Have you thought about study days?

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    I live in the UK.

    Years back, when I was involved in a national organisation and regional support/campaigning group, the manager of the local disability advice centre asked if I'd be interested in a study day for health and related professionals.

    Fortunately she did most of the organising whilst I booked the guest speakers. Drs Betty Dowsett and Dr Julian Kenyan agreed to participate. One of these was strictly orthodox the other used more controversial treatments.

    People with CFS were involved too, speaking about their personal experiences of the illness and how it affected their lives.

    Many physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and social workers attended. Sadly only two doctors thought it worth their while.

    The day went well. Those who attended felt it really helped them understand what patients were likely to need.

    The result was a much more positive response to patients' needs within the area from many health and social work professionals.

    There was a knock on effect too, it altered the way in which many professionals percieved this illness so they became more open to new and additional information. This is still going now.

    There was a subsequent improvement in how GPs (PCPs) percieved the illness too.

    The irony is that hospital wise we do really badly, seems you can't win them all.

    It's worth considering providing you can get the sort of help I was offered.

    Seeing the difficulties people the FM are having, and how little this syndrome is recognised for what it really is, it would seem to offer one way of moving things forward.


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