Have you heard anything about birth certificates?

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    My daughter works for the Driver's License Division. And she was told that by 2008 all birth Certificates will have to look like all of the states. Utah is the first state to comply with this new law and I was not born in Utah. I was born in Florida.

    This would not worry me but I have applied for disability and need to be able to prove who I am by showing my SS card, DL, and the brith Certiticate
    .The one that my Mother got when we moved from florida was a small green colored plastic card with blue writing , with the following info below. Minus my real name and the legal stuff.

    On the top it has Birth Registration Card
    Bureau of Jacksonville then there is a small state seal but it is not raised up so you can feel it. The is goes on with Vitial Statistics Florida.

    Birth Date: Feb.18, 1956 Birth Number 109-xx-xxxxxx
    Race :White Sex : Female
    Record Filed: Feb.xx 1956 Date isued:June x 1956

    Then at the bottom of it states in very tiny writing
    This is a true certification of name and bith facts as recored in this office.

    This new law is to make it easier to identify every one as all birth certificats look similar to each states. That they all have a raised state seal which mine does not have.

    But it is the legal bith cert that was given to my mom to prove the date of my birth and when I was born. However it does not have the names of my parents. It has worked just fine for up untill now. So I just want to know it any one has heard any thing about this change of the Birth Cert.

    I just want to have every thing in order so that I can drive to Odgen and show the SS dept all the things I need to get a move on this process. I have done every thing for disaibility that I have been asked but this last thing. And I really need to be albe to show them what they need to have.

    Please help me if you can and let me know what you have heard about this. It will really be a great help for me.
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    I think Birth certificates and birth registration cards are different animals.

    In SC I was given birth registration cards for my two younger sons when they were born, however when I needed to provide a true birth certificate (such as when my older one went into the military) we had to get the certified birth certificate from the health department in the county in which he was born.

    The birth registration cards were like what yours were but the certified birth certificate had the parents names, and all the other identifying information plus the raised seal.
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    This is my birth cert. I have used it for everything including when I was as a teen just out of high school and thought of going in to the army it was what I showed to them and it was my birth certificate. IT worked for them as well as my DL and SS card.

    I have used it for every thing that needed a birth cert. INclunding my marriage lience. So I don't know what I am going to do.

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    All I have is a copy of my registration of bith, no actual certificate other than that. It's on white (now very aged) paper with black lettering. It's got the state emblem on it, name, sex, parents, place & date of birth, registration number & says PA Dept of Health. No signature, nothing. It has nothing stating it's a true certification of birth. That's it & SSA accepted mine. I just applied in August. I also used in back in the 80's to get in & out of Mexico while on vacation. My bothers is the same as mine.

    My Huz's certificate (which is an actual registered birth certificate) is on green paper with the same info, but his has the raised seal on it.

    I think what you have will be acceptable. Heck if SSA accepted my poor old aged/not true certificate then I'd think they'd accept yours.

    I doubt they'll make everyone in the USA apply for new certificates just because the new ones are to be done a different/new way. I can't imagine how that would tax the Dept of Health in each state! When the laws change it usually applies to all new registrations & not older ones.
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    Just call your county court house -- whether you were born [in that county] or not -- I am sure they will give you the information about this.

    Good luck,

    Karen :)
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