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    Have you heard about the supplement fiasco here in Australia? Seems one company produces @ 75% of Australia's supplements and they have problems with quality control.Some Chemist lines have been voluntarily withdrawn, a couple of Veterinary lines and the rest are for human consumption.Over 1000 items are affected. Government has put a hold on things for 6 mnths at this stage. Some people became very ill on a travel sickness tablet. I am lucky in that I can still get the ZMA equivalent,SAMe is safe as is the Calcium, but the Multi vitamin I was taking and the OLE are both withdrawn. This company are the only manufacturer of the OLE, so I won't be having that for a while.Just as well I am feeling a lot better just now. Will have to go shopping and stock up on the brands which are safe. Guess most others will do the same. Love Ozgran.
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    It's good that the lack of quality was discovered----with what all of us pay for supplements, they should meet the highest quality standards! Have you tried the ones from this site? I have no idea how much it'd cost to ship to Australia, though! But the quality is great & I think that the prices are pretty reasonable....

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    Sorry to hear this. We have problems here in the States sometimes too with supplements.

    The products here at Pro Health are really wonderful, but I know the shipping and handling must be high for you.

    I was getting a Noni juice from your country, but can't remember what the shipping cost was now!

    I bought it by the case as it was cheaper than small amounts. I know the phone calls were very high, or I am just 'chatty' when I get on the phone!

    Hope all works out for you...............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    One thing you can always do to protect yourself is purchase supplements that are produced in a pharmaceutical grade lab. There are several supplement companies out there that have this distinction, so make sure of it when purchasing your supplements.