Have you had an MRI done? And did it show anything unusual?

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  1. kholmes

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    Many MRIs of people with CFS show white "punctate lesions"--tiny white spots in their brains.

    The white spots are much smaller than those found in MRIs of people with MS. I think there is still debate in the medical community about whether they are "irregular" or not. Many elderly people have them.

    Dr. Paul Cheney found these white spots in the majority of his patients with CFS from Incline Village, Nevada, in the mid-80s. He thought they were evidence of the neurological weirdness that so many of us have: memory and thinking problems, brain fog, etc...

    Has anyone seen these these on their MRIs?


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  2. munch1958

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    The report from my 9/22/05 head MRI states, "There are a few scattered nonspecific foci of high signal in the subcortical and periventricular regions bilaterally, most likely due to minimal changes of chronic end-artery ischemic disease".

    The neurologist said it was due to a 40 year history of migraines and possibly there's a 4 mm cyst there too. I've been dealing with CF since 1981 and FM since 1993. I think it's proof of some kind of stealth infection possibly EBV, Candida, CPN or some undiscovered mycoplasma strain that I have not been tested for.

    Most of the time,I think the spots and the cyst are proof this DD is eating my brain! When someone tells me it's in my head I can now whip out my MRI report and say "Yes, it really is and here's the proof in writing!"
  3. darude

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    Yes I have 40 lesions periventricular and subcortical and the Neuro said normal course of aging. I'm 55!!!!!!!!! Also they found a lesion in the Pituitary which they first thought was an aneurysm then a pituitary tumor adenoma and last was a proteinaceous cyst. They really don't know so I'm having another MRI shortly. Yes they were much smaller than MS lesions but the radiologist said possible MS but neuro said NO. My family doctor read the results to me which said brain tumor and MS!!!!!!!! Needless to say I nearly went MAD!!!!!!!!!!! Neuro then sent letter saying not any of these so I chose to go with him to keep my sanity. They are described as small round foci and the pituitary is described as 7mm lesion abutting the optic chiasm.
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  4. darude

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    The majority of us that have had MRIS have lesions. Type in lesions in search and lots of info there. I did have a cat scan when first collapsed and the brain was clear. Year later all the crap turned up.
  5. Callum

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    And the neurologist, who knew nothing of CFS, had no explanation of how I could have gotten so many of these "little tiny lesions." He had me tested for tendency toward stroke.

    I'm forty.
  6. kholmes

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    I had an MRI done three years ago, but my doctor said it looked normal. I'd be curious to see more recent studies, though, about the "UBOs"--unidentified bright objects, or punctate lesions.

  7. lilaclover30

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    Had it done at Mayo's and sure had me scared!!!! i had to come home and go to the internet to find out that i didn't have somethingt weird.

    Y es, my thinking isn't rea lly clear. I kept trying to tell friends this AM that our son would make "Shrimp Scampi" it cames out all sorts of ways and words!k But he makes it so well~~~~

  8. LittleBluestem

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    I had an MRI. I did not see the report. I was told that there were not problems, but I don't know if I believe that.
  9. Shannonsparkles

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    I see you are reading Osler's Web.

    Did you get to the part in the book where it says that in people who recover from the DD, later MRIs reveal that the lesions have gone away?
  10. darude

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    When I have my next Mri I will let you know if lesion load has lessened. Lets hope!
  11. Slayadragon

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    I had an brain MRI done a number of years ago, and there were lots of those little bright spots on it. The technicians were looking for damage from a head injury and described the scan as "normal." I'd still like to find out what those lesions are.