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    Hi. I haven't been posting in a while. I am terribly depressed. Things seem to be spiraling downwards. I've been in a fibro flare for 2 months plus recurring cold/flu things in addition to all my other health problems. Was supposed to have a sleep study but i've been too sick to go. SS finally made a decision in my reconsideration...guess what they said....? They copied the same denial letter they used for the initial denial and used it for this. My dh doesn't understand--he's bitter and angry about the $$ spent on my meds and my inability to work, my kids are getting less attention than they deserve, too much tv as a babysitter and cold cereal for dinner too many times than they should. thanks for listening.
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    I have CFS, my mom has FM. I was diagnose with Epstien-Barr virus and Cytomegalo virus. My mom also got confirmed for EBV. Her numbers were a lot lower than mine.

    She started taking enzymes about a year ago. Special FM enzymes but 1 tab/day. Dr. William Wong, N.D. says that the dose needs to be increased to work properly. Use +1 for each week until you "feel" the results. She got up to 6 tabs/day and WOW, its working! Instead of using the electric cart at Walmart, she PUSHED a cart.

    She also found "Rexall" enzymes at Walmart, $7/200 tabs. Her pain is less and able to move around better. Dr. Wong says that if you reach a plateau where you stop feeling better, start increasing the dose +1 for each week again.

    Enzymes are non-toxic, if you took the whole bottle, you'd just digest everything in your digestive tract and get diarrhea.

    Watch the cereals since "viruses breathe sugar". Oatmeal, buckwheat grits and cream of rice are great alternatives.
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    So sorry you are going through a rough spot. Glad you came back to the board to get some support. I know how rough it is when you are sooo tired and you want to give your all to your kids. The thought of organizing a complete dinner sounds so exhausting at times. Organization is a problem for me because it is hard for me to stay focused on the task at hand and I am always stopping to rest.

    Let your kids be your inspiration. I look at them everyday, their angelic faces and I press myself to not let them be short-changed by this illness. On the days that I don't feel up to kicking the soccer ball around, I play a boardgame with them instead. I encourage them in their activities and volunteer just once a week for an hour at a time in their classes. I can't be "room Mom" anymore, not right now. Not until I get better. But at least, volunteering once a week keeps me involved.

    Relationships aren't easy either. No one seems to understand the fatique. But we all know exactly how you are feeling. I will say a prayer for you. I hope you start feeling better soon! Kiss your children and give them lots of hugs! Kim :)
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    have you had your vitamin b12 level checked? I suffer with depression and my depression meds were not working when they usually did, it tunrs out my b12 was very low and this can make depression much worse..also b12 problems seem to occur more with the DD...the good news is that after the initial shot my mood improved, then after 8 weeks the same thing happened and I had my level checked and it had gone lower than before so I had another shot 5 days ago and already I am back to normal...really worth having it done.
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    is b12 checked in a full blood panel or does the doc have to order it special? my doc just had me do a blood series which included a thyroid check, but i dont remember seeing b12 on the order.
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    That's interesting about the Proton Pump Inhibitors as I take Protonix twice daily. I've often wondered what effect it has on my digestion, but i know i get horrific sotmach pain without it.

    i will look into this b12 test. thank you.