Have you ever wondered why more Men don't have fibro??

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  1. I don't know if you have discussed this before. But I was thinking why don't more men have fibro. I mean the numbers of women compared to men there has to be a reason.
    The only thing I can think of besides men don't complain or go to drs. for this, which I don't think this is the reson is.....
    Men don't stress out and worry like women.
    Men don't as a general rule eat desserts,sweets, etc.Their diet.
    They don't use shampoos, conditioners with added things like we do, moisturizers, etc.
    What do you think?
  2. Mikie

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    Men don't typically see docs as often as women and don't complain as much of pain, but I don't think that could account for the large difference in numbers.

    This may be genetically predisposed and that could account for it.

    Hormones play a big part and since women have different hormones, FMS may affect us differently.

    As Madwolf says, it just may not be recognized in men because of the belief that it is a "woman's disease."

    Love, Mikie
  3. I still don't think the smaller no. of men would be so small just because men don't complain or go to drs. If they had the intense pain that I have sometimes, they definately would go and quick! And if male drs. had it, they would investigate the cause REAL fast.
  4. pepper

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    and I think some of their treatments have contributed to these DD's. I was on antibiotics for so many things over the years, especially chronic sinus infections. I think that all those antibiotics had to have something to do with the breakdown of my immune system.

    I also think there are some hormonal connections. I seemed to go into instant peri-menopause when I became ill, most noticeably from being cold, cold, cold, from Oct. to May here in cold, cold Ottawa, to being HOT, HOT, HOT even during the winter time and unbearably during the hot summer. That has to be hormonal.

    I also think the superwoman syndrome could be a contributing factor - even those of us who worked outside the home were in most cases still responsible for the home and children.

    That's my opinion. Pepper
  5. LiteraryPumpkin

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    As a man with FM, I give gender no thought. I hurt, I struggle, I wish ... God have mercy on all of us. I know this; I am in the company of heroes (or heroines if you prefer). FibroButterfly is a fellow pilgrim in an adventure that I did not and would not have chosen for myself. When I hurt (which is every minute of every day) .. it just is. Sadly, pain appears to be my inescapable destiny. Never-the-less, I laugh and cry and am a human being. I love my wife. I protect my family. I thank God and I curse God for my trials.

    .. and I admire all of us who suffer and do our best to live with some degree of dignity. I am convinced that there are many who cope with their disease with more grace and strength than I. That's OK. Perhaps, in the end, we are a team .. a family .. friends who don't know each other but root for each other .. regardless of gender.

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    We guys should feel bad, i mean maybe we contributed to more females having fibro. Hence the term "men are such a pain in the ass" :O)
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    I think you'll find most of the men with the condition treating themselves at the nearest tavern (been there). The ratio of women to men with fibro is about the same as women to men with attention deficit-non attentive type. One more reason I buy into the notion that there's a connection between the 2 (here I go again, FMS is a neurological condition, muscle pains, mycoplasms and all else are symptoms) Not to say it's "all in our heads". It starts with a chemical imbalance in the frontal lobes of the brain. Then here's usually some sort of stress that pushes us over the edge into Fibro.
  8. In no way was I bashing men for not having fibro. I just keep hoping that we could figure out why more women have it. I just can't believe that so many women have it more than men. And I keep hoping that the drs. not only medicate us but continue to look for the cause of it!
  9. northwoodssue

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    Hi Fibrobutterly:
    My brother and father have fms too, so the men outnumber the women in our family. My dad has a severe case of it, and my brother is pretty bad too.
    I have what my rheumy called " a malignant form of fms which gets worse and nothing helps". Talk about a downer!!!
    So, men do get it, but more importantly, is it hereditary?? Our situation would be a good case for it.
    what does anyone else think???
  10. blondieangel

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    it has to do with hormones and the endocrine system. Read the 2nd article on the homepage. latest in research.

    I also agree with an earlier reply that many men suffering (depression, pain, etc...) take to drinking ;-( sad...but true..
  11. klutzo

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    and it ruined my grade average, but many of the articles I've read, some right here on this website, say that the genetic predisposition appears to be autosomal dominant, meaning on the X chromosome....don't ask me what that means, but it it supposedly the reason why women have it more.