Have you found any relief for cfs? Tried eating cold water fish?

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    Has anyone tried eating cold water fish to help relieve chronic fatigue symptoms? The other day I began eating fried King Fish for lunch and noticed almost immediately that some of my fatigue felt like it was melting away. I got very excited and began searching the internet for articles about fish and found out that our bodies do not create Omega3's on it's own and that we can only get it from eating actual cold water wish. The articles went on to say that the combined Omega 3's found in fish, not the supplements such as cod liver oil or flax seed, but by eating actual cold water fish, helped relieved pain for people suffering from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thinned our blood to keep our arteries from clogging, helped improve our eyesight, helped our digestive system, helped with our cognitive abilities, and protected our immune system in general. That same evening, my boyfriend and I ate fried fish and french fries for dinner. That weekend I did very well with the relief of some of my chronic fatigue symptoms that I was able to go to the grocery store, the wash house, do some light house cleaning, and actually not spend the entire weekend in bed feeling exhausted and thirsting the need for sleep. Sunday we finished our left over fish from Friday evening and then yesterday, Tuesday, I felt it all come back to me in the middle of combing my hair. Last night, we went to Miami Subs and ordered a seafood combo that had a piece of fried pollock fish. Again, after eating half of the fish, I immediately began to feel better again. For me, there is apparently something in cold water fish that is working for me to temporarily rehabilitate me in some kind of short term way. Has anyone else tried this or heard of this before? The woman at work ate fish sticks the other night, because it was on the list of types of fish to eat in the article we printed, but she did not experience any relief at all. Please let me know what has worked for you. Thanks! - Violet
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    I so believe you and am so very happy for you!! Yes..I think that this can happen..it happened weird like that for me last Friday..I took a kelp tab and about fifteen minutes after I did I felt WONDERFUL. It is the iodine in the kelp..and I am wondering if this is what is in the fish along with the Omegas that is hitting you so fast.

    This would really be fantastic if we could link these two happenings up.

    God bless and I hope you continue to feel good. I have a question for you, did it all of a sudden feel like your brain was working .. I cannot explain it. I also had a real feeling of well being..even though my glands were swelled at the time..ya know what I mean?

    Take good care and I am so happy for you. ...Sherry

    Just want to add something. Jaysea had an article that really started putting some pieces together for me. And I was thinking that with this wonderful reaction to the cold water fish..you might well benefit from it too. I found it by typing thyroid test results in the search..look for Jaysea and read..if you cannot find it..I will bump it up for you!![This Message was Edited on 03/12/2003]
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    I just had to tell you that I also find eating fish a good help. I mostly eat baked fresh salmon and it makes me feel stronger too. Another good omega3/omega 6 food is eggs (the natural complete food). I buy organic eggs and poach them and they give me strength also. Be sure to only eat fish that will not add mercury to your system. I've read that it is a BIG no no as you may well understand. Very toxic to us. Also to get better effects from the fish avoid deep fried. Fish that is baked will give you more healthy results than oily cooking. With CFIDS we need to avoid fats, sugar, caffiene & sugar substitutes to feel better. Olive oil is the best one to use when you need oil. Often I eat sardines in olive oil and it also gives me that strengthening feeling. I also take Artic Cod Liver Oil - found some with 100% orange natural essence so it doesn't taste bad. My naturopath said it would strengthen the immune system & help fight viruses to eat 15 grams of protein every meal so I eat eggs for breakfast, salmon or chicken for lunch & dinner. It has definitely made a big difference. Best to you. CLD
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    There is a woman at my job who has been suffering with cfs for a little over a year now and has not found any relief or help from any doctors at all. During the course of her experience with cfs, she has found other women on our floor at work as well as other people in general who have had it for years now. She did try eating fish sticks which are made from Alaska Pollock fish but she said that it didn't do anything for her at all and that she didn't feel any relief. When I felt the chronic fatigue kick into heavy gear again, my boyfriend immediately took me to get some fish and just like this past weekend, I immediately began to feel better as I ate the fish. It was my co-worker (friend) who suggested that I try going online to a support group to find out if any other people have had similar results with eating cold water fish or have heard of it reducing some of the symptoms. I know that she will be very excited when i tell her of your responses. I will continue to research this and hope that maybe this is a start in the right direction to finding a way to live with or conquer cfs. Thanks so much for your feedback and personal experiences. I'll continue to let you know how it goes with the research, with my progress and if my friend at work has any results, too! Thanks again! - Violet
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    YES!!! The results were instant! It happened so quickly once I began eating the fish that I noticed it right away. I had been crying for most of that morning at work because I could not do anything at all but sit at my desk. The doctor's office returned my call and had the nerve to tell me to take multi-vitamins with enhanced B complex. It was like the doctor herself really and truly did not care or understand or want to understand what I was experiencing. Anyway, I have never eaten fish or any kind of seafood on a regular basis, not even once in a while. But I had a strong craving and desire to eat fish that morning and I ordered it for lunch that day. I would say that after five or six bites, it just felt like my symptoms were lifted off of my shoulders or melted away. I had to stop eating and just sit there and try to figure out was I really feeling better or not and I definitely was! I found my co-worker who has had it for this past year and told her what happened and that's how this whole fish thing with me started. What we read in some of the things we looked up on the internet, was that they warned against the mercury found in fish and not to consume to much, we also read that taking the supplements alone will not give you the full or same benefit of actually eating cold water fish. There are two main things that you can only get by eating the fish itself that you can not and will not get from the supplements, no matter what they are. It also warned against taking supplements, especially on a daily basis, because it can do more harm than good. We later discovered that it is only cold water fish that has been found to do wonders for people suffering from a wide array of ailments and immune conditions. I have also been suffering from pain in my body due to a car accident I was in last year and never received the proper care or treatment for that either. When I ate the fish, it relieved both the cfs symptoms as well as some of the pain in my body from the accident. I almost felt very normal again for the first time in almost a year of suffering from some many ailments since the car accident. So far, I have to swear by eating fish, especially when I feel the symptoms becoming heavier again. I can still feel the sickness after eating the fish, but it's totally not the same as feeling the full set of symptoms I had been experiencing for the past month and a half. I could not even dress myself or get out of bed or stand up without any problems. I could not walk without becoming more exhausted to the point where I thought I would just lay down on the ground and go to sleep. And the primary care doctor just had this so what kind of attitude about it. I just hope that I've found part of the remedy and that it will last and last and last just like the energizer bunny.
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    I notice improvement in my symptoms after eating fish, mostly salmon.
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    That's great news! Salmon was inlcuded on the list of fish to eat in the article that we were reading through. If I can find that article and the web address, I will post for everyone to read on their own. When I gave my friend at work the copy of the article she was completely amazed at what it revealed to us. The reason why it's not widely discussed is because it's not done well in test studies. It's been 50/50. Half say it helped a lot and the other half said that it didn't help at all. My friend at work said that she believes it's also because each individual does not have the same exact ailments as another individual will. It's an immune disorder that overlaps and is linked to other health problems so it makes it much more difficult to treat for only chronic fatigue. But because of our differences, that would explain why it works for some and doesn't for others. I really wish and hope that one day, it will work for everyone who is suffering with this and other similar conditions. Keep your fingers crossed for new discoveries and for a treatment and cure in the near future!
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    Hmmm, then your results would be similiar to that of my friend at work. I will tell her what you said. She is like a guardian angel to me and I know that she will pleased that I took the initiative and got online with a support group to discuss our discoveries and theories about fish and whether or not it's helping others. I hope that you will feel better soon! Let's keep trying and hanging in there!
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    WoW! Then you're like me and stillafreemind. That's impressive what you said. You guys have totally got me excited about this. I will definitely continue to do more research and monitor myself with how I feel and what happens when I eat fish to feel better. Do you guys keep a journal to track foods or activities that help relieve symptoms? I think my friend at work does, I should start doing so, too. Thanks again!
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    My cfs affects my legs so much that, for the last few months, I've had to use two forearm crutches to be able to walk. I have noticed that after eating fish, my legs are much stronger. I still have to use my "extra legs" but I hardly have to put much weight on them and I can take a few steps without them. I can even go to the mall and wear pumps or other cute shoes, with my crutches of course. I'm only 29 and thin so you know my legs are relly weak if I can't walk without crutches. For me to be able to take even a few steps or walk with heels on is a major improvement. The effect lasts about a day. I wish I liked fish more.

    Jackie 4legs.