Haven*t posted here in yrs, but I read your posts all the time!

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    I lost my user name and password a long time ago, so I was lazy and just read here, sorry that happened. Well I was diagnosed with fibro probably 20 yrs ago but had the symptoms long before that. I am 68 now, so have lots more to add to that. like osteon R.A and neuropathy. All of these things seem to run together to me. But I just read about the hip and backside pain and was so glad to hear others explain it just like I would have done it.

    I had polio in my spine at 4 yrs. old was lucky I was not paralized witih it. It leaves you without much energy and lots of side affects. But the fibro makes you feel like you have been hit by a truck and can barely get out of a chair. I use to think it was just muscle pain but then the nerve pain all over like my feet and hands and arms and legs well if I didn*t have neurontin I would be lots worse and I just got that probably 2yrs ago.

    Yes, one dr. said I had polymyalgia and put me on prednasone and yes it was heaven for awhile. My blood tests came up with that. that dr. left so I went to the other one in my insurance. He said, no prednisone, gave me a cordisone shot in my knee and made it so bad my knee was popping out of joint worse after that. So I will wind this up and say I just go to my primary dr. now cause, rhym and neurologists don*t help me at all and I have lost faith in them. 2 months ago, my primary dr gave me a shot in my knee and helped it a lot so I have faith in his shots. But I have horrible pain in both my shoulders and have had shots in them yrs ago, cause one was freezing up and that was another primary dr. so think I will give this one a chance with the shoulders, maybe.

    By the way please take note, I have hernated dics in my back and with polio, I can*t have any injections in my spine as it may paralyze me so anyone here who had polio always tell your drs about it. Thanks for listening and I still recognize some of you from 12 or so yrs back. Sherry
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    Welcome back to the board. I've been here for at least 6 yrs maybe longer.

    I hope you will come back and share with us again.

    PS Many of us have a hard time reading a long post; so if you could please break up your posts, it really helps us to read & help each other.[This Message was Edited on 08/18/2011]
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    I'm sorry you have so many things to deal with. I think very few of us just have one condition, especially as we age. The older I get, the more the illnesses and conditions just seem to pile on. Good to have you back.

    BTW, I put some paragraph breaks in your post to make it easier to read.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Sherry and welcome back.

    I to had Polio as a kid! Have PPS and am having a heck of a time. Its become a guessing game between is this symptom from the PP or CFS or Fibro!!

    OMG I didnt know about no shots in spine and have had the nerves burned and numbing shots. didnt work and caused hell..

    Your story sounds much like mine. I hope you stay on board

    be well jen
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    Hi Sherry!

    Welcome back and I hope you stick around with us all! I too left the msg. board for about 4 years then came back this past April. I lost a dear friend that I met on this board back then and could'nt bring myself to revisit for a very long time. I am so happy that I came back because this msg. board is like a 2nd home to me now that I am not working and waiting on disabilty.

    Wow, you sure do have a lot going on! Just like most of us on the board with multiple illnesses and dx's! So glad that you came back! This msg. board has at times been a lifesavor to me for the last 4 months! I have fibro, CFS, panic disorder and Bipolar II, (just dx'd in May). I had a bit of a "breakdown" and then I was finally dx'd with the bipolar. It helps me so much that others here have it too and have helped me so much.

    So sorry to hear that you had polio as a child. I have heard that it causes many health problems later in life and you are a prime example of that. So glad that you wrote about not having shots, etc. in the spine for people who have had polio. I'm sure there are folks here who have had polio too and may not know about that. Very good info! I hope that you get the shots in the shoulder as it has helped tremendously for severe bursitis in my left shoulder ( from a surgery gone wrong )! Thanks for sharing and again, Welcome back!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie
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    Hi, Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I got into the Research part of this and thought I was never going to get back to the Message Board. But I got lots of good info. I also have this problem of reading a long post. I even get nauseated if I read too mush at a time. Believe it or not I didn*t even know how to double space. Very much self taught on com. Thanks again Beadlady. Have a good day.
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    Hi Mikie, I still remember you from when I started following this message board. You have always been very helpful and kind. Thank you for welcoming me back. Yes pain and many more problems come up as we age. It is nice to have people here to share with who really know what we are talking about. Love, Sherry
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    Hi jen, thanks so much for the warm welcome back. Hate to hear you had polio, but it is good to know I have you to talk to. Yes it is very important to guard your spine. Is that where your polio was? How old were you when it hit you? Last night I had burning pain in my feet, legs and arms and hands, worse than ever I have had it on top of my head before that was horrible. With my herniated dics I am even afraid to go to my chiro. I will remember your name because our youngest daughter is Jennifer. Let*s keep in touch. Have a good week-end, Sherry
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    Hi jam, I remember you and I believe we talked long ago. You have lots of good info to share and I have learned a lot from you. I think I got the idea of probiotics and enzymes from you and boy are they ever life savers. I also get them for my daughter, and she loves them. I love going the health way anytime I can. I haven*t had blood work since Dec. Then my dr just takes colores and thyroid, mostly. You know how insurance is. He did check my R.A> vevels. I will write that down and ask him, I have some skin cancers that he need to check out. Yes, it is not fun with back pain all the time and the shoulders are even worse. Glad to talk to you jam, Take care, Sherry
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    Hi Julie, I love your name, I almost named one of our 3 girls that name. As I was delivering her, it was a toss up between Julie and Jennifer and just as she finally came out my mind said our little Jennifer. Of course in those days husbands could not be in the delivery room. and she is our youngest, 44. I was so glad she was another girl and so was her Daddy. God knew that I needed all girls. Thanks for the welcome back! I really needed to do this a long time ago. So many times I thought as reading through so many topice shared here, I really need to add to this discussion, but just kept reading on and didn*t. I am so sorry about your friend, I may have seen her on here. I couldn*t go back to the convel. home to volunteer after my sweet Dad passed on there. I do hope you can get you disability. I didn*t get to get mine. It sure cost us a lot, since, I am 3 yrs younger than my husband. My doctors really tried to help me get it. I have panic disorder and with me having a breathing problem it is really bad. I get overheated in stores and restaurants. I hate going out to eat. Hospitals drive me crazy.Believe me, I have had I believe breakdowns somewhat or it was very close to it. Lots of trama in our family. It is so nice to talk to you, feel free to send me a message anytime and I will try to answer it real soon. My best friend was bipolar and they think my grand-daughter is bipolar and she won*t take her medicine so it is really bad for my oldest dayghter. I have had cort shots in both my shoulders yrs ago in the rotorcuff. They helped a lot. Now the pain is in the whole shoulders. My friend had to get 4 shots at one time in her shoulder and really helped her. That must have been trigger shots she got Yes I have very bad bursitis. Sorry about the surgery going wrong. I need both my knees operated on but my muscles above the kneew won*t take the healing and exercise you have to do afterward. My muscles are very weak from post polio. Very hard to get out of my recliner and getting off toilets. Thanks for all your help and please, anytime you need to talk just feel free to write to me. I love helping in any way I can. I stay home most of the time, my husband has very bad health so I only go shopping and drs for him. and to tell you the truth, I feel better at home. Take care, Sherry
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    Hi Sherry!

    I read your reply yesterday and meant to get back to you last night or earlier today. So sorry it took me so long! I was so busy yesterday and today, long story....... I can't believe how much we have in common and would love to keep in touch with you too! It helps so much to be able to really relate to someone else and to help each other through our experiences. It's also nice just to "chat" back and forth! I too had rotator cuff repair work as well as bone spur removal and have severe bursitis in my left shoulder. The cortisone shots help a lot when I get them about 3-4 months apart. I'm about due for another one as my shoulder is starting to hurt again lately. I swim in my pool almost every day and it really helps with the fibro pain and I am also "toning" up some, which is really nice.

    What can you do about the knee pain without the operations? Too bad you can't have the surgery and so sorry you have to suffer so much from the pain! Are you taking any meds or supplements for pain, fatigue or depression? I am taking meds and supplements both and wish I could get off of the meds but right now I am not ready. I still have to take my bipolar meds, an antidepressant and then Vicodin for pain. What are your hubby's health problems if you don't mind me asking? It must be SO hard to take care of him when you have so many health issues youself!

    Oh, by the way, I too had herniated disks and had to have 2 seperate surgeries (cervical) and they helped me immensly!! About the bipolar, any advice or info you may have would truly be welcome! I am doing pretty well as my meds are working good but still have my ups and downs. Getting my family to understand is very hard although they are very understanding and sympathetic to me. My hubby still hasn't come to grips with it and it is hard for him too understand as he has never seen me go through the manic-depressive episodes in 13 years of being together until 4 months ago. I think at first he was really scared for me and now he is trying to just let me have more time to myself as he knows it really helps me esp. coming here. The bipolar was "masked" by the CFS and fibro for 12 years! I just ordered a few books about bipolar through Amazon.com so hopefully it will help both of us.

    I think it's sweet that you love my name and almost named one of you daughters Julie! I was named after Julie Andrews and my middle name is Ann! I have 2 daughters and 2 sons ranging in age from 20-30 and a 5 year old grandson who is "the light of my life". My best friend's name is Cherie, very close to your name,lol! I also am home pretty much every day and go on the message board in the mornings at about 10 and then after dinner and really enjoy it. You can always find me here unless I have an appt., errand or are visiting family as I have the replies come to my email. Please feel free to write to me anytime as I would really enjoy keeping in contact with you! Nice "chatting with you and hope to hear from you soon. I hope you are having a good day and will talk to you very soon!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie
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    Hi Julie! I was so happy to get your reply so fast as I already feel so comfortable talking to you! I can tell you are a very sweet person who really cares about people. It is rare to find someone like you and I having 3 sweet daughters can pick up on that easy at times. I have always in my life wanted to serve and help people. I really wanted to be a nurse, but went to Beauty College instead way back in 1961. Good thing I did because nursing would have killed my back and feet. I only worked in salons 2 yrs. Got married and got pregnant and then I began doing hair and babysitting in our home. Got very little money but it helped some and I got to raise our girls, staying home with them and that was my main goal. When Kelly was in the 5th grade I got to work in the reading lab in her school full time working with K=6th graders. I loved it so much with all 3 girls going to the same school. But we had to move back to the valley where we came from so then they put me in the high school there working as an attendance secretary and noon guard duty, I hated it. So the next hr I went back to doing hair and a new baby boy to babysit. Our girls loved him and again I potty trained another little boy. I did pretty well at that, not having boys. Course, when our girls were home they helped me with the kids. Anyway enough of that for now. and wanted to tell you, doing hair cuts saved our family much money over all these yrs. Our girls never went out to get a hair cut til highschool when they were making their own spending money, my husband, Ed never went to get hair cuts and I started cutting my own hair in 1964 and so glad of that, cause most of the time I weat my hair short and cut it very often, so I am very glad of that. We never had much extra money to spend. Talking about swimming, I loved it when we lived in our new home, after all the girls moved out, I got some money from my Aunt in Dallas, was very blessed. We had a spa put in our back yard. I was the only one who used it, which was fine by me, because I had to clean it and wax it myself. We had a little house built arouond it with swinging doors and dark windows for privacy. Every night around 10:00 I would go in it and do leg exercises in it and it so helped my pain and the horrible restless leg synsrome, which I have had since I was 18, Now 68, and believe me it gets worse and worse and drives you crazy. So we lived there for 10 yrs and then moved on to a new Mobile Home where there was a very nice pool, so from May--Sept I swam almost every night somewhere between 7 and 8. It was the most realief I have ever had of all pain. I treaded water at the deep end with no one else in the pool for 45 min to an hr. It really helped my pelvic pain rectal and bladdar pain so much. I had my hest at 42 and 10 days later they went over the scar again getting a tumor off my rectum thinking it was cancer. Praise God it was not! What a miracle from God that was. But from that day forward it brought on the bladdar and rectal pain so sever that I was almost house bound for 7 yrs. It hit so bad around 1:00 in the afternoon I felt like another big baby was comming out of me. I had to hold myselt down there in order to walk at all. I really just wante to die, sorry to say that but that is what that kind of pain does. Kelly was almost 10 lbs with a big head, my first and they took her out with forceps and she and I almost died, If we had not had a super lady dr we would have. Second Baby, Rebecca I really thought I was dead, Man practioner just there to catch her and suture me so much I felt everything. All of our girls were natural birth. Which was good since I couldn*t have any shots in my spine. By the time Jennifer was about due, I as petrified with so much fear I was about to go crazy. She was a little bit easier, but not much. Honey, by now I bet you think, this lady is giving me her whole life story. But there are things later I want to tell you that I thing will relate to your bipolar and yes the horrible bursitis in the shoulders. My best friend had 4 shots put in her shoulder 2 weeks ago and helped her a lot. I use bio-freeze and BenGay on all my joints, Ed, hates the smell but we sleep in separate bedrooms and separate TV rooms so put up with it, it won*t kill you. He won*t put it on my back, doesn*t want to get it on his hands, only when I am desperate. OH, Meds list for you that I have been on for yrs. Since a child I have not slept normal. Can*t get into that last stage of sleep. Put up with it all those yrs til a very good lady rhyme, gave me Lorazapam generic for Adivan. It was a life saver. My Mom use to take that for yrs. so I know so many things that we have are hereitary. She had 3 hip surgeries, none of them worked. That is why I am so against surgery and she got staff infection which is a killer and you can get it so easy in hospitals. Cyclobenazprine,generic for flexiral for muscle pain helps a lot. Neurontin I just got 2 yrs ago, I asked my dr if I could go on that one for nerve pain and he gave it to me. Best med I have ever had. I would really hate to go off of that one. I thought, where have you been all my life? Ok, believe it or not, I have been on Medrozyprogestone and Estradiol since my hest when I was 42. for left over endemetriosis. Lots of pain from that, that is a killer. I had so many fibroid tumors in me even appendix was taken out. Dr said I was like being almost 6 months pregnant. I always had very heavy periods and they came too often. Well about 3 months ago I went on Ropinirole for restless leg syndrome. It helps some, the vitamins I was taking for it for yrs from Andrew Lessman on HSN on TV stopped helping so I can*t afford them anyway. he is good tho and makes the best vitamins. Okay so the other stuff is probiotics and enzymes, stool softners, lax and metamucile, I have diverticulitis and was born with too small of rectum so that is why 2 rectal surgeries and can never go anywhere without my pillow to sit on, in the car, just incase. It makes me feel like an old lady but it is worth it. I have to wear loose pants or it brings on the pain right away. I have had many DSMO treatments from my uro and use to be on meds for that but now it costs over 200.00 so that is out the door. Now, migraine headaches, can*t take meds for that, so many have side effects that they are not worth it. I wear a ball cap soon as they come on and I havee to be in control of the air cond and hearter or I panic cause I get nauseated, sweat like a hog and get headaches. So you see why I had just rather stay home. I make all app. at 2:00 because I can*t leave my toilet til after then.. Every store I go to which is pretty much Walmart, FoodMaxx and Costo, and sometimes Target and the Avenue. < I know right where the toilets are. Use to to go across the BaY Bridge in San Francisco to take Ed to shoulder surgeon I would panic cause that was when I really need to pee and it is bad enough fighting the traffic and your bladdar. I was actually running to the closest toilet right after parking in the top floor of the garage. I have actually gone behing bushes in the mouontains before and believe me we werent there to camp. Just passing though, literally ha. So Now, Hon to get to this panic attack thing hope I can help you. My dr. says to take my atavin when I need it. or just when I am nervous. That would be all the time. But, I wanted to talke to you about mood changes and prefering to be by myself most of the time. I am that way. My Parents were older when they had me so my half brother was 14 yrs older than me. He did not want a sister, maybe a brother He was very moody, like my Mom, that*s a story for another time. I believe lots of people are bipolar and not know it, Me with polio, which is nerves and muscles, my dr told my Mom I would be verry nervous to get me an insturment to pleay to calm me down. She got a piano, I was 4. My daughter has it now, its is very old. She loves it even no one plays it. so nerves goes along with so many illnesses and diseases. Of course it will affect us with bad pain, and the fight or flight thing, me exactly. I never fought for myself but a lot for my daughters with 2 of them married to devils. I have had lots of experience. One tried to run over me 3 times Ed and me once and me and Kelly together. Well she got divorced from him and in a yr went back and is still with him. I am finally giving up, gave it to God for her safty and really left it there this time. That*s is where she wants to be so you have to give in, the devil is in that house and I or none of our family go over there. She comes here and to her sisters. That really bring on a lot of pain and torment in your life. Our girls are my life, when they are happy I am happy. Mush harder than I ever thought would be. I just want you to know, try not to stress on the word bipolar cause, Hon, I really think it is a lot more common than we think. I know my Husband has it , but haveing bad sugar diabetis, being an alcoholic for 30 yrs really adds to the mix. Wel will be married 49 yrs in Dec, first 25 he was a very mean alcolic on the week-ends. Every Mon I was going to get a divorce. We were separated 6 times and started divorce pro 2 times. Live has been good and bad. Any time you want to vent, vent away to me. I am right her looking for your messages. I can*t say all these things to just anyone. I use to go to Alanon, was not for me. I don*t like groups, most of the time somone there will totally take over all the time or I just did not belong and couldn*t wait to get out of there. I wanted to fly away from high school all the time. Now I wouldhave to do home study cause of the panic disorder and feeling hemed in. I have to see a window and it be cool enough. In an emergence room. I am looking for a window, even if it is an emergence door, that dood is there for me to see, if I am lucky enough to see it. I can*t even wear those stocking on your legs after an operation. As soon as I got them off, a nurse would catch me and scold me to get them back on. and Yes I am glad you got the right meds cause we having fibro are allergic to most meds. How did you hide your panic disorders from you husband? Mine saw me having them a lot but he was so drunk he was in another world and me and my girls were just trying to save ourselves. He never harmed them or cusses at them directly but they heard everything he said to me and I would pray all the time that he would not do that but he never stopped for 25 yrs, every holiday was ruined and the girls couldn*t have friends over without being humilated, I just hated to see them go thought that. Church was our survival. We went sun morn, night , and Wed night. I am so glad for that, because they always thank me for keeping them in Church, even when I did not feel like going they would say Mom let*s go and that would get me up and going. Ed*s medical history is bad. His circulation is totally gone in his feet from surgar diabete, his kidneys and 50% gone, very hard to pee, he had emeergencey heart sur a year ago last May. Almost died, post op he looked like he was dead, so swollen up and white as a sheet. 4 bypasses. He needs another chrodid done and both legs done top and bottom. Dr. said no more surgeries, he won*t survive another one and kidneys will shut down. He already has 2 more arteries in his belly almost blocked since the last surgery. A year ago he went blind in one eye, pool of blood on bottm of eye and big clot of blood on his retinal, I rushed him to the Retinal Specialist. He saved the eye with dreinng it with Needles and giving him 3 lazer treatments. It is remarkable what they can do with eyes now. and Ed*s has 1st stage of alzimy. He repeats sometimes 2 times in one minute and talks mostly about food and likes to give orders. He hasn*t driven in 11 yrs which is fine with me, I love to drive, I use to drive city buses. Loved it, I love people. so the drinking made us suffer back then and he throughs a tantrum if he doesn*t get what he wants now, he has never had patience and lost it all now. Sometime I tell him, I am not afraid of you anymore so you had better treat me good if you want me to wait on you the way I do. How did you come up with earthdog? Do you have Indian in you? I have Cherokee from my Dad*S side and my Mom*s side. My Dad was one of the sweetest men on earth. Well, Hon, I must go, my fingers are not following by brain, they have a mind of their own. I hope you don*t mind me calling you Hon, that is what I call my girls and I love calling them that. I call ED that when he is a good boy, Ha. Wow you have quite a family 2 and 2. My oldest grandson is 26. Our middle daughter got married very young and she got the best husband. He is our son that we never had. Praise God for him. And Guess what my favorite grandson who is 21, Becky*s son just got married last yr and today they are moving into their new home and got out of the old studio apartment. But his wife is Julieann and she is my favorite of my 3 grand daughters. Don*t you agree God had a hand in you and I connecting. My Oldest girl is 48. I am old enough to be your Mom, how about that. I was the head of our Red Hatters 3 yrs ago and Jennifer was the head of the Pink Hatters in our club. So we really enjoyed that and then I couldn*t do it anymore, so I turned it over to my best friend. That*s where I got the name momsherry cause you had to have a name for that. You take care now and remember you are very Special and take care. Love and Prayers, Sherry
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    Hi Sherry!

    I was so happy to see your reply when I came in to the computer room to check my emails and there you were. I type kind of slow so I hope this gets to you before you give up on me replying,haha! You and I have so much in common that I too think it is truly a godsend! I don't connect with too many people these days and have only 2 good friends. I have either let them go because of all of their problems that I can no longer deal with or because they lead such active lives that I cannot keep up! I am so happy to have met you and hope that we can continue to stay in contact!

    Where to begin.......Yes, you can call me hon, I really like it! I call everyone honey and not just my kid's! My name comes from, (Earth being my astrological element), (Dog being my Chinese zodiac sign) and 2000 is the year I got MY own computer and started with just emailing, then researching which finally, Thank God landed me here. The people on this msg. board have given me so much I can not even say! I really love helping other people as well and try to post and reply as much as I can. Are you ready for this? You said that you love helping people too and wanted to be a nurse. Well, I worked at a elementary school right down the street for 13 years as a CNA in the nurse's office until 4 months ago until I left and am pursuing disability now!! Coincidence you say? Well there's a lot more.....

    I also had endometreosis 3 times and had 3 surgeries to get rid of it! I finally found a very smart female gyno who put me on the Depo-Provera shot when I was 39 which stopped my periods thus ending the endometriosis, Thank you Jesus. I too had horrid, heavy periods and was soooooo happy to be rid of them at a young age! My dr. just took me off of the Depo last year saying that I was almost through menopause and no longer needed it. Wow, at 52 I was surprised too hear that although early menopause runs in my family.

    I also take a muscle relaxer called Zanaflex when needed which is almost the exact same thing as Flexeril only it doesn't cause the grogginess I used to feel on the Flexeril. I too have had tummy problems my whole life and was dx'd with IBS about 13 years ago. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) pretty name huh,hehehe! I take Bentyl for that and it really helps a lot though I do get the cramps and spasms when I don't eat enough during the day or I get really stressed out. The Bentyl usually works within about 45 min. to an hour and I feel much better. Oh my goodness, the health problems you have had. I feel like a baby complaining at all when I read your replies. You poor thing, I can't imagine! Even with all of that you seem like a very sweet, nurturing and beautiful soul!

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's husband, he sounds like the devil alright! I know how you feel as one of my daughter's is married to an emotionally, verbally and spiritually abusive man! I can't seem to let go of it though because my sweet little grandson is in the middle of all of this. I am tearing up just writing this because I love them soooo very much! I do take comfort in knowing that my little Ezekial spends a LOT of time with us and his other grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My other 3 kids are in "healthy" relationships but not married yet and I have to admit I'm ready for another grandchild! :) I too am very close to my kids and would do anything for them and do.

    One thing about your reply that made me giggle is at how long it was. I am known for writing "short novels" on this board,hehehe! I love to write and even write poetry and always have. I write poetry for my family a lot and they really enjoy it esp. my dad. He has Parkinsons's and we have grown a lot closer since he got sick. He has always been a very strong, healthy man all of his life so it is really hard on him and my mom. He lives for emailing back and forth and esp. likes the funny or political ones. My mom has a pacemaker but no other serious illnesses but does have Panic Disorder and just won't admit to that one. My sister has CFS, fibro and Panic Disorder as I do and we are really close. She is the smart one, haha and has really helped me in living with all of these DD's.

    My husband is very supportive and has actually read up on fibromyalgia, researched what vitamens to take and juices for me almost every day. Juicing is SO good for you! I am so sorry to hear of the verbal and mental abuse that you suffered from all of those years by your husband and am happy to hear that he is no longer drinks! It must be so very hard for you to take care of him with all of his health problems and dealing with your own! I hope and pray that you take good care of yourself and also find some ME time every day. It is so important to have a little time for yourself as I think it keeps us sane! I enjoy swimming, journaling, writing poetry, reading and researching on the internet and spending time with family and friends. If I did not have all of these I know I would not be such a positive person. Even with all of your issues you seem to have a good sense of humor and a positive nature! I have always said that if I did'nt have a sense of humor I would be dead, lol!

    My best friend is 65 so you are not much older than her. I enjoy the company of all ages and have always had a young soul, I think that's why! Well, Sherry I am starting to fade here and need to go take my daily swim. It really helps with the fibro and in trying to stay in shape. I so look forward to your next reply! Hope you are doing okay and I will "talk" to you soon!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie

    P.S. About the bipolar, I am finding out just how common it is, you are right! Will talk about it more in my next reply. :))

    P.S.S. I love that your grandughter is named JulieAnn also and that she is your favorite![This Message was Edited on 08/21/2011]
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    Hi Sherry!

    Where did you go? I hope everything is okay with you as I have not heard back from you. Reply back when you feel better. I know how it is and I understand. If you reply back tomorrow I will be gone to Lake Tahoe for the day and will reply back to you after I get home. I can't wait to go to the Lake! It is only about one hour from here and so much fun to go to the beach. My daughter and grandson are going so it should be a blast! I hope all is well with you and I'll "talk" to you soon.

    Faith and Peace, Julie
  19. momsherry

    momsherry New Member

    Hi Julie, I have felt very tired all day, at 1:00 This morning I had to take more night meds for pain and was laying there wide awake. That has happened a lot lately. so I have been replying to some posts, that I think I may be able to shine some light on. It helps me to try to help others. I wanted to run this by you. My mind is not working well today, even tho I have not taken meds since last night. Do you worry a lot and stress a lot. Me, my reunion is comming up Oct. 22 and I am taking my best girlfriend as lots of the husbands are not going. You know how one day you want to do it and the next you don*t. I do that all the time. Making decisions is very hard to me because of my medical problems. I have shared with others here when they start the topic, don*t know if they get the old messages when they are way back to June. I know some they push up to the front again. But this stress is way back to high school, seeing some you don*t care to see and you know how badly I sweat. I chimed in on that one, have been doing a lot of this in the last 3 days. And I*m sure not taking my pillow in there to sit on. So I will just suffer with it. I know all of this sounds trivial to people. They said to break up the replys and I do and then when I read them back, mine is all together again. Sorry to say, I don*t know how to double space so just use the space bar to get down here. It is not like the old electric typewriters. Well, Hon, I wasn*t going to bring this up but here goes. My youngest daughter, Jennifer, is divorced for 3 yrs. She has 2 daughters, 12 and 15. Lauren and Jenell. Jenell is a Sophmore, sorry , I can*t spell like I use to. Jenell took pills 2 wks age and triend to kill herself. Jen stayed at the hospital 3 days and nights and Last Wed night Jen had to sit outside her bedroom door all night cause she had an " episode". I don*t know anything cause they see the phyc all the time and it is private. Jen says it is a lot about the divorce cause Jenell doesn*t like staying with Larry, her father and his witch girlfriend, who likes to beat up people. She even fights Larry, which I think he has it comming to him, the way he physical and mentally abused Jen. But as I told youu before, I believe I did, Jen has a wonderful boyfriend who treats her and her girls better than Larry did. So I am so thankful that she has him. Jenell and his boy got them together. So to cut this shorter for now, my nerves have been worse, along with Kelly*S drama and trying to please Ed. My middle daughter has had that Letchen disease of her mouth for over 3 yrs and it is unbearable. I feel so sorry for her. My pain is very little compared to hers. The only thing the doctors want to give her is predisone, liquid, she took it and she about died with the pain. she is allergic to it. She also has that white stuff in her mouth and down her system. I give her probiotics and stool softners and all her other vitsmins cause they almost lost their house to foreclosure, cause Chris is an electrical contractor and works very little. Becky has her own cleaning jobs 5 days a week. She never misses a day even when she can*t talk because of the pain. It *s like my bladdar with those little blood vessels bleeding and they treat it and the skin comes off and gives you all new skin on your bladdar wall. It is cistitis of the bladdar wall. Well that is what her mouth does, the skin comes off it bleeds and her lips bleed and tongue and espahgus. That is pure torture. Hon, I hate telling you all this at once, I think a am a little bipolar, don*t you think, when I get on a roll. It is like journaling. But, I love my girls so very much, and I tell them all the time, I just want you to be healthy and happy. They are on my mind all the time. God is their Heavenly Father and looks over them all the time. I just tell Becky, it is time for you to get a healing. But, I want it right now for you. Bless her heart, she lost her first baby boy to crib death at 5 wks old and she almost hemmoraged to death when they gave her a DNC 2 days before that. the hippy dr punctured her uteren wall and we are fortunate that she did not die. I call her my angel. Course, the other girls don*t know that, but she does. so lately, I cry everyday, just too much stress. I will calm down, but Becky is my biggest concern. She is afraid she may have cancer. She says Mom, you know if I do have cancer, I won*t do anything about it. I said I know , Hon. But God needs to heal you. She knows I won*t have cancer treatments unless it is my breast. I have to go back again in Sept for a recheck on my left breast. My doc thinks the pain there is my lungs wall cause it has turned like leather, from probably polio and pneumonia. I have 2 inhalers I use, boy they are expensive. Hon, I will stop now. I have piled too much on you as it is. You can pile or vent to me anytime you feel like it. It really helps and I think you for listening. I can hardly see through tears now. That means, I love you, as a daughter. Take care, Love, MomSherry
  20. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hey you!

    Wow, I can't belive how fast you replied back, it must be a Godsend! He knew you really needed someone to talk to who understood! You poor thing! I am so deeply sorry you are going through all of this stress. It sounds like your heart is breaking honey and I know just how you feel. I too have had dealt with so much anxiety, stress and depression for years and cry often myself. Let yourself cry as it is Gods way of helping you heal. Tears are truly a good way to let you purge all of your fears and frustations. For me personally, it usually makes me feel much better. Don't ever feel like you can't talk to me about anything because you can! I am here and I care.

    I know what you are saying when you cannot or do not want to go somewhere or see people and it causes you too stress out big time. I do the same thing and when laying in bed at night sometimes my brain just won't shut down! Dwelling and worrying that is me a lot of the time. It is so hard not to do that esp. when our children are in trouble or hurting. I went through a really bad experience with my oldest daughter, Amber in March and things have not gotten much better for her. I will talk to you about it in my next reply as it is very lengthy.

    It made me tear up when you talked about your grandaughter trying to kill herself. That is such a horrible thing to go through esp. for mothers and grandmothers. Our girl's just seem to have a piece of our hearts and it is sooooo hard to see them suffer. It is a helpless feeling when we cannot make things better for them. Unfortunatly it is up to them and all we can do is love them and be there for them whenever they need us. That is what mothers and grandmother's do best. Just listen, let them cry on your shoulder and let them no how very much they are loved. You have so much love in your heart for them and they are so lucky to have you as their mom! Don't ever forget that!

    Silly girl, I do not think that you are bipolar just because you vented the way you did! I appreciate it so much that I can vent to you and I will tell you more about what is happening with me when I reply again,okay? Unfortunatly, I have to cut this a little short because I need to go to the store for some last minute things for our trip to the lake tommorow. I will look for your reply when I get home tomorrow and I hope you feel better and can sleep good tonite. Sometimes when I am really upset and don't sleep and cry a lot I sleep really good the next night so I hope that you do tonite! Please don't worry about venting to me, that's what friends are for and I always have an ear to lend or a shoulder to cry on. Take care of yourself and I will say an extra prayer for you tonite Dear Sherry.

    With Love and Comfort, Julie

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