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    I do have fibromyalgia and a mild case of TMJ. I have had pain that started in my hands for over three months now. My fingers hurt and my wrists will swell. All of this is generally on the top. The nerve test came back clean and still got the shots anyways for carpal tunnel and they did not help. It has continually gotten worse. The pain has spread up my arm up to my neck. I had a neck MRI which came back clear. This is started affecting my work and ability to do things at home and so forth. Anyone have this happen to them?

    God Bless!!!
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    Just wondering if you use the keyboard or text a lot? Sounds like what you're describing might be from overuse? I do have carpal tunnel in both wrists, have had it for about 30 years now.

    Mine appeared during my first pregnancy and I was told that it was temporary. I'm still waiting for it to go away... ha!

    There are places that sell fingerless gloves made of an elastic fabric. Can't remember what they're called right now though. They do help me when my hands hurt especially and the gloves are not as confining as the splints with the metal bar in them that holds your wrist in one position. I do use the splints when I sleep often times though, and that helps.

    I've chosen not to have any surgery for the carpal tunnel because I rarely do well with surgeries. Besides, I hurt all over anyway; I doubt if this would make a whole lot of difference in my day-to-day life.

    I also have TMJ and the arm and shoulder involvement, by the way.

  3. serenityskyline

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    I work on a keyboard all of the time and no way around it. With the fibromyalgia, I could wear the splints a day or two and it would subside. This time is different. They ruled out carpal tunnel, especially since this has traveled up to my neck and the shots did not help at all. I did not have the symptoms that you see described that come along with carpal tunnel either. Of course, the headaches are back at least they are not to the migraine stage yet. The fibro was under control for the most part and this pain is different. (I know hard to tell sometimes.) My hands are arms seem to be getting a little weaker which is not good either.

    God Bless you and hope you get a break!!!
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