Have you had this pain? it is a new one for me....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzan, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I am in a flare for the last two weeks...not my first, and I am getting used to them until a couple days ago and I got up in the morning, and my abdomen and ribcage feel like they did the second day of gym class after you did 50 situps the day before! I am paying attention to it as you just don't always know if it is FMS or something else, but sheesh...if this doesn't let up I will be off to the doc!
    I am having pain in the usual fibro spots..and feeling worn out..and easily fatigued..and all my other "normal" symptoms...Seems like I have read other mentioning this on the board before.
  2. sumbuni

    sumbuni New Member

    but I have gotten up many mornings with my rib cage and upper back so stiff and sore I could hardly breathe. I have to (started to say "jump") crawl into a shower as hot as I could stand it, just to loosen up enough to get the day started.

    I'm sort of weird. I don't call ALL pain "pain". If it isn't sharp, piercing, ongoing achey...I have a hard time calling it what most people do call it...:pain. If it burns, or feels like electrical shock, or something like that, do you call it "pain"?

    Hope this flare is a very short one.

    God Bless you, and if the pain doesn't ease up, do check it out. With these DDs you never know what you've got going on that might not go under the heading of fms or cfids. This is a really weird DD, any way!

  3. vix

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    its probably worth just checking with your doc honey, to be on the safe side, however i have something similar. My ribcage if pressed is sore like the rest of my body, it feels much as if its bruised. uhh by the way does anyone else get really bad hands.....clawing over and stiff joints, straightening my fingers is painful and my hands are generally pianful and achy.Its sort of a fine tracery of pain....if anyone gets that.

  4. tlc8858

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    is what kept me going back to the doctor. After about the 4th trip, he diagnosed me with fibro. I thought I had pluerisy or something else. It just would not let up. I had broken a rib on one side, but we did not know until it was almost healed. The other side began to hurt. The doctor was stumped. But we went back over my records for the previous 10 years and finally it all began to make some sense.
  5. Suzan

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    and the encouragement! I will get to the doc if this doesn't let up. I get so tired of going, but sometimes you need to check things out, I know that. I do have sore hands, and so many other of the oddball little things that go with this. I started thinking it was IBS....but that doesn't seem to be it ( if you know what I mean- ;-) )
  6. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    All the posts...got to the one about the diaphragm and the trigger point related to it...stuck my fingers under my ribs, and the pain was lessened! ...Still going to keep an eye on it, but maybe I got it figured out! wierd!!!!!
  7. CreateHope

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    Before I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyaliga, on two occasions I had severe stomach pain that made me break out in sweat for hours and brought me to my knees.

    The second time this happened, I was at my mom's in another state and she took me to the ER. They did all kinds of blood tests and an ultra sound to check for gallstones. Ultimately they found "nothing" wrong with me.

    I took the blood tests results back to my psychiatrist in my home state and he said my white blood cell count had been through the roof; that I'd had a massive infection.

    To this day I still don't know what happened to me; in fact my mom and I were discussing this just a few minutes before I read your post.

    I hope you get to a competent doctor and get to the bottom of it. And maybe if I'm lucky I'll find some answers through your posting, so thanks for speaking up!

    (gentle!) hugs,