Have you ever heard of a dentist will accept what the patient can pay?

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    I wish I had the guts to ask this dentist if he would help me by accepting my case probono.i will be able to pay over 12 months $240.00.
    Most of the dentists I have talked with have payment plans of 12 months and after having worked in a dental office , what I can pay is not going to even cover 1/4 of the cost of the total bill. I wish that I could ask him if he woudl accept the $240.00 that I can pay and accept it as payment in full. I would also be willing to help out in the office but can't do that for more than 10 hours a week. When I last worked as a dental assistant I was paid $9.00 per hour, but that was 20 yrs ago and I don't have a certificate as a dental assistant. It was not needed when I was working.

    I am willing to explain what is going on with my financial situation. Where my DH can't pay for any dental or medical care for me. His insurance has a really high deductable of $1000.00 for medical, 500 for scripts and 500 for dental and then it only pays $1,000.00 per yr.
    But in order to be on the dental program insurance I would have to be on his insurance that would cost him $300.00 a month and my insurance pays for every thing but dental and vision.
    I pay a co-pay of $5.00 for the GP, $35 for rehumy or ortho, $5.00 for generic meds adn they go up with each tier 2 $58.00 , tier 3$78.00. I pay close to $50 .00 for all my scrotps now. That is not adding any of the " fibro meds" that cost $ 78.00 a month. Can't afford that at all.

    I am going to ask him about doing the work { trade service's} work 3 afternoon's for 4 hr a week. Starting at $9.50 = $38.00 a week and $1368.00 as payment in full. I don't know if this will work but I don't have any other way of paying for dental work to be done. Most dentist's only have a 12 month pay ment plan and when at the most I could pay is $20.00 a month equaling $240 per year. That would be it all I coud pay for all the dental work. I need some help to find out what is the best way to pay him with out costing me more than I can afford.

    I have to pay other bills with the $311.10 I get every 3rd week. And with SSDI I never know if they are going to raise my alotment of cut it. that has been talked about. Either way I am up a creek with out a paddle and don't have the money to pay for all the endtal work i need.

    I have been stressing over this so much that I hurt worse. I can't deal with this any more. I am worring so much that I can't fall alseep at night and sleep most of the day. I have been flaring more than usual and I am ready to scream in pain, I am calling my rehumy today to ask him to delay reducing my smir till after i am done with all the dental work I have to have done. I Know that I need at least one surgcial extraction, tow to four build up that cost at least $15o.00 and the surgical extreation would be in teh range of $200.00. I am so screwed up and so broke dont' ave the money to pay for much of this. Up a creek with out a paddle.

    I am so sick of being in pain, having bad teeth, needing dental work done and being terrified of the dentsit. I worked for one for 20 yrs so I know every thing they are goign to do to me, it is like a movie watching all the things a dentist doess to the patient, I close my eye's and see it all and I react to the injections , I feel each drop of anesthisa and stay numb fo hours and hours. and I panic when I am scared. What am I going to do about this?
    Scared in Utah,
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    First, I am so very sorry for all you are going through with your teeth. hope and pray you can worrk things out.

    I think your plan to work to pay off the bill is very reasonable and I would think it well worth talking to the dentist about. In any case, it's always OK to tell dentists and docs about your financial situation. Many of them can help in some very creative ways. If you don't get anywhere with him, consider calling the local dental society to see whether they have dentists working pro bono or on a sliding scale over time. I used to work as a fundraiser for a dental clinic serving people with limited means. Of course, we took Medicaid but Medicaid for adults is difficult to qualify for and it covers almost nothing. The real mission was to care for people who didn't qualify for Medicaid but couldn't pay the going fees in the area for dental care.

    Best of luck to you. Prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rosemarie I understand what you are going thru. Right now I have also been going thru the dental nightmare.

    I had to let my teeth go to the point now I'm having them all pulled. I did find a dentist that is pulling them for 100.00 per tooth. Every dentist is different on what they charge.

    I was shocked how much of my pain was my teeth due to infection that even antiboitics wasnt even clearing up. If by build up you mean root canals plz do a search here and reconsider.

    I understand why you are scared-dental work for us is a nightmare. good luck I do hope you find someone in Logan that will help. There is no one in Salt Lake.
    there is the dental school at the U of U[This Message was Edited on 06/27/2011]
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    Have you been with the dentist for a while?
    When I lost my job and insurance we had to go on my husbands plan which I don't even consider insurance: It is that bad.
    I had been seeing my chrirpractor for years and when I told him what happened he said I could come in for free. I only go once a month now (use to go weekly) cause I do not want to take advantage. In return I bring the front desk staff snacks, and when he raises money for charties (he does this often) I always donate so I do not feel like a total reloader.

    It does not hurt to ask your dentist: There are still nice people out there who are willing to help.

    Good luck. I have many problems with my teeth ( I swear from the FM cause it was never like this before) and I know how painful and annoying it is. All the dental appointments I had in the sping ( i was there every week) put me in a total tail spin.
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    I used to work for Community Action Partnership in Lewiston Idaho as a service coordinator and I used to call all kinds of companies for my clients--there were times that I begged a medical clinic to accept my client who was on medicaid.

    below is the info for the Community Action office in Logan, Utah

    Bear River Association of Governments Roger C. Jones Executive Director 170 North Main Street Logan, UT 84321 Telephone: (435) 752-7242 Fax: (435) 752-6962 Email: michellef@brag.utah.gov URL: http://www.brag.utah.gov Counties

    I would contact their office and see if you can connect with a service coordinator and see if they can call the dentist office for you.

    Some areas have a clinic called the CHas Clinic that their fees are decided on a sliding fee scale. I coudn't find that type of clinic in your area but the Comm Action Agencies may know more about that. Maybe the Community Action Service has some funding to help you for your dental issues.

    Good luck to you.

    I have Fibro and I also am having alot of dental problems too
  6. lgp

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    Have you considered contacting a dental school or dental college where students can work on you under the supervision of qualified dental professors? Just a thought; maybe this could be an option for you.

    Good luck--Laura

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