Have you taken Vioxx and how are you now?

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    I took vioxx for awhile in 2000 and had a heart attack and congestive heart failure in 2000, than heart failure again in 2001, in 2002 had another small heart attack and than developed ulcerative colonitis and finally I quit the medicine. I now have angina and vaso spasms. Has anyone else had these kind of problems and what are you doing for the side effects now?
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    I took vioxx for three days a couple of years ago and it nearly killed me with an allergic reaction. I was not at home, so finally decided that the reaction had to be that as it was the new medicine in my mix. I began to improve immediately, but it took nearly a week to get out of my system.

    My reaction was filling with water in the lungs-could hardly breathe and hardly move from one chair to the next. When I got back home I went to my rhumatologist, who had prescribed the medicine for me and he said to never, ever take it again.

    He put me on bextra, but they have taken me off of bextra since the vioxx recall. My doctors do not feel any of us should take bextra, celebrix or vioxx as they are all in the same family.

    It sounds to me like you experienced the heart disease that they talked about when taking vioxx off of the market. You need to get on the web and search for a class action suit group and get joined on for it.

    I have pulmonary hypertension, but it is not from the vioxx. I believe it is from the low potassium I suffered for 6 months-my potassium at a level of 2.2-2.4. This was a result of a lasix type medicine they gave me to get rid of water and I had a reaction to it. It took four tablets a day of potassium a period of 6 months to get my potassium level built back up, and they still watch it every 2-4 months with a blood test to check.

    Take care of yourself and do some checking for the class action suits.
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    I took vioxx religiously for a couple of years. I am fine now although I will need to go back on Baclifin for pain soon.
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    I live in Kentucky, and one day while watching tv, I saw an ad about Vioxx. It gave a number to call if you have taken Voixx. The number is for a law office (that I'm guessing) wants to get in on their share of the Vioxx law suits going on. :) Below is the number should you be interested. 1-800-99 mills. I hope this helps. I too may call because I was also taking it for a while, but stopped becasue I heard about the recall. Funny, my Doctors didn't contact me at all concerning the recall to let me know to stop taking it.
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    I work for a law firm, Zimmerman Reed, and they already represent people injured from taking Vioxx. If anyone in Minnesota is interested in discussing their legal options, our attorneys can answer your questions or evaluate your case, if you'd like. They don't charge for that.

    The firm has a lot of experience with recalled drug cases like this one. If you would like some more information, you could check out the website www.zimmreed.com or you could give them a call at 1-800-755-0098 (ask for Ron Goldser).
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