Have you ever seen a ghost?

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  1. Pippi1313

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    Halloween is coming, & ghost runs, haunted houses, & scary movies are in season...

    Over the past few years, ghost shows on tv are all the rage.

    But really - honestly - have you ever experienced anything (seen, heard, felt) that you thought MIGHT be an actual ghost or spirit???

    Just (perpetually) curious!
  2. hugs4evry1

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    Yes....lived in a haunted house for 3 years while stationed in Hawaii.

    Horribly stressful time in our lives....it was never ending until we transferred out of there.

    There used to be quite a long thread on the same topic a few years ago, I wonder if the search function still works?


  3. rockgor

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    Are Hawaiian ghosts different than regular ghosts?

    I have never seen a ghost, but I did see some UFOs back in the 70s.

    For folks who are interested, there are oodles of ghost pix and videos on
    the net.

  4. Shirl

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    Well, I don't know if you want to call them 'ghosts', but I have seen those who pass-away many times,also saw people that were living far from me as clear as if they were in my house, had feelings that something was evil around a certain place, or even myself.

    I had dreams that actually came true, never anything good, always bad.

    I do not think they are 'ghosts', but demons (evil spirits) that look like people you know, living or dead.

    It does not happen often to me anymore, I had a lot of prayer said for this after I was saved. Before then it was really bad.

    I am never afraid of these things, feelings or seeing them. I just pray them away.and they must go when you use the name of Jesus.

    I am from Old New Olreans, and that at the time was a hot bed for witchcraft. I was raised there.

    There still are many old homes in New Orleans that some people can't go in because of demon possession on the property.

    Yes, I believe in it, but its not ghosts, its demons.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  5. sisland

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    This is a very interesting topic!,,,Never actually seen a ghost but have had heard some strange noises over the years!,,,,My girls and i once lived in a house that was 102 years old that had a very large upstairs with 4 bedrooms with doors that connected them all,,,,,,anyway i used to hear the doors opening and closing and foot steps up there when i was the only one home!,,,,,To afarid to go up and check it out!,,,,,Boooo!

    Also the apt i just moved out of had what i want to call a kitchen ghost, because things were contantly falling off the counters or in the cupboards for no reason at all,,,,,scarey!,,sis
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  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I grew up in a house where "things happened".

    We moved there when I was only 2 yrs old, & stuff started right away.

    Throughout my childhood, when I'd ask Mom if she heard or saw something, she either denied it or explained it away (although her "explanations" were somewhat of a stretch).

    It wasn't til after I was grown that Mom admitted she'd been experiencing the same things, & even MORE.
    When we were little, she denied it because she "didn't want to scare the kids", which is understandable.

    The funny part, is that my dad said we were all nuts, whenever we mentioned any of this. That is, until the day HE had an encounter! LOL!

    He was trying to figure out what was going on, & Mom just smiled & said: "See? I told ya so." (She had told him about the "things happening" all along.)

    They still live there, & it's still the "home-place" to all of us.
    No one is afraid of it.

    Thanks to everybody for responding!

    I know that people who haven't experienced such strangeness, do think we're either nuts or simply mistaken.

  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I found the post Sis, I think it was her, mentioned about ghost stories. I tried to bump it to the board put wouldn't let me. Maybe the person that started the thread has left and their posts were deleted.

    SO go to my profile and click on my number of posts- 3094 I think, then scroll threw the posts until 7-18-07, you will see one that says "I remember" Then you can read the thread, I think you will find it interesting. Many of the people are gone now but their stories are still here.

    I won't repeat my stories since they are still on the thread but I have had many "other world" experiences, before I got sick and took sleeping meds I use to dream a lot, many came true. I still have a strong intution and know things I am not sure of how I know them, been like that all my life, but less after I got sick in 2001.

    Happy reading-Carla
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have always felt "things" in houses where people died. When I got the married the second time my husband and rented a house while looking for one to buy. I did not like it, older 2 story but had a great location to the park and work and the price was right.

    One to the bedrooms was right at the top of the stairs, I worked 2-10 so slept late. My SIL lived with us for a short time and she walked past the room and said she was leaving and I went back to sleep.

    Then I was awakened by foot steps on the stairs, they were wood and no carpet and were creaky too. I had my back to the door and assumed she had come back and said something to her and felt a "presence" like she was standing there, when she didn't answer I rolled over and there was no one there.

    The erie feeling came and I felt like someone had taken my breath away, I was very shaken by the whole thing. I had heard noises on the stairs before and knew there was a spirit there but he stayed in the dining room where the stairs led up.

    I asked some nieghbors and finally found out a old man fell down the stairs and died there several years before. Luckliy we found a house not long after that and there were no bad vibes in in.

    Now the scarest I have been wasn't supernatural but I almost had a heart attack. My husband was a over the road driver, same DH and house as the above. He was on a trip to NY and wasn
    t suppose to be home until the next night. I came home from work at 10 pm and this was in the 80's when the Halloween movies were big.

    I watched the first one with Jamie Lee Curtis and went to bed around 1-2 am. The next thing I knew was there was a man standing at the foot of my bed and he yelled and lunged on top of me! It was my dear sweet hubbie surprising me, I told him he' was lucky I didn't have a bat beside the bed! Oh it was 4 am I told him he will NEVER do that again or I would beat him with a bat I planned on getting-lol- Ok story time over- Carla
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I thought you wanted to hear ghost stories- Did I spook every body??
  10. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm still here! Just waiting to see who chimes in!

    I think, most peeps who "experience something odd" explain it away. That's only natural, of course. When something odd happens, the normal (& smart) thing to do is figure out if there's a rational explanation.

    Other peeps won't admit what they've experienced, cuz it just sounds too nutty.

    And of course, most of the "ghostly" things I've experienced are quite mundane & boring.
    Most paranormal experiences are NOT at all dramatic. Hence, peeps think it's not exciting enough to talk about.

    As for being "spooked": LOL! I grew up in a "haunted" house AND my 5 brothers' favorite game was jumping out at me from some dark hiding place, trying to make me jump. haha! Of course, I was pretty good at that game, & gave as good as I got.
    So, it's pretty hard to spook me.

    I did have an experience out at the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium that was a bit startling.

    Wanna hear about it???

  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I do believe in "lost souls" spirits and such, there are too many unexplained things in this world. I think many of us have a gift to see these things but society in general trys to debunk it so they try to explain it away.

    But it is proven that we only use 2% of our brain- what is going in with the other 98%?

    I have seen and heard too much and my own experiences to just blow it off. I watched Ghost last week, it was on and I hadn't seen it in years so it was like watching it all new again. But I feel there are "people" watching over us.

    I have been read by a psyhic or two and one described my grandparents to tee and said they were my angels. I never gave him any info on them at all, just asked if he could see my angels and he said I had 3 and described them, there is no way he could have known that as they had been dead for 20 years or more.

    Anywho would like to hear your story and anyone elses- gotta eat din-din-Carla
  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member


    I'm a local. That's important to the story.
    I also know, for a fact, the current owners of Waverly "stage" some paranormal experiences. It disgusts me, BUT I do understand why the hafta do it.
    Thay have to keep paying-customers coming thru the door, or they'd have to shut down & close the doors.
    If nothing ever "happened", Waverly would lose its reputation, & they'd lose paying customers.

    That being said:

    The being-a-local is important, cuz the patients don't like outsiders.
    The hospital was funded by the city of Louisville & Jefferson county.
    It was for LOCAL people who had TB.
    Very soon after opening, it was filled to capacity.
    People came from all over the country, to be treated there, & the locals couldn't get in.
    Our city was paying for the extended care of outsiders by the hundreds, if not thousands (over the entire history of the hospital).
    Finally, the overseers had to start doing background checks on everybody who was in the hospital & everybody on the waiting list.

    People who were born here got to stay.
    AFTER them, people who had lived here for 10-15 years were allowed to apply for admission. Everybody else was put out & removed from the waiting list.
    (Many people came to town, rented a room & claimed "local" status, just to get in. That's why "local" had to really mean local.)

    It has been my experience at Waverly, that a whole lotta "outsiders" legend-tripping around the place, kinda ticks them off.
    (I've been there several times.)

    There are several big myths (outright lies) told about the place:
    The 60 thousand, or 100 thousand, or however many deaths they claim at any given time, is entirely false.

    The number they quote, as having died at Waverly, is in reality the entire death toll for the entire epidemic of TB, for the entire southeast region.

    But, that doesn't make for a good ghost story.

    The next big myth, is the "death tunnel", where they allegedly would "sneak" the dead bodies out, so the patients wouldn't know how many people were dropping dead all around them.
    The reality is: There is no hospital anywhere, where they wheel the dead folks out the front door. Duh!
    Yes, there's a tunnel. That's because Waverly sits atop a high hill, & the tunnel was simply a covered rear-exit that went to an employee parking area, & the railroad spur.

    If Waverly was this hideous evil place, where people were tortured & dropped dead like flies, thousands of people wouldn't have done their best to lie, cheat, & steal their way in.
    It was just a hospital. My great aunt was a nurse there.
    The truth is, they received such excellent care, MANY people got better & went home!

    Again, that doesn't make for a good, creepy story....

    It's "abandoned" because the treatment & research they did, helped find a cure for the disease. Hence, there was no more need for TB hospitals.

    Not much spooky about that either...

    It's because I know the truth about the place, that I'm not swayed by all the hype. I don't go in there with the woo-woo scooby-doo expectation of seeing spooks...

    And that's why I wasn't expecting what DID happen...

    I was with some friends from out of town that night.
    I was partially in a remission phase with my disease.
    Although I was struggling (VERY much) but not letting on about it, I was able to walk with my crutches, for most of the night.

    We went to the 4th floor. I was just about wiped out, & had to take a break.

    My friends went off down the long corridor, as I leaned against a wall, & assured them I'd be fine, & they should go ahead without me & I'd wait there for them.

    They disappeared into the darkness as I braced myself against the wall.
    I intended to rest there for a minute, then gimp my way to a chair I'd seen nearby.

    I turned & leaned my left shoulder against the jamb of an open door (the doorway to a patient room). Then, I rested my head against the wall.
    So, my face was kinda close to the wall, & I'm looking down the hallway, not really thinking about anything in particular.

    That's when I saw it.

    3 doors down, something was moving.
    It was a dark, shadowy form of a human.

    It stood in that other doorway, & seemed to be facing me.

    It swayed just a little.
    Then it seemed to take a step out into the hallway.

    Then, in less than a second, it rushed the distance between us & actually rushed into me! Right up in my face!

    I drew a sharp breath, almost as if the wind had been knocked out of me.

    I had just gotten rushed & slammed by a shadow!

    I just stood there, a bit surprised by what had happened.
    After a moment, I slid to the floor, so I could sit & rest.
    (My legs were REALLY killing me by then, as I was pushing myself much harder than my disease would allow.)

    The big empty building is very echo-ey.
    A person can speak at one end of the building & be heard at the other end.

    I calmly, but loudly called out to my friend, Sean.
    I realized, my voice wasn't even bouncing off the other wall of the hallway, just a few feet away.

    I felt like I was surrounded by cotton batting or something.

    I called out several more times, but my voice would not carry.

    Finally, my friends returned.
    Of course, I could hear them coming from quite a distance away.

    When they reached me, my friends, Sean & Kim looked at each other, looked at me, & said "What the heck happened??"
    I suppose, I had a strange look on my face.

    Of course, their voices were again echoing off the walls.
    My voice echoed off the walls, too, as I told them what happened.

    That cotton-batting feeling was gone, & sound carried in a normal way again.

    Neither of them had heard me call...

    I've seen a lot of things out at Waverly, but that was the most personal experience.

    When I'm at Waverly, my emotions aren't about fear, or being spooked. I just feel such tremendous empathy for the sick people who were patients there. And such sadness for them, & such a kinship.

    I've spent as long as 6 weeks straight, in hospitals myself.

    I find the atrium, visiting areas particularly sad.

    I know what it's like, trapped in a hospital long-term, when your visitors leave... Or when you wait for visits from people who never come...

    ...And I'm a local.....

    I know them. And in a way, I belong there. I think they know that.....

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have never heard of the hospital, not that I remember anyway. But what you explained about being slammed by a shadow is the same feeling I had when I thought my SIL was standing in the door but was the old dead guy.

    I have never felt anythng like that and never have since. I would talk to him and say I meant him no harm and was only staying until we found a house. Very un-nerving to say the least.

    Thanks for sharing. I know where I live now has nothing and can be a peach here. I understand what you were talking about when you said you felt the sadness of the sick and past patients. Let hope we don't have any real horror stories anymore in our future-Carla
  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    My beloved Grandma is still around (at times) & it's very comforting.

  15. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    It's from 2005 and I copied most of it but there are so many people who posted on it that are no longer on this board I don't feel comfortable reposting it. Since I asked ProHealth to delete all my posts at one time I doubt it can still be brought up by doing a search under my username.

    And yes, I've had personal experiences with ghosts.

    Great topic for this time of year.

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have one posted in my profile from 2008, I tried to post it but it wouldn't, I go to my profile and read it but can't get it to the board. I think I explained above what date to look. I am close to nity-nite time, took my meds, soaked for about an hour or more in the whirly pool, as Haley calls it.

    Had to take the girls with me as they would have had too much fun in mommies bed. I have had to break them up several times today, it is all play but they do get excited sometimes. This is going take a bit more of "My" time keeping her occupied. I have a bad elbow so can't do much of the tug the toy game, she loves fetch but that is out. Poor thing went on the ride with me and Twy and was not happy about not being out to get out and run.

    We saw 4 deer about 50 ft away, it wasn't good-lol. We saw some horses and cows too yesterday. Got some nice pics.

    Where did you go in VA- I have been on the Blue Ridge from Roanoke to Charlottesville a few times. Lived in Richmond for 18 years. It is a beautiful place, wish I could go back sometimes,

    Did I read you saw a bear? Can't wait to see pics of that one. THere was one spotted with in a half mile from here a few weeks ago in berry feild, hope he is in his cave now.

    I do remember you talking before about some "abnormal" experiences. You can refresh my memory when you are up to it. Carla
  17. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    We went to the Massanuttan area. It's less than 1/2 hour from the Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. About 1/2 hour from Harrisonburg, if that helps.

    Yes, we saw what we assummed to be a female black bear, she was grazing right along the side of the road. What a treat for us since we're both animal lovers. We're finishing up the discs on our digital camera plus I took along one of those throw away cameras that I'll have to finish up. I think it's only about 2 pics short of being filled.
    Hopefully my pics of the bear will turn out well. I was so excited I may have taken pics of the inside of the van.

    I'm going to try and clean up the Ghost thread that I saved, then re-post it again. It may take awhile.

    BTW - I went in and checked out your latest work. Beautiful, just beautiful. Some were truly haunting. I'd love to have some of your talent.

    Many hugs,

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  18. Juloo

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    Some of the things I've experienced are a bit long, but I'll say 'Yes' to hearing an un-embodied voice, 'Yes' to footsteps in two different places of my grandparents' house (many, many times -- and to several non-family members as well), and 'Yes' to possibly having seen a ghost. I'm drawn to old buildings, so that's gotta increase the possibility of having some type of encounter...
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I think you have a point, about places with some history.

    Don't you just LOVE that old-building smell, when you walk into one of those places?
    The collective aromas of years of old wood, wax (both furniture wax & candles), coal-fired heating systems, & even the faintest hint of gentlemens' cigarettes (back when that was still a very cool & sophisticated thing to do).

    It's almost as if everyone who was ever there, left a trace of themselves behind.

    I adore old buildings. Both homes, & public buildings like office buildings.

    If I walk into an old building & see transoms above the doors, I'm instantly in love with the place!!!
    & frosted glass in wooden doors...
    & old marble floors.
    & ancient elevators....
    & art-deco water fountain alcoves....

    Gee. It'd almost be disappointing if a place like that DIDN'T have a ghost or two!

  20. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Are there any really old Mansions in your area?,,,we have the "Conrad Mansion" ,,,up here in Kalispell Mt. It was built by a man named Charles conrad and his family in 1895,,,,,It has been taken over by the city now and has been preserved!,,,omgosh is it kool!,,,,lots of modern amenities were installed back in the day!

    Like drinking fountians, an elevator that ran all the way up to the 3rd floor, and indoor toilets,,,,,The wood work is unbelievable! 3 large river stone fireplaces and a laundry room that has these huge drying racks in it with a special wood stove built for drying,,,They had servents all the way from china and they all had seprate quarters from the Mansion,,,,,,,,,,

    Barns,gardens and a covered horse and buggy pull up in the back of the mansion,,,,,,I'm sure there are a few ghosts hanging around there,,,,,,if you google The Conrad mansion i think it will pop up!,,,,,,,,I love the old mansions and the stories to go with them!,,,,,,Sis