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    My sweet friend sent over an article {advertisement} about Fibro Innovations .This article talked about how our bodies are in a constant state of Fight, flight, and Freeze, of the autonomic nervous system reamains in an active state.

    Which in turns causes all systems of the body to malfunction.When Amplifunction of the sensory input occurs a hightened sensitivity to sound , light, pain, and touch invloved.

    Fibroinnovations is a natural drug free rehabilitation program for treating Fibromyaligia that consists of very specific , low force manual spinal manipulations and a patented traction method specific to Fibromyaligia.

    The doctor in the acticle says that when a person loses certian biomechanics of their cervical spine causes as much as a 28 % stretch in their spinal cords.
    Another major factor in Fibro patrients is the relationship of the possitioning of their skull relative to their first vertebra which following even minor trauma's can become malpositioned closing off vital pathways for the spianl cord to follow. This cause's even greater stress to the perihearal and central nevrvous and central nervous systems..

    I dont' know if i readd the article wrwong or skpipped over some thing but it all seems way too good to be true and you know what they say about things being too good to be true , the are too good to be true, So don't believe every thing you read.

    Once the restoration of thoes improper biomechanics are restored and the tension is off their nervous systems are albe to regain their health. If you are a suffer of Fibromylaigia you realize that every system in your body is being affected from your hyper immune system which makes you allergic to many things , all the way to your gastrointestinal system which can cause celiac's disease and "cure it" { really?} and irrtable bowel syndrome. there in on one system in the body that can affect every thing like that and it is the central nervous system.

    So I went to the web site to learn more and it was the same stories but this time there was a place for wher the results from research that has been done. One study was done in 1997, some later on.

    Call me a skeptic, I know that chiiropractor can do alot of things but taking a patients of a breating assisted machine is not inthe area of there expertise or training. Is this a scam? I don't know, not once in either the arti cle or web site was the cost mentioned or which insurance pays for this treatment. I don't belive that my medicare would pay for it.

    IN the article and on the web site there was no mention of how the patients got off their meds, why did their breathing improve so much taht a C-Pap was not needed any more, nothing was said about losing weight as it helps alot to be able to walk better, stand longer and do more . But it takes alot of exercise done under the eye a Doctor and PT. How do you go about stopping 17 different meds after 12 weeks of this system? I have been slowly reducing my own pain meds and it takes longer than t12 weeks to lower just one medication Ia m sure that getting off of 17 different meds would take much longer and have some side effects , withdrawls ect.

    One lady stated that before she went thru this program she needed a wheel chair, a C-Pap Machine, was dizzy and lost her balance and fell, could not deal with teh chemcial allergies that included scents from candles and perfumes, her light sennsitivy was so much better that she could drive now. Her vision imorpoved greatly, and she was not longer on 17 different medications. But no hting was mentioned about why she didn't need the C-pap machine was no longer needed, { does't a doctor have to do tests to get you off your C-Pap machine?} She is not blthered by bright lilghts, sounds,touch , scents, and her restless legs were cured too. I am thinlled that she is so much better but I don't understand the medial reasons why she is better now and was in such bad shape just 12 weeks before. CAn this be true? I don't know.

    IN the years that i have lived with fibro, oesteo-arthritis in both knee's { I need both knee's replaced} I have fibro, cmps, buldging disc's in L4 * L5 , L5 * S1, DDD, spinal stenosis, over weight. I have been told that if I were to lose weight it would ease the pain in my knee's alot as for every pound you lose it takes off lbs ooof pressure in your joints. I have arthithis in my left wrist that I shattered and broke the radius and had to have surgery on it and have a titaaaaaium plate and screws to hold my wrist together. How is going to a chiropractor going to help that?

    I don't mean to be so negitive about this new "cure" but I have found over the years that when some thing sounds to good to be true it usally is . Don't belive every thing you read. I want to know more about this new program and the cost of it and what all is invloved.

    It does not sound right to me that by attending a 12 week program by a chiiiiropraftor can cure your celic's disease, If it did I would send my neice and her kids there so that they could get better.

    I have had lots of flares this winter , lots of pain and not being to exercise or walk out side, I was house bound after my car died but as soon as i got a car I could drive with ease. I know that there have to be treatments that could help us and make us feel better but I dont' belive that disease's are cured by a chiropractor who is not a medical doctor who has studied many years to learn how to treat diseases like celiac's diease.

    Sorry if this is too strong and out of line. I didn't mean it to be that way. I wanted peole to tell me , share their experiences with me abot how this doctor works and why his system can do things that no one else can do. P;eaes for give me if I came on too strong. If you know any thing about this company please let me know good or bad. If he can do what he says he can do then i would be ther first to find the money to feel better, I really would love to not be in pain any more to be able to adttend teh church meetings and not have the sounds of crying babes, whiny kids, lights that make noise,the mic that has sounds that just scream into my ears. If this is true I would love to hear about it and to know if my insurance would cover it.

    I am sorry for the novel I have written to night. I just wanted to know the facts and you are the ones who would know what is real and true. I hope I did not offend anyone that is usuing this system. This is just my thoughts about it. I have not ever gone to se this doctor and ask for his help. I really have too many questions to ask before I would feel good about comming to see him. Hope I have not upset any one by either this post being so long or not believing in this doctor and his system.

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    I just wanted to say that although it is a good idea to be skeptical of claims on the web by random people that have supposedly found a cure, Dr. Kingston from the above-referenced FibroInnovations is one of the good guys. I have known him personally for about 3 years and consider him honest, sincere and trustworthy. As a FM sufferer myself (8 years now,) I looked into him for almost a year (including MANY emails, phone calls and a personal webinar where you can ask any questions you would like to after he explains WHY his program works.)

    His office is almost always jam-packed with mostly fibro sufferers who are working on their treatments there. When he did his own FM study a few years back to measure the efficacy of what he was doing, he was getting somewhere around 80% success rate, as in most-to-all of your functionality back. That is mind-blowing compared to any other thing I've heard of. Be warned though - you can't be lazy and just waltz through the program. It IS physical and takes dedication and more than the 6 weeks or whatever was mentioned above. The quickest I've seen is around 3 months, but it could take up to a year if you don't work hard at it. And for some, it simply doesn't work. You should ask him specifically about that and WHY. He thinks he knows and it seems to make sense, but who knows for sure?

    He originally wanted to draw people from all over to come to Logan, UT, where his office is, so he created the FibroInnovations brand to facilitate that. After a while I believe he realized it was better to teach other practitioners what he does so people don't have to travel so far. I believe that is why he let the site expire. HOWEVER, there is some great research still there (using the Wayback Machine) on his site showing how he started as a chiropractor and eventually had to expand his tools to be able to effectively treat FM. That link is here - http://web.archive.org/web/20120106103803/http://fibroinnovations.org/research.html

    I don't want to go on and on, but it was frustrating for me to read such a skeptical and slightly negative attitude towards him when I know him personally and am his patient. I would ask anybody who is skeptical about FibroInnovations or Dr. Kingston to simply call his office. He is honest, enthusiastic, and will be able to explain WHY his program works for so many people, as compared to nearly every other doc I've looked into.

    His office number is 435-752-5731

    BTW - this line confuses me - "Curing celiac, and off breathing machine, and out of wheelchair, and dropping so many meds that quickly..." - I have never heard him claim to cure celiac, get people off breathing machines, out of wheelchairs (though that could make sense) or making claims of people dropping their meds so quickly. Although I CAN say that I used to be on 50 mc Fentanyl patches and over 100 mg of hydrocodone daily, and I'm now down to one 5-mg/day. In addition to his regular fibro treatment program, he also has a Calmare machine in both his Idaho and Utah offices. They trick your mind into believing there is less pain than you're used to (hey, your brain was tricking you in the first place saying there was a good cause for all that pain!) That is how I've gotten off nearly all my pain meds so far. It can help you feel well enough to participate in his program, which is physical and takes a lot of willpower to execute, and many FM sufferers just don't have that inner strength left, so the Calmare is booked from open to close with people getting temporary relief from it (6 months or so) to let you do better during the program.

    Just call them - if nothing else you'll learn some things about fibro you probably didn't know before. And ask him for references for people who he has helped - many people are willing to talk about the treatment once they go through the whole thing and get their lives back. That was one of the things that helped me want to look into this more...

    All the best,