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    yesterday I had bout with nausea and vomiting. it won. Went to a ready care. Today I'm better but exhaustd.
    Just a small bit of info. B4 I go. There is now a Gene Expression Profile Which measures 20,000 data points. It seems that there are three genes that are turned on in people with CFS.. I can't tell you more since I don't which 3 etc. But, there is hope.
    Also the money for research hasn't been alotted for CFS/FM this year. The 4 programs for research have been cut completely!!
    Study in australia showed that people with these dds have staff infs. found by swabbing their nostrils.
    Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day.
    I hope you'll all be my valentine. Love, Selma
    Want to tell you more but gotta go.
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    I am seeing an associate of Dr. Lapp's, Dr. Black. What do you mean about posting on Dr. Lapp? Are you seeing him?