Have your TONSILS been Removed??:Sleeping problems and Apnea

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by OptimusUndead, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member

    I'm curious to how many of you have had your tonsils removed?? Either as a young child or maybe later into your late teens or twenties?.

    And do you have Intense insomnia, and/or sleeping problems or Apnea??.. I think most of us have sleeping problems, but personally i just can't fall asleep anymore w/out meds.

    I think i have sleep apnea, and Alpha intrusion(like most of us) and its made me think about a few things. My throat often feels a bit swollen or large, and when i'm falling asleep, especially if i try to rest during the day, it seems i have an obstruction in my thraght stopping my breathing as my muscles relax. To my knowledge muscles relax in your throat, and breathing is deep, but gets a bit more narrow. If tonsils are too large or inflamed, they can cause sleep apnea or breathing problems, knocking you out of any good sleep, and a bad cycle of waking during the nightt to keep blood flowing/you alive.

    This can't be everyone's reason for having apnea,but i'm curios to look into it. My mother, her sister, and her brother all had them removed at a young age.

    I want to ask my Dr. about this.. hmmm...
  2. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    My husband just had his tonsils removed and the uvula(sp?)partial removed. He has apnea and tried the CPAP machine, the machine didn't work.

    The doctor told him he had the largest tonsils he had ever removed. My husband is 47, he has tons of allergies, and very poor sleep. Long story short, he is sleeping much better, breathing better, he still snores, but he doesn't wake himself up anymore from breathing being stopped.

    It was very painful afterwards, but I think it is safe to say a sucess for him.
    Best Wishes
  3. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    I had my tonsils and adnois removed when I was 12 years old. I have sleep apnea, fibro, cfs, and a ton of symptoms.
  4. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member

    wow thats pretty interesting cinlou Thank you very much for the informative response.

    I had my tonsils and adnois removed when I was 12 years old. I have sleep apnea, fibro, cfs, and a ton of symptoms.
    i guess that states that its not always the case eh ^_- can you fall asleep on your own at least mrpain?>. i definitely can't..

    Cinlou.. since they were removed, he's breathing better and not waking up. So i would assume that his sleep cycle and Sleep stages are much better?.. I dont mean to be nosey or intrusive, but do you think that he is feeling a bit more energized during the day now that he's sleeping better?.

    I'm going to make an appointment with my Dr., and maybe even go see an ear nose and throat Dr. for a better opinion. This may be a problem i never lookeed into but might have.

    Recovery and pain afterwards stinks :( but if its worth it i'll go fo it. My ex girlfriend had them removed at 21 and the week after was hell, but she's happeir for it.

    What kind of Dr. recognized this?.. I just dont want my regular dr. to miss anything :)

    thanks again..
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  5. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I have mild sleep apnea. It used to be moderate, but I had the UPPP surgery. They removed my tonsils and uvula (the dangly thing in your throat), shortened my soft palate, and put a stitch in my tongue to pull it forward. It was the worst surgery I have ever been through, but I couldn't use a CPAP. It took me almost a week to get out of the hospital and to learn to talk again. I still lisp when I get tired. (I guess I lisp alot now! LOL) I would only reccommend this surgery as a LAST resort!
  6. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    I would say my husband seems to be happier, although he is a fireman, and is also working another job at the moment. I do believe he has more energy. He is very tired though, but it has even improved his mood.

    He went to a ENT for consult and that is what the specialist recommended.

    If you do plan to go that route, be sure the doc does'nt
    remove the uvula (sp?) completely. That little "punching bag" has a lot to do with swallowing. We thought the doc may have removed too much of it, because right after surgery whenever my husband would drink ANYTHING it would come out his nose!! Thank goodness that got better. He is fine now, but do not let them completely remove that "punching bag"

    The ENT specialist is the one to do the surgery.
    Good luck!
  7. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    I had my tonsils first removed when I was about 9. My tonsils from birth were abnormally large, and the report from the doctor stated I only had 2.3mm of open space in my throat to breath through.

    I did have a sleep disorder, but it was one of where I couldn't wake up. My body stayed in the lowest stage of sleep for too long and body organs began shutting down. So, sleep apnea, etc; definately wasn't a problem for me even with abnormally large tonsils.

    After having them removed, my sleep pattern didn't change at all - so it wasn't just a case that I had gotten used to the tonsils and didn't notice.

    When I was 16, the damned things grew back in. They're not nearly as HUGE as my first ones, but they're there; again.

    Again, I didn't find a change in my sleep patterns after they grew back.

    I'm 22 now, and no matter what problems I have with them I'm NOT having them removed again. Too many people in my family have had them removed too many times and they just keep coming back.

  8. janieb

    janieb New Member

    I was tested for sleep apnea a few years back, because my husband said I stopped breathing and he laid awake waiting to see if I would start again.

    The doctor I saw after the test said they rarely see This on people who are thin, but there it was. I stopped breathing an average of once a minute for up to 38 seconds at a time. CPAP didn't work for me because I kept removing itin my sleep.

    They straightened my septum, removed part of the "hangy down thing" and I went home - all the same day. They sent some powerful pain medication, but after two days I didn't need it. Easiest surgery I ever had. Went back to work after three days - no hospital stay. I'd have it done again in a minute, but it didn't lessen my fibromyalgia one bit.

    There was a change in eating and drinking after recovery. You just have to learn to eat and drink more slowly so you won't choke. It worked for me, at least.

  9. vp

    vp New Member

    I had mine removed last fall at 35. Not fun, but not as bad as I was prepairing for. I had slight sleep apnea, and they were chronically enflamed and have always been huge. I no longer have the apnea, nor do I make wierd noises at night, but I still do not sleep well. It solved part of my problem, but not all of it. I am in stage II sleep most of the night, only briefly entering REM and stages III and IV (3% total) which is not nearly enough. I need to follow up and see what can be done.
  10. caperkat

    caperkat New Member

    My tonsils were removed at a young age. I have had the sensation for months now where at night the back of my mouth & tongue feel swollen, and it scares me like I will fall asleep and won't be able to breathe.

    I was scheduled for a sleep study, but I chickened out. Have any of you had a sleep study? I don't want to wear one of those devices.

  11. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member

    Just to make sure of things, i'm going to see an ENT this week if i feel well enough.

    Does anyone know how expensive Sleep studies usually run, and does insurance usually pay for a large bulk?>..

    I would imagine they are very expensive.

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