Have you gotten better or worse over time?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slayadragon, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Slayadragon

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    I'm wondering how people have felt over time as they've been sick.

    On the one hand, getting older (starting at a particular age) would seem it might make CFS worse.....although not necessarily, based on what I've observed.

    On the other hand, finding ways to feel better might make things improve as time goes on.

    What has your experience been?

    I got sick when I was 31. It's been about 11 years since then. For the first year or two, I was in bad shape....maybe a 20 out of 100 on that scale. Then (especially after I started taking some supplements and hormones) I improved, and since then have been at around an average of maybe 50 to 60 on that scale. (It goes up and down over days, weeks, months or more, though.)

    I'm sort of worried that I will get worse in general as I get older (not thinking about old-older yet, just into my 50s or 60s), although I'm not convinced that's the case. Thoughts?
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    I believe my Fibromyalgia will stay the same, but with age it will be compounded by other things, like arthritis,etc.

    I have said it before, that it is like getting a 'double whammy'.

  3. musikmaker

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    Worse over time. I've had fibro since I was very young though no one knew what it was. I would flare and get better. I had a major flare 2 years ago and I still haven't recovered.

    Now I function at about 60% on a good day. I have also had to quit working. I would like to think I will not get any worse but I am fearful I will keep going downhill with each flare. So, my goal now is to live within my limits and not put myself into another devastating flare.
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  4. Aeronsmom

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    I have truly gotten worse over time and it is not getting any better.

    Love to all, Ann
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  6. Hope4Sofia

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    Over the past 3 years my condition has been quite progressive. So I guess that would mean I've gotten worse.

    However, I have been slowly finding treatments which have improved my quality of life. So I feel that I am starting to FEEL better whether or not I truly am.

    At first I was opposed to medication, trying to handle this naturally. I became very discouraged with that plan.

    Now, I have accepted that certain medications are very helpful. With each pill I'm one step closer to normal.

    I take:

    Neurontin for the pain (although I've heard Lyrica is even better). A lot of my pain appears to be nerve related.

    Cymbalta for the intense anxiety. It also has the added bonus of pain relief.

    Toprol XL to manage my orthostatic hypotension - racing heart. The jury is still out on this one as I am still blacking out a lot.

    Rhinocort for the sinus inflammation.

    I also am trying to push through the fatigue and take short walks once or twice a day. This is difficult but I think it's important. The challenge is in knowing where my breaking point is.

    So, overall I'm doing better - not fabulous, but hopeful for more improvement as I go.

    Hope this is encouraging.

  7. Daisys

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    I got CFIDS in '78 and it gradually resolved to the point that I thought I was completely recovered for a few years --except I didn't have the energy level of before.

    Then I had a physical trauma in '86 that set me back to total relapse and that eventually became FM. I had ups and downs for years but was generally getting gradually better.

    Then, last spring, for no reason (except maybe menopausal?) I started going downhill and was as sick as ever. Then I found a doctor who understands this illness, and now I'm getting better and better. I've gone from 30-40 to 50-60 in 6 months and see no reason for it to stop.
  8. MsE

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    I don't think I've ever been quite as bad as I was the first few years with CFIDS and I have had a few months here and there where I've felt fairly good. However, if I had to judge by today--well---blah! Every time I think I'm getting better, it comes back; every time I think I've had it, it eases for a bit. I've been sick since the mid 1900's, diagnosed in 1997. Old age isn't helping the situation.
  9. bigmama2

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    getting worse. (more tired, worse insomnia, sleeping more in the daytime, socialize less, get much less done, irr bowel is more chronic, etc)

    on the bright side my depression problems are for the most part gone!! and i am very thankful about that!