Have you been to the mayo clinic in phoenix

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    good morning
    i have been to 7 doctors and have several dx, none of them do i feel are correct. im concidering going to the mayo clinic to get my "mystry diagnoses" solved. just a few questions is you have been:
    1. is a special program, or do you just make a bunch of appt with different doctors.
    2. how do you get started-phone #
    this seems like an overwhelming task just to figure out an approach !!!!!!!!
    if you can help me at all i would appreciate it .
    thanks for your time GOD BLESS FOY
    thx nancy
  2. kellyamos

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    Here is my nighmare story with the Mayo in Phoenix:

    I was dx with RA in 1999. But then in June, 2005 started having severe pain all over and had no energy. Went to my Rheumy and he said " I know that all of these new symptoms are not related to the RA and I don't know what it is." He had a real attitude and then just walked out of the room. Needless to say I FIRED him right then.

    I decided to contact the Mayo in Phoenix and I got an appointment in August. I did a ton of research on my symptons and it led right to FM. Over the course of 2 months and about 12 visits for every test you can imagine, ie; heart, lungs, etc., All of these test came back normal. I saw an Internal Medicine Doc, then a Pulmonary Doc and finally saw a Rheumy there and she diagnosed me with FM.

    Her fnal statment to me was "I believe you have Fibromyalgia (which I pretty much knew from my own research) as well as the RA. Come back for a checkup in 2 months". That was it... No treatment plan, no pain meds for the dire pain I was in... Nothing..

    Then about a month later, the Mayo had the audacity to send me a bill for $4,535.00 to be paid upon receipt. That is after my insurance paid them over $9,000.00.

    My insurance as well as most, only cover usual and customary charges. The Mayo charged an average of 400% OVER the usual and customary charges for EVERY single doc visit, blood tests, x-rays, etc.

    I am fighting this still with them... Their costs are outragous for absolutely nothing. I have since found out that the Mayo is infamous for running every test under the sun on patients which is obviously to rape and pilage desparate patients of every cent they can drain out of the insurance companies and patients.

    I want to tell people to steer far, far away from the Mayo. This was the most stressful, disappointing and upsetting experience of my life.

    I have finally found a doc that has helped me some and I do wish you luck in finding pain relief and a compassionte doc.

    I certainly wish I had a better experience with the Mayo to pass on to you. Since my ordeal, I have talked to quite a few people that have gone to the Mayo also for various conditions and they said their experience was pretty much the same as mine.

    I do wish you the best in finding the help you need. Good luck.


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  3. tgeewiz

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    I went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale (you did mean Scottsdale, right?) in January 2005 as a last resort before leaving my job.

    I saw an Internist, Gastroenterologist, 2 Neurologists, and an Infectious Disease doctor. Spent a lot of money to travel there from Houston.

    Anyway, their diagnosis was that I have a "somatization disorder." In other words...it's all in your head. They recommended that I try to find an internest in Houston that specializes in treating somatization disorders.

    I also can testify that their charges are EXTREMELY high. Fortunately, my insurance co. covered most of it after a long battle.

    The only redeeming quality that I found was that you are able to see several specialty doctors in a short amount of time. But, since these specialists (who claim to be the best doctors in the world I might add!!!) did nothing for me, I'm not sure that it matters anyway.

    Good luck, FOYBOYFOY!

  4. mollystwin

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    Do a search on the mayo clinic. I remember many posts about the Mayo clinic and from what I can remember, they didn't help anyone!
  5. littleleafhopper

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    I went to the Mayo in Arizona about 2001 or 2002. That's been my biggest disappointment. Not because they did any of the test's improperly, but because the doctors I had really didn't seem to care about finding an answer.

    I had already been through numerous tests locally, you know the drill, and I just expected more from the Mother of all diagnostic centers. I had visions of a Dr. House taking my case on! Sadly it was a waste of money,time, and an enormous emotional let down.

    One bright young Fellow, (that's a really smart Dr, that's invited to do additional training regarding their specialty), a cardiologist told me that I was menopausal and just needed to get use to it. Shame on him!

    I think that if you had Cancer or some other disease that is something more commonly seen the system would have worked really well. They do multiple tests with consults to multiple doctors right in a row. So you don't have to wait, wait, wait, for the specialists.

    They can also communicate with each other by computer, so they can confur. I really liked that concept.

    I truly hope that if you go, they will find an answer for you. They do run lots of tests, so I don't want to dissuade you from going. If there's something going on other than our DD, they might just find it.

    Good Luck, and let us know how it turns out.

    Yours, Lil
  6. findmind

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    The Mayo shames the US medical system.

    They have always refused to diagnose CFS, and push the psychological paradigm.

    You are better off going to a plain ole' D.O., they have a better handle on CFS than anyone; or the FFC clinics!

    Don't waste your energy...


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