Have you ever had a dream that you were in pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EllenComstock, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    and when you woke up, you actually were? This happens to me once in awhile. Last night was the most vivid and upsetting dream I've had in some time. I dreamed I was at work and began having sharp pains in my legs and hips. It was so bad that an ambulance had to be called and I was rushed to the hospital.

    I was in the emergency room and a doctor and nurse had to tie me to this bed because I was thrashing around in so much pain. The nurse stayed with me, but the doctor was busy and kept telling me he would be back as soon as he could.

    The rest of the dream was such a blur with me struggling to get loose from the bed and in so much agony. Then I suddenly woke up and realize I really was in a lot of pain in my legs and hips. I got up and got fresh ice packs from the freezer, put them on my legs and hips. I finally managed to go back to sleep.

    I'm at work now and fortunately the sharp pains are pretty much gone (I just have the usual dull, achy pains that the morphine doesn't help).

    Sorry this is so long, but that dream just really upset me since it was so real. Anyone have a similar experience?

  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Ellen,
    Wow! How lucky you are to be in such good touch with your subconscious!

    Often, dreams are our subconscious talking to us, and they are also frequently affected my what we are going through , physically.

    May I tell you the last really vivid dream I had? It was abuout what is happening to me because of thesse DD's.

    I dreamed that I was back in the convent, and the Sister Superior was one I had actually had, in the past, during a very unhappy year. In my dream, she took everything I loved away from me, one by one. One night, I had a rosary, and I slept with it in my hands, clutchng it closely to my body. It was the last thing I had that I cherished. She came while I was asleep, and took it from me. When I awoke , I was left with only some anger and defiance, and a lot of sadness.

    I feel my dream simply showed me how my subconscious feels abut these DD's. Luckily, my physical pain has been put into remission by acupuncture treatments, but I still have the emotional pain of losing friends and the ability to do things. I'm glad that I had that dream, because it shows that my subconscious is aware and is trying to cope with my emotions. By realizing what is really bothering me,I have some chance of handling it in "real life".

    I think the fact that you remembered your dream is wonderful, even though it was a nightmare. It shows that your subconscious is aware of what is going on in your body.

    Hugs, and take care,

  3. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    I do this too, especially if it's a migraine I'm getting.
    The worst pain nightmare I had was that I was among a group of suffering people who were ordered to drag their heavy glass caskets up this steep cliff. We were given no water and it was very hot. Our bodies were aching all over and we were crying out in pain, but we were ordered to continue the long uphill struggle. We were told that when we reached the top of the cliff, we'd get relief, which would be death, hence, the coffins.

    Just too creepy for me!!!
  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I think it's sad that you can't even escape this awful illness even in your dreams. I've had dreams where I can't cope with everything that's going on or that I am in a place where there is too much stimulation and I feel very stressed in the dream.

  5. StephieBee

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    Ellen, I am so sorry to hear that you have such horrid nightmares. I used to pray every night when I was a child that I wouldnt dream because I had nightmares too much. I was actually afraid to fall asleep.

    Although I have not had any dreams in which I have had pain, I have had dreams in which the way im feeling, emotional wise, was how I was actually feeling in real life.

    I often have dreams where I am hopeless. I will dream that someone is chasing me with a gun trying to kill me, and there is nowhere to run. Sometimes in these dreams I cannot move at all, as if I am frozen.

    I have heard of one instance, going to the bathroom (#1 LOL!), in your dream. If you are doing that in your dream you are actually doing it in real life.

  6. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I once had a therapist tell me that I was very intuitive. It's interesting, but sad, that others here also have nightmares related to their pain and feeling hopeless and helpless with their health situation.

    The dream about the coffins and going up a cliff sure sounds creepy. It's pretty easy to figure out the meaning of that dream. I have always been interested in dreams and interpreting them. All my life I have had very vivid dreams and my dream recall is good. I used to talk in my sleep a lot and sometimes actually recall what I said.

    As for dreaming that you are actually going to the bathroom, I hope I don't have that one! Nothing like waking up to a wet bed. I have had lots of dreams where I am looking for a bathroom and when I wake up I do have to go.

    Thanks again for the responses. It's interesting to see what others here have experienced.


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