have you heard about the poisoned peanut butter?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    Peter Pan and Good Value......or something like that.....has salmonella. Turns out my son was eating from that code jar. He said he wasn't getting sick and he thought perhaps because he was putting it in hot cereal and perhaps the heat was helping.

    My MIL just emailed that my husband's brother in Minnesota was sick for 2 weeks and also his sister in Indiana, same batch of Peter Pan, so this is wide spread.
  2. SweetT

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    I thought I had to mail the lid of the jar back to get a refund, if I no longer have my store receipt. Anyone heard anything different?
  3. blueski31717

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    I had 3 jars with the 2111 code and I took them all to wal-mart where I bought them and they gave me a refund. Even if you ate some you still can get a refund. One of my jars was almost empty.

    From what I gather anywhere You bought it should take it back they just have to scan the bar code.
  4. TerryS

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    My mother had two jars of it - one unopened and one she had eating 3/4 of it.

    She was very, very ill for over two weeks. She thought she was going to die. They attributed it to her diverticulosis, but the symptoms were different. Now we're thinking it must have been the peanut butter.

    She's had a stool sample today to make sure there's no more poison in her.

  5. kriket

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    My boyfriend ate one whole jar and about half of another one with same product code. He was so sick for about two weeks. He was never so sick of visiting the bathroom. He is better now though.

  6. emttoni

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    Whenever I would go shopping I would hav ethe girls check to see if we needed pb and if we did I just bought another jar and depending on where it got set in the pantry it almost always was the one opened for a sandwich first.

    We had 5 jars of it in there. And after we got to thinking about it we have all been sick since November with what we thought were flu bugs- always upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Girls both were in school then so jsut thought it was flu coming home with them.

    DH is still having problems and goes back to the dr today for the 6th time to see what is wrong. Upset stomach after eating anything, pain in lower abdomen, etc. We are thinking he still has some of that in him yet.
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    I have a friend who used to come to these boards, and she had lots of the Peter Pan -- don't know how many jars of it, but I know that everytime she would eat it, she would get sick from it. She just thought that she had a touch of the flu or that her IBS was acting up.
  8. zenouchy

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    We had tons of PB in our pantry, and my hubby and I were eating two separate jars of it (I was eating crunchy and he was eating creamy), and amazingly, neither of us got sick. I'm sure we had ate other jars of their PB that were coded 2111 before it got mentioned on the news. Hope you all are feeling MUCH better.

    Hugs, Erika
  9. dononagin

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    Ya know I found this breakout interesting as I just took my serve safe class a few weeks ago and this is one of the pathogens we studied. Usually Salmonella is associated with Poultry, Dairy Products, Beef and Eggs. You wouldn't normally think of Peanut butter as a possible carrier for Salmonella.

    Many Farm Animals carry Salmonella naturally. It can be picked up from produce that has come in contact with animals or their waste (including fertilizer).
    To reduce the risk in our normal foods you just cook raw beef, poultry and eggs to the required minimum internal Temperatures.

    Also, it is suggested that you minimize cross contamination between raw meat and poultry and ready to eat food. (For instance a different cutting board and clean knife for cutting up a salad than you used to cut up that chicken!

    Also, store raw meats and poultry on a lower rack in your refrigerator than your vegetables or ready to eat products to prevent dripping.

    This Peanut butter thing is really random! We found some on our shelf at home too. Luckily none of us have got sick from it.

    I copied some info for you below on Salmonella related illnesses. Hope your family is ok!

    "Some of the symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, headaches, muscle aches and fever. It may take 12 to 72 hours for any symptoms to develop. the symptoms may last for four to seven days.

    Doctors say the effects can go away on their own but in some cases, you should see your physcian. Salmonella symptoms are totally curable. When more serious cases are untreated, there could be long term effects such as chronic arthritis, bone infection, pnuemonia and even meningitis.

    Salmonella can be caught through contact through with raw foods, primarily poultry and meat. These items should be kept away for other things you handle or eat.

    Person to person contact is another way the bacteria is spread. That's why it's important to always keep you hands clean.

    Lastly, contact with animals. Animals feces can carry salmonella and so can reptiles, even turtles. "

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