Have you had thymus tumor??? Pls give me info

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Jul 7, 2003.

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    Pls tell me what to expect, at this point all we know is that I have a tumor on thymus, by the heart. If you know anything about this pls tell me what this can be, what does it do????

  2. obrnlc

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    hi jaci! Yes, i had one, so does someone else on the board--forget her name. The thymus is active in immunity in children, should wither up to nothing by adulthood, but grows in response to autoimmune disorders--i'll bet many of us with this dd would show one if scanned! I had mine removed, pathology showed "benign thymic hyperplasia" which is a fancy word for "big thymus!" My surgeon was able to do what is called a VATS procedure, which is sort of like laparascopic surgery but of the chest. 4 small holes under the arm to the bra line, did have to have a chest tube for 3 days, but basically felt GREAT after surgery, i think because of some IV magnesium i had post op. Pain control was done by an epidural for 3 days of fentanyl, but post op pain is NOTHING compared to what we live with on a daily basis! write me if any more questions or moral support needed, my email is in bio. Docs did do a workup for myasthenia gravis--it is often cured by removal of the thymus, it was negative but i'm sure something was wrong autoimmune wise, no relief of fibro symptoms! Good luck, Laurie
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    Jaci, did the dr say why he/she thought you have this tumor? Often it is a sign of Myatheania Gravis. My brother had his Thymus taken out. He did well afterward although it did take a while to get 'back to normal.' Good luck,
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    Jaci, I was diagnosed with a thymus tumor about 8 years ago. They did surgery and it was malignant, so I had 5 weeks of radiation afterward. I've had no recurrence since. I did test positive for myasthenia gravis at the time, but that has disappeared because of the surgery. If the tumor is probably benign, they can do a very simple laparoscopic surgery, but if not you may have to have major surgery. Be sure to say that you have FM, because there are things they can do to make your surgery and recovery more comfortable. If you want more specific or detailed info, write me back. -Starushka
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    Mt Dews: A CT scan showed it.

    Thank you so much for your info, those who answered me. I really appreciate it, printing it to take to Madwolf.