have you evr thought about all the symtoms'

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    I was just thinking about all the things I"ve had with this d.d.had it for over 12yrs now.
    1-ringing ears
    2-tingling in fingers and legs
    3-brain fog
    4-dry skin
    5-panic attacks
    6-heart skips
    7- vision problems
    8-legs buckle ,
    9- internal shaking
    11-hearing loss in 1 ear
    12-dry eyes
    13- pain all over body,wrist,fingers,back,hips,ankles,underarms,chest.neck.shoulders.
    14-my knees swelled up and feet.could"t walk without a cane for 8mos.no Dr could find anything wrong.it went away on its own.
    15 headaches for as long as MONTH AT A TIME.
    16- sensercory overload to sound,lights,movement. smells.
    17 dizziness.
    18-speaking the wrong word,other than what your thinking
    and I'm sure there,s many more that I have forgot.
    I"m on no Meds,because I can"t tolerate them.
    I do try to eat,only live food .
    I don"t go to the DR,s anymore because I think their a joke,I go to the womens health fair to get. different things checked out, its a lot cheaper any how.
    I read alot and thank God for this site,I"ve learned so many things from all the different post,all I can say is thank you to everyone. Sixtyslady
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    The chemicals in everything we eat, breathe and wear are killing us. I've found some things that help block some of them. For instance, Vitamin E and Selenium help protect us from formaldehyde. Magnesium and Co Q-10 help our heart. Sunshine helps everything.
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    thats good to know.I"ve become so sensitive to almost everthing.I have to be real careful.
    I can"t go in the garden deparment in walmart, because of the smells.
    farm and fleet also bothers me bad.
    sometimes I think I"m just a nut about all this stuff.but when my eyes start to burn and m y upper lip starts to tingle I know I have to get out of that store.
    I can"t go in staples at all or carpet stores.
    what ever made us get like this????