Have you tried ACT?

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  1. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Gary Blier's program, Advanced Cell Training? He recovered from 30 years of illness, and many others have recovered too. I have spoken to him by phone, watched the videos, following him and patients on FB, etc...

    I have experienced medical and alternative healthcare, and my daughter is still ill. Gary's program makes sense based on everything I have learned in a decade.

    Just want to know if anyone here has tried it and did your health improve?
  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    No, I haven't in fact have never heard of it but would love some info. Would you please share some info or how to find it..

  3. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    I understand this much:

    (1) So many patients have trouble getting to appointments, so the good news is, this ACT program can be done from your home.

    (2) The cost is initially $150 to get started, and then $55 per weekly phone class. By the third class, you should start noticing some change, but if not, you can get your money back. Otherwise, continue on as long as you have need.

    (3) Gary is not a doctor, but he traveled far and wide to find help for himself and finally, after 30 years of illness, he recovered! He was most helped by all he learned in CA, Mexico, etc. He teaches you how to re-train your brain and immune system to do what they do best to kill organisms and recover from diseases (Lyme, MS, arthritis, etc.). The program includes the phone classes, meditation, "codes", prayer, etc.

    (4) I watched 15 videos (testimonials) about ACT on YouTube (internet site).

    (5) I connected with "Gary Blier" and "Advanced Cell Training" on Facebook (just type them in the search box). There you can read what Gary and patients in the program are saying.

    (6) Call the ACT office at 401-398-7323 and tell them you want to sit in on a class, free, so you can hear Gary's teaching before you sign up. They have a new video now, so ask for that. Request an information packet and forms to fill out and mail in. A new class group just started in January, so ask when they will start the next session/group for you to join.

    ((hugs)) to you, Greatgran!


  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for the info. How far are you in the program? How long have you had lyme etc? Would like to know what you have tried and your history and symptoms. I will watch the videos and may give them a call. I can't take abx so this may be an option.

    Good luck,
  5. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    My 23 year old daughter has been ill since early 1999. In Feb. 2010, Dr. K. did ART testing and told me that the reason she hasn't responded enough to any treatments in the last decade, is because of "trauma". It was physical trauma related to a surgery she had in Aug. 1999, so Dr. K did neural therapy to dissolve the scar to allow healing energy flow. And the trauma is psycho-emotional. So we continue taking energy-tested supplements, but also now working simultaneously to heal her of trauma... I found a treatment called Colorpuncture that treats trauma on the cellular level and treats the whole person physically too.

    Of course, many of us know that disease is dis-ease = stress. Many lyme patients have been so focused on killing organisms, that they have not asked what stresses in me, lowered my resistance so lyme could get such a grip on me?

    I sat in on a class where Gary from ACT talked about the emotional aspect as it relates to disease. The ACT program addresses emotional healing as well as empowering the body to fend itself from organisms.

    Did you google to find the ACT website?
  6. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    ACT is a rehashed version of Immune System Response training. There is nothing scientific about it. Gary plugs Salt/Vitamin C too. Not too long ago, he posted some pictures of "parasites that he strained from his poop" over on FB. It was disgusting.

    So which protocol is better? Salt C/Vitaman C? Toss in a little Parastroy or ACT/IRT?

    Many patients over on Lymenet have tried it. Please read what they have to say:


  7. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Thanks for your input, Munch. I agree that Salt/Vit C may not be the answer for everyone.

    As you recommended, Munch, I followed that link, read it, and I consider what those experiences and opinions may be worth. It appears that they all just made a decision one day to "try" this. Experimenting with protocols is not going to work. Rather, patients should first have themselves tested energetically, labwork, etc. so that a compatible treatment can be applied. Gary B also encouraged me to have my daughter muscle-tested, to find out if ACT could work for her. If the people at LymeNet didn't get muscle tested before they tried ACT,
    quite likely it won't work.

    I got the book by Alex Lloyd too, The Healing Codes. I don't know if it compares to what ACT is doing. But I think both systems are meant to address the psychological, emotional, spiritual healing of the patient, which in turn affects the physical also. Healing from disease requires that we heal and achieve full integrity in all dimensions.

    I don't accept things just because I'm told it is scientific. Whoever did the test or review put their bias in too. And the FDA only allows certain things, so the rest of the truth can't be revealed. There's alot of truth that exists beyond conventional medical.

    There is alot of ignorance and therefore skepticism among the population about alternative treatments in general. That doesn't change the fact that some of this works. When my daughter could not get diagnosed by "scientific" conventional medical and was drug-resistent and could not be helped by their psychology approaches either, I had to look into alternative healthcare, and that's how my daughter has gotten diagnosed, and in 2009, she made the most progress in a decade with Dr J in KS. But something was blocking further progress and she started regressing some, and another alternative doc found what that problem is...
    We have done a number of things alternatively... and we are getting results... not cure yet, though, but on the way...

    Since this is a multi-systemic disease, most likely, a good treatment plan will include a combination of assessments and treatments...

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  8. dupton7

    dupton7 New Member

    Hey there. I was researching about bio-mats on Google. Came to this site. Saw your posts from '09 and felt sooo bad for your daughter. I too have a faith and pray for you both now. Just looking into this world of Lyme is daunting to say the least. Info overload for sure. I have been so weak at times that my friends have volunteered info to me about the Samento (now on one drop a day to test it) among other 'protocols'.
    I do not have the finances for the IgeneX and apparently make just a few bucks too much for the free testing. My V.A. doc is calling for a consult about an up-coming blood test. (Due to Psychiatrist mentioning that going in is VERY fatiguing for me). I am going to ask for a Western Blot with all stains (strands?) reporting, followed by an IFA and also something called a CD-57. If they don't pay for the tests, not sure what to do. The free route is out as I mentioned. I live in Fl but will move to S.C. soon. Moving in with someone to watch over me while I take some stuff from my Naturopath that causes me to herx...bedridden last year and also one week ago. When I herxed the first time on his bio-feedback machine...wow...down for the count. This is scary stuff...even with a faith....faith that is admittedly not so strong.
    I would love to communicate via email. I can check my yahoo from my cell when I can't get here to my sisters to email. Though we live in the same apt complex, I just cannot be on computer for long at times.
    Praying for you both. Needing them too...Not sure if I'm allowed to post my email and have never done a 'board' thing like this. Not good with computers either! Let me know what I need to do regarding getting you the email or whatever.
    Take care and God bless. Any info to help navigate the waters would be a blessing and greatly appreciated.

  9. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    In my post above, I confused two different Gary's. Gary B does ACT/IRT and Gary E does the Salt Vit C protocol and the stool pictures. In my own defense, I blame it on brain fog and SEVERE back pain.

    I just didn't realize there were 2 different Gary's but it is kind of easy to make a mistake like this when there are two guys with the same first name scamming sick people with nutty products not based on science in my opinion. I apologize to Gary B for the mistake on the stool pictures and hope my comment did not affect sales overly much. I really thought they were the same person until some marketing person from ACT contacted me to correct my comment. So I'm doing that here but I still stand by my original OPINION.

    I don't believe in either protocol to heal any kind of illness. This is my own opinion based on being a PWC since 1981. I have had insomnia since 2nd grade so my illness probably goes back even further.

    I have found the way to fix this and it was NOT based on either one of the 2 Gary's product. So I still stand by "the save your money" comment. There are many disgruntled customers on Lymenet so do some research before buying. Don't take my word for it. Google it.

    IMHO, ACT or Advanced Cell Training does NOT have any kind of science behind it. Oh, the coffee enema people will tell you that it works in their books. I bought the coffee enema book and promptly returned it for a refund because again where is the science? So now all the scammers back up each other and say all this stuff works in my humble opinion.

    Of course you need to pay upfront and there is a 4-6 week opt out policy. So do you get your money back at 4 weeks? or is it 6? What if you hate it at 2 weeks can you opt out then? It's just not very clear. How long do you wait to get your money back? Again, not very clear in my humble opinion.

    Their company disclaimer website page says "Focus, Intent, Practice, Meditation and Prayer" to balance the body's own functional systems. So we can do this on our own. Sorry but IMHO, this is not some kind of magic process that you need to pay Gary B for.

    According to this disclaimer, which is as far as I want to go with any kind of "energy medicine technique" because as they say on their page it is the client that heals him/herself so why do we need to pay them money for their "tools" in my humble opinion.
  10. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    I hear the skeptism, Munch. And I have read it all at Lymenet.

    I don't have personal experience with ACT or Alex L's "The Healing Codes".

    I do have other "energy medicine" personal experience. There is definitely INTELLIGENCE or SCIENCE behind Energy Medicine! I'm not an expert on Quantum Physics and all the rest of it so I won't pretend to be so here....

    but if I didn't know it before, Lyme Disease has clearly shown me that humans are more than flesh, bone, blood, and chemistry. We have an "energy body", and it can be assessed and treated and the physical body responds! Also, when we choose a "belief", it either adds to our overall being's integrity or contributes to our deterioration.

    The benefits my daughters and I have gotten through Energy Medicine, the American Medical Association never accomplished for us.
  11. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Act is excellent for allergies, but my lyme health is deteriorating.

    Personally best treatment for lyme is the marshall protocol.

  12. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Act is excellent for allergies, but my lyme health is deteriorating.

    Personally best treatment for lyme is the marshall protocol.

  13. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Let me know how the ACT works out for your daughter! You should also look at Annie Hopper's DNR-that is my next healing approach.

    I do believe these approaches work for many people. Not all, but there too many testimonies to dispute the power of prayer, intent, and neuroplasticity. There is a MD testimonhy who saw a dramatic recovery on the DNR website.

    Blessings, Selma

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