, however, no mention of taking him back as a patient. Luckily, another family member set him up with a geriatric specialist group that he liked, and they were very good in dealing with him until he passed away.

    Since this didn't happen in Ohio, I wonder if there are different laws about being patients being terminated from doctors in different states.

    In 35 years, I've voluntarily left the practice of a gynecologist, a dermatologist, and a rheumatologist. In all three cases, I felt they were 'going through the motions' of medical care, rather than really caring about their patients and I've been pleased with the doctors who've replaced them. Life is too short to spend in a bad doctor-patient relationship, especially with FMS impacting one's health.


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    I got "fired" by my pain managment Dr. He ordered me to do physical therapy which I complied with. It was making my pain much worse so my therapist got permission to try pool therapy. I tolerated the therapy very well but a few hours after my session the pain became unbearable. I couldn't move at all for a few days. I called the pain managment Dr. and asked if I should continue therapy or stop.

    They told me my therapy was done and they couldn't do anything else for me. I later (in my disability file) saw where he had wrote that I was just depressed which was causing my pain and I needed to get my depression under control. He later said that I was a malingerer. He told disability that he would not see me at all again for a followup exam.

    I live in Ohio but would never go back to him.
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    ... I certainly have fired doctors. If they aren't going to help me... I don't want them. There are plenty other doctors out there.
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    I was in the military system and they were controlling the pain. I was in PT and did everything they asked of me. Well in the end I refuse Methadone, so they said they were taking my pain meds away from me. It was forcing me out of there system. The sad part is without the pain meds, my pain gets out of control and my b/p rise's to dangerous levels. The new cilvilion doc upped my pain meds and the b/p went down. The other thing that could be happening is the DEA is on your Docs back for prescribing pain meds. Good luck and have faith that this happen for a reason. Aloha Ellie
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    my friend was fired and said to go to the ama website and search there for info. there is a bunch of info on many things we all should be aware of...i was amazed.......... http://dbapps.ama-assn.org/aps/amahg.htm
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    My PCP sent me to a phyciatrist for depression. He put me in a ward! (I didn't know it was that either). He experimented and gave me Nardial, a dangerous MAOI. After 3 months of it and got so I couldn't walk or hardly talk, he and my PCP said to get off of it. THEN, he didn't want to see me again because he knew he had made a big mistake and it triggered to FM to get worse. I can't forget that! :)((
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    My PCP sent me to a phyciatrist for depression. He put me in a ward! (I didn't know it was that either). He experimented and gave me Nardial, a dangerous MAOI. After 3 months of it and got so I couldn't walk or hardly talk, he and my PCP said to get off of it. THEN, he didn't want to see me again because he know he had made a big mistake and it triggered to FM to get worse. I can't forget that! :)((
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    Once by a doctor and once by a dentist, mostly because I had too much of an attitude. In both cases it was before I had been seeing them very long.

    Like someone else said, there are a lot of competitors out there, you just find someone else and move on.

    One consolation, I am seeing another doctor now in the practice with the one that fired me, and whenever mine is not available they ask do I want an appointment with this other guy... if he were such a great doc I figure he wouldn't be the only one that has free appointment times, so I'm betting other people can't get along with him, either!
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    All I know is what I was told my a doctor in Ohio, who said "if people only knew that all they had to do was wait 30 days and then the doctor would HAVE TO see them again."

    Of course, with other comments he made, it was like patients were not supposed to know this!

    So, I don't know if it's just a rule in Ohio, or a federal rule.

    If you have a lawyer or doctor friend in your state, ask them.

    Before I replied, I went to the AMA site and could not quickly find anything. Well, the only thing that I could find quickly was that a physician did have the right to terminate the patient-physician relationship and was to do it in writing and give 30 days notice.

    For those of you who have been terminated, you might want to start researching this.

    If I can find out any more info, I'll let everyone know.
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    I felt this deserved a least one more bump.
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    I just posed this question of an attorney on another message board.

    Her reply was that she thought this would probably be a state law matter and said that persons in each state would have to check it out where they live.

    So .... I guess we know how the state of Ohio operates!
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    I was fired by my shrink!!!! I have been seeing him for over 2 years. I got upset with him when a "family" problem was going on (my 14 year old neice wanted to kill herself) and I called him in the evening to see if he could help me get her into a hospital.....He NEVER called me back.

    So after a few days I called his office and was VERY upset, I told his receptionist that perhaps he just didn't want to be my doctor any longer!

    Well, they (not my doc) called me back and said he no longer would see me!!!!! I fell apart to say the least!!!! I cried and begged them to tell him I was so sorry and I didn't want him to give up one me..(that's what it felt like) I was devastated!!!!! I wrote him a note and apologized and begged him to please continue to see me.......HE has never called me back yet......This was in the 1st part of December 2004.

    I called his office again and they told me that he "said" he had done all he could do for me.....regarding pain, etc.......I saw him for the depression I've been in for so long. I was just in the Mental hospital in October for 7 days because I just felt like I was dying inside!! This DD has messed up my life soooooo much!!

    He NEVER wrote me a letter, called.....nothing!!!! He just FIRED me!!!! I still hurt so much inside because of this....I trusted him so much! He did give the girl in his office some names of some shrinks that "might" be able to help me, as they worked more with Fibro....I think that is how she put it.

    I felt so abandoned by him!! I went to see one other dr that didn't want to see me either!!!!! He said he doesn't prescribe pain pills.....I told him I didn't come to him for pain pills....My other doc didn't prescribe them either! I came to see him because of my depression... I even told him that quite a few years ago I tried to kill myself a couple of times....(I hate admitting this, but it's just telling the truth)!

    He told me that I needed to find someone else. NOW, how do I feel about being FIRED by my shrink.....like S%%%, and then to have another one not want to take me......

    I haven't even look for another one to see yet. I'm too scared!!!!! And I only have 1 month left on my scrips..

    I'm sick, and have lots of problems at home......but this was such a huge blow!!!! I still hurt inside about it.

    I make jokes about being fired by my shrink....but inside I'm really greiving and hurting over the whole thing. I feel sick inside just remembering and thinking about the whole thing!

    So that's my story...
    God Bless,
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    ...so I can reply to this later when I have time.

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    keep looking, hun. You just may find the right psychiatrist afterall - one who specializes in chronic conditions and the effect they have on one's mental state.

    I hear the pain in your post - and I don't want you to feel alone. It's only cyberspace - but folks here do understand the pain of rejection - you are not alone in that.

    Now is not the time to wait it out - you will run out of your meds and face even more difficulty.

    I just want to give you a boost of confidence that there IS a doc out there for you. It is better to have one sympathetic to your condition and trained to really help you with the depression without writing you off when the going gets tough.

    I'm pulling for you! PurrlGirl :)