Have you had ovarian cysts?

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  1. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi everyone. :>) I have been in and out of the E.R. and

    hospital for the past week. Last tuesday I had my yearly

    pap, and informed my gynocologist that I have had very

    painful periods for the past 2 months and have had alot of

    cramping/diarhea/painful pelvic symptoms, and she said that

    she thought she could feel a small cyst or 2 on my left

    side. She scheduled an ultrasound for me on the following

    Thursday. Tuesday evening around 5pm ( my appt. had been

    at 1:30pm), I had severe stabbing,shooting pains in my left

    pelvic region, and had 3 seperate episodes within 2 hours

    where I broke out in a huge sweat,cramped,had the stabbing

    pain, and was on the verge of passing out. My husband was

    there for all 3 episodes, thank the Lord, and we went on to

    the E.R. about 7pm. I told my husband when I was having

    the first episode that the last time I had ovarian cysts, I

    had these symptoms and they had told me that I had a cyst

    that had burst. So, I told him I thought the symptoms were

    somewhat normal, and that they should pass. Well, after the

    3rd episode, we were concerned because the pain was not

    passing and thought it might be something of an emergency.

    The E.R. dr. couldn't tell me anything more than I already

    knew - said he felt a fullness on my leftside from a pelvic

    exam he did and said it was probably a cyst. The pain

    finally subsided while I was at the E.R. and they sent me

    home. Well, Wed. came and I felt very crampy/sore/hurting.

    Then thursday came and I had the ultrasound and they told

    me I had either 1 or 2 cysts on my left ovary - not very

    big - only about 2cm-2and 1/2 cm across - didn't see

    anything that jumped out at them as being seriously wrong

    and I went home again, but by Thursday night, I felt really

    much better. My nerves were settled, the test didn't show

    a tumor or anything bad , so I was ok. Well. . . then

    Friday came and I woke up with a horrific migraine and the

    pelvic pain was baddddddddddddddddd. Then Saturday came

    and the pelvic pain was still there, and another migraine

    came on - I believe the intense pelvic pain was flaring the

    fibro on to the extent of the migraine. Then, Sunday came

    and my 3rd horrific nightmare of a migraine was there plus

    the pelvic pain was even worse - felt like someone was

    stabbing me again, and we went to the Hope E.R. - my

    ultrasound had been done at Hope, so I decided to go there

    this time. We waited an agonizing 4 hours before a dr.saw

    me - the hospital had had 8 ambulances to arrive that day

    alone, and 2 critical patients arrived just while we were

    waiting that afternoon. During my 4 hours in the waiting

    room, other people who were family of the critical patients

    were fanning me and telling the E.R. staff that I was on

    the verge of passing out and that they needed to clear a

    room for me. When the dr's finally saw me, they drew some

    blood,gave me a hefty shot of demerol for pain, and

    apologized for the huge delay. I had to wait till the

    following am to see my gynecologist - he scheduled a

    catscan of my abdomen for the following am and said they

    would possibly do a laparoscopy(exploratory surgery).

    Well, the catscan of my abdomen came out clear and after

    consulting with the head surgeon, they put off doing a

    laparoscopy to see if my pain improved over the next week.

    They say right now they think that all this pain is because

    one of my cysts burst. They say that when one bursts, it

    bleeds, and it could have twisted before it actually burst -

    they say the pelvic exam on Tuesday could have brought it

    on. They say the bleeding causes the pain - your body

    trying to absorb the blood and all. I asked several times

    if they were sure that a cyst bursting could cause pain for

    7 DAYS and they seemed confident that it could. They say

    that endometriosis is a possibility, but because my periods

    are regular right now, they are leaning more towards the

    cyst bursting as the pain generator. So, to finally get to

    my question ! . . . has anyone ever had a cyst to burst

    that they know of and how painful was it for you? how long

    did the pain last? they have put me on a RX for

    Lortab/Hydrocodone - if it wasn't for that, I would be a

    mess! I already am, but it would be much worse. the pelvic

    pain keeps generating a migraine - is this because I have

    fibro? this is what I am thinking. I also asked them if my

    IBS could be irritating the cyst(s), but they said probably

    not, but they couldn't be sure, since fibro is still such a

    mystery illness and all to dr's in many ways. i had to

    drink barium sulfate - like a gallon of it I swear! and so

    I have been going on bathroom trips for the past 24 hours

    bigtime. Thanks so much - the pelvic pain seems to

    actually be better for the first time in forever today, but

    the migraine coming on is aggravatingly painful. LOL

    P.S. is there any over the counter med for the symptom of the messed up nervous system that comes w/ fibro - I itch constantly - it is not dry skin or eczema - it is my scalp that is the most sensitive - can hardly brush my hair - and i have tingling/burning/itching throughout the rest of my body - i have tried benadryl but it doesn't do a whole lot. I take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. is it safe to try a bigger dose? [This Message was Edited on 02/01/2006]

    [This Message was Edited on 02/02/2006]
  2. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Just wanted to send you a big hug. So sorry that you are going through this.

    I do know how painful and scary an ovarian cysts can be. I had one years ago in college and had no idea what it was, but painful enough to have an ambulance take me to the ER.

    Hope the next person has some answers for you. Feel better soon.
  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Ovarian Cysts are my worse nightmare!!

    I've had them a few times. I have them now,...according to my recent pelvic ultrasound in Dec.
    I've had them burst 2 times before that i'm aware of.
    One time landed me in the hospital for 2 days.(with demerol) :) thats the best part about it :)

    Could be more times thasn that, cause I seem to have these episodes of severe pelvic pain off and on. (for years)
    You may seriously have Endometriosis.
    I have it too. I was DX with that FUN one over 8 yrs ago.
    I have surgerys about every 2-3 yrs just to clean up all around my female organs. It effects my IBS alot!!
    sometimes I have a horrible time with bowels troubles.
    Yes,..It can last days into a week or so.
    Did your pain hurt your low back? and groin? and travel into your legs?? making your legs feel weak,and ache??
    I know what you've been thru~
    Did you spot or bleed at all during the worse pains?
    Ask me anything you need to know. I hope I can be of help.
  4. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I got ultrasounds every 6-12 months now. Mine was actually pretty big-8 cm. They just watched it. I got them soon as I went off of the birth control pills. My bosy I guess was just tryign to adjust. In order to get rid of the big one my dr. made me go back on them. I started on them and wet off again. I didn't like the idea of bigging in drugs-big laugh now b/c I am on so many.

    Now my friend had the other type of cysts the ones that grow hair, etc. She had to get them taken out.

    Usually they just keep an eye on them.

    I tend to have 2 cm now on either side at most points. I only had the bad pain awful just like you were describing the first time. Try nto to worry they are very common.
    Another one of my friends had then when she was pregnant talk about annoying!

  5. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi sorry for all the pain. Yes I was in last week for a 18 by 16cm cyst on rt ovary which they took out.

    My was 8 cm for 10 months and didn't cause problems but twice and was in ER for cyst leak and it was painful big time. Pain went away after 6 hours. I had the huge mass for over a month and can you imagine if that leaked???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It didn't. I'm sorry you are in pain. Today my pain is less then it has been. Maybe check out hystersisters web site click ovaries only.

    TC and hang in there!!!
  6. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Yes, I am very concerned that I might have endo. I am hoping and praying not, but with the amount of pain that I have had and the type/timing of it and the symptoms for endo. - I have like 90% of the symptoms. I had cysts back in 1998 and the pain just wasn't any where near this horrific. Yes, yes,yes, I had the pain shooting through my legs, and my lower back, and the groin, and my side was so sensitive that when the lady went to give me the shot of demerol I just about flew off the table. I have been very nautious/feeling like I am going to pass out - I think this is from the pain being so strong but am not sure. Have thought I was going to throw up at times. And for the past 2 months when i do have a bowel movement it is painful. I do think my IBS is affecting this pain. I noticed that after I had the ultrasound I really got even more pain and it makes me wonder if the ultrasound scope that they used penetrated some kind of endo. tissue. I didn't have any spotting/bleeding during my pains so this gives me some hopes that maybe it is not endo.,but I am pretty scared about it. We have been trying for a baby and i am 33. Do you have children. Did endo. affect your ability to conceive? I have heard that it can cause some women to be unable to have children. The dr's told me I may not ovulate while I have cysts. This is so stressful for me in so many ways right now. I think it is "not knowing" for sure what all is going on inside my body, and worrying that what is going on will affect my ability to have children. I have been doing alot of research on endo. and cysts online. I had wondered how they treated endo. over time because from all I have read, even after surgery, it can come back. LOL Carla
  7. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Yes, I went off the birth control pill 6 months ago and I knew there was a good chance I would get them. I had them back in 1998 and they told me it was best to stay on the pill after they put me on it for the cysts because they said that women with fibro usually get them back and back again if they get them once. But, in order to get pregnant you have to quit the pill! :>) We have halted the process of trying to get pregnant till we feel like this is under control. I worry that when/if I do get pregnant, that I will have cysts and that it will be painful/cause complications for the pregnancy. I guess I feel like a pregnancy will be complicated enought just having fibro and not being able to take meds for it, but to have cysts too - that scares me. It is weird how some people can have cysts and not even know it, and not have pain, and they can grow quite large and then others just have small ones and hurt considerably. The human body is just a big mystery! Thanks for the support! LOL Carla
  8. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    oh my goodness! That is a very large cyst! Did they do a laparotomy on you? Thankyou for the website info - did not know about it. :>) thanx for the support, lol, Carla
  9. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    oh thankyou for the hug! I needed that! :>) LOl Carla
  10. russiankids3

    russiankids3 New Member

    First time I had a cyst was right after I got married, about 16 years ago. I had been feeling fine, but one morning my husband and I woke up in a puddle of blood(all over the bottom half of sheets). Scared the heck out of both of us. Went to ER-they gave me ultrasound, blood work and gyno exam. By the time all this was done I was no longer bleeding but in a lot of pain and quite nauseous. Doc said a large cyst had broke and bled and that my body would reabsorb the blood that remained. Gave me pain meds and sent me home. I was sick for about a week and couldn't work. Felt depressed from it too.
    Had another incident later:

    I was using fertility drugs for about 6 months(we had unexplained infertility) and suddenly one day I got severe pain on my left side and and started to bleed. Went to my fertility doc and he said the drugs had caused a huge cyst in left ovary. Sent to hospital for IV therapy and pain management this time. Did have reabsorption though. Well we never did get pregnant after several years of trying. I found out years later that I had endometriosis--now it is severe and doc recommending total hysterectomy. Not getting this done because I have severe kidney disease and have only28% function left. Can't handle the gyno surgery-would cause me to lose rest of functioning. Will eventually need dialysis, but I don't want to rush it.

    I hope you are feeling better. I will pray that you will get pregnant soon. Don't panic yet!

    Blessings to you, Carla

    P.S. Everything worked out as it was supposed to for us--we ended up adopting 2 boys and their sister from Russia.
  11. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    Just had sonogram and found a small cyst on my right ovary. The only thing is, I have gone through menopause. My breast were very tender and then my cycle started again.

    Although the cyst is less than 2cm, my doctor wants to watch it for 6 weeks to see if it shrinks on its own. i say take it out. Do not want to take any unnecessary chances.

    I trust my doctor and know she will do the right thing. I did not have the pain you guys were having.

    my cravings for sweets were out of this world. my body feels as if it is back to normal and the cravings have stopped.

    who knows.

    sorry for your pain. I know it so well.

  12. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Just read your reply this am(7am,..uuuggghhh!) still hate mornings!lol
    Its so odd that you said you had what seemed to be MORE pain after the ultrasound. I always do too!!
    Its as if they mess with or agravate something.
    But most of the times when I do have an ultrasound done on the belly skin,...... they see a cyst and want a closer look, so it turns into a trans-vaginal ultrasound.
    Did you have that kind yet?

    Those are the ones that really agravate me inside.

    also,...very important:
    I never had irregular bleeding or heavy bleeding or anything. I just had bad PMS,pain!!! real bad.
    Each month got worse and worse.
    Finally it was the same pain with ovulation too. So 2 times a month I'd be in horrific pain. After about 9 months of that,....
    I went in for the exploratory Laproscope. (which is'nt bad).
    Its not a piece of cake either but I've been thru worse things~

    Basically,..if it is endo.
    They clean out/laser/cut/burn as much endo as they can.
    Then they put you on some type of BC. Usually one that will end your periods for awhile.
    Or,..if your tubes are'nt blocked by Endo,.. they will suggest you get pregnant. (if its something you want of course)
    Pregancy pretty much stops all the endo pain,..and its growth.
    I did have children. I began having problems right after my 3rd son was born. so,no more for me.
    But I do feel very blessed that I was able to have what I did. (just,never got to try for that girl!!)lol.. oh well.
    I truly hope your case is NOT endo.
    For me,... having both endo and fibro wrecks me!!
    Then again it depends too on the extent of endo found.
    They stage it according to how much,and what organs are involved. Staging from 1 to 4.(4 being the worse)
    I'm a 3. They have suggested a complete Hysterectomy to me.
    But after MUCH research,..... I found its NOT the answer for many women. I've chatted with some that say they STILL have alot of pain after having a Hysterectomy. Because some endo was either left behind like on your intestines,colon,kidney,... for example.

    sorry this got sooooo long~
    are they gonna do a Lap?
    keep us posted,... K?
    I wish you luck and pray for you.

  13. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi hun! I am getting a late start on catching up on the posts! I REALLY appreciate all the info. you shared w/ me. LOL The trans-vaginal ultrasound was what I had on Thursday. That is SO interesting that you DIDN'T have irregular bleeding and had endometriosis all that time!! I am glad you shared that with me. I have had bad,bad,bad PMS symptoms - probably worse than I have ever had in my life. The bad PMS has been going on for like 4 months, and the rest of the symptoms came 2 months ago. This week I am due to ovulate and I think I was feeling it this am. I woke up with bad cramping again/back pain really bad. I took 2 lortab and got the heating pad out and got on the couch. For some reason, I can only stay on my feet or in the sitting position for so long, not very long actually, and then I have to lay on my side. I called the dr. to refill my lortab - the E.R. had given me a RX for 12 of them on Sunday. Dr. Garrett gave me a refill of 30 - bless his heart. Have had painful bm's today. Am taking it as easy as I know how to without being in the bed - staying in the bed makes my back really sore. Well, your info. has eased my mind, it really has. It sounds like even if I do have endo. it is treatable and it is possible to still have children. And it is great to know that pregnancy stops the endo. at least temporarily! The thought of having surgery every so often if I do have endo. is kind of scary, but I would rather know that it is treatable than it is not! It can be such a complicated illness from what I understand. I will find out next week if they are going to do a laparoscopy/laparotomy. The dr's want to wait a week and see what my pain does. Thanks again so much for all the info. and personal things you have shared with me! Will def. keep everyone posted! LOL Carla
  14. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi! Wow, that IS an interesting story! When you had the ectopic pregnancy, and it did not show up on the ultrasound, did a pregnancy test yield a negative response? What is weird is that I really and truly thought I was pregnant back in December. 10 days before my period was to start and 5 days after ovulation, I had every symptom in the book for early pregnancy. I had the cramping that comes with the egg attatching to the uterine wall. I broke out in acne like crazy. I had 95% of all preg. symptoms. And I just don't get acne except once in a blue moon. Well, the acne has continued - my skin tone has changed to somewhat oily and hasn't been like this since I was 16. I just don't know what to think of it because it is like my hormones are out of wack for SOME reason. My weirdest symptom is that it seems that I am losing alot of hair off my head. My husband says that when you go off of meds/change meds that this can happen, but I went off my meds like almost 7 months ago. My scalp is oilier than normal and so is my hair. Everything has felt like this for the past two months - ever since I thought I was pregnant. BUT, the gynecologist said that if I were pregnant, even an ectopic pregn. it would show up on a preg. test. So, I really don't think I am pregnant,even ectopic, but your story really has me thinking. I want to believe that the dr's are right and that this is just from a cyst bursting but I have this nagging gut feeling that it is more. My pain sure suggests it, to me, but, I have been told by many that a cyst bursting can me excrutiatingly painful for a week to 10 days. Today is day #8, and the cramping was intense this am. I am due to ovulate this week -this could be affecting things I am told. BM's are quite painful/uncomfy. It is so inspiring to hear stories like yours and others where women have had endo./miscarriages/ectopic pregnancies and gone on to have children normally. Thanks for the support and encouragement! Keep up the prayers please. LOL Carla
  15. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Thanks so much for replying to my post. Unfortunately, b.control pill is no longer an option for me and that worries me some. Last time I had cysts in 1998, they put me on the pill and it shrunk them in no time. But, because of migraine h-aches I cannot take any form of the b.c. pill - they had me on the pill that is made for women w/ migraines this last time and I had such severe h-aches that I thought I was having a stroke at one point. I guess I worry that now, the cysts will just keep coming back and causing problems. I sure don't want a cyst during a pregnancy. A pregnancy for me will be challenging enough without the added stress/pain of a cyst or 2. I know the dr's have told me that the fibro. should subside quite a bit during pregnancy and that many times pregnancy will affect womens periods to where after the pregnancy their periods won't be as harsh etc. and I def. hope that that will happen with me! Since, I cannot go back on the b.c. pill, the pill really put a leash on the cramping, I just about didn't have any when I was on the pill. And I didn't bleed near as heavy. But the h-aches were atrocious and just not worth it. Thanks for the comments and support! I will keep everyone updated! LOL Carla
  16. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    I am sorry but I couldn't read your entire post as there are no line breaks in it. But I think I kind of got what you are talking about.

    I have had ovarian cysts for years!!! Actually I had to have an emergency surgery because one was the size of a softball and when it ruptured it twisted my left ovary around. They were able to save my ovary though so thank goodness!

    I also have endometriosis and hopefully with my pregnancy it won't come back!!! That is the case with some women!!!

    Now, the pain you have described is exactly how I feel every time one ruptures and believe me it happened a lot!

    The last one to rupture has been over a year ago though so that is good.

    I was in the car on a trip from Alabama to Ohio and all of a sudden I got really hot, sweaty, confused and this searing burning pain in my stomach and then just out of nowhere my stomach blew up to where it looked like I was 5 months pregnant. Seriously! It was so scary!

    But since I seem to be a pro at this I laid down, drank lots of water and just kept pumping the tylenol in me. The next day most of the swelling had gone down and the pain wasn't so bad.

    It pretty much happens the same way each time except for the one that I had to have surgery for. That one was the most excruciating.

    Anyway, I am having trouble organizing my thoughts and getting them out here so sorry about that.

    If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to ask! I will be more than happy to answer them. I know this is scary and painful for you!


  17. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi Kate! I went back and spaced that very long post out for e-body. I do apologize! I always forget to do that! and I know when I read posts it is so much easier to read them when they are spaced - my eyes feel like they are going to give out when it is not spaced. LOL It sure sounds like you know exactly what I have been through! Yes, that burning feeling symptom you were describing I STILL have so I am almost wondering if the one cyst i have left in there is leaking. Did I understand you right that you are pregnant now? How far along? Have you had a reduction in your fibro symptoms during your pregnancy? Just curious. . . dr's tell me that my fibro should improve some when I am pregnant - I sure hope so since I won't be able to take medication for much. :>) thankyou for the hugs! E-one on this site is so supportive and open to sharing, it is just so wonderful. so many times I am experiencing fibro symptoms that "healthy" people just don't understand, and it is such a relief to know there are others who are/have experienced what one is going through and can help! My pain has still been pretty bad today - I can sit for about 30 minutes at the computer and then have to go and rest from sitting up/put the heating pad on my abdomen. I am going to try and do the dishes here in a minute - hopefully I will get them done, they are stacking up! Thanks so much for sharing! LOL Carla
  18. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I apologize...but didn't know about this until now. I saw where you ask for anything that might help the nervousness/itching.

    Well, have you tried the Hylands Nerve Tonic? It is all natural and I get it at W-Mart.

    It might help.

  19. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    THANKYOU,THANKYOU for that bit of info. on the Hylands Nerve Tonic - at this point I am willing to try ANYTHING that might bring some relief for this symptom. My hubby is headed past WM tomorrow when he goes to a work site - maybe I can convince him to stop in one more time for me and pick some up for me. :>) Love and gentle hugs, Carla
  20. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    sure hope that it will help you.

    I am sorry that I miss so much with everyone here.

    I tell you...if you are gone just a few days...you miss alot.

    I pray that you are better soon!

    Love....Mari (MamaR)
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