haven't had aclear head for 25 years!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patchwork, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. patchwork

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    I first started suffering with this dd when I was ateenager. Since then I haven't had a single day, or even a single moment when I've had a clear head. I never feel alert. It has improved ,as at one point I just lay down for 6 years!! Treatment for orthostatic hypotension helped but does anyone have anything that's helped in even a small way with the brain fog???? All sugestions welcome!
    I sleep for 12 hours each night and take a nap at lunchtime. I sometimes feel -no wonder I'm foggy! But I feel worse if I sleep less!
    Anyone had any luck with Ginko? Has a yeast elimination diet helped anyone??
    Thanx! Love Patchwork..
  2. greeneyes24

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    Haven't found anything that helped though. Just want to say I know how you feel. Since I got this DD I have never really felt fully alert. Even when I was in remission for over 3 years, most days vague brain fog remained, but that was easy to ignore. Ah if only I could go back to those days now...
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    Hi Patchwork,

    You poor love, this DD is a living hell.

    What you could do before anything else is to start drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water with a pinch of unrefined Sea or Rock Salt added.
    I just keep sipping at mine to get it down, as I find it impossible to down in one go.

    If you have chlorine in your tap water, just fill a pitcher and leave to stand for half an hour for this to evaporate.

    I would say that after a week you will start seeing results...

    You don`t mention having digestion or allergy symptoms, so i`m hoping your problem lies in just being severely dehydrated.
    Although water also helps with these & many other problems too.

    Tea Coffee, soft fizzy & diet drinks DO NOT count. These add to dehydration because of their chemical compound.

    Hope to hear you feel better soon.

    Love Pat.

  4. jadibeler

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    I have also had FM since childhood. My mother used to say I had a mind like a sieve! It's not all the time, but enough to mess me up. I always quit a job after less than a year right ahead of the pink slip! Now I wouldn't dare try to work at all, even if I could get rid of the fatigue. Many days I just sort of wander around the house wondering what I was in the middle of doing. . . I have trouble answering even simple questions sometimes (and my husbands have all been very impatient about that - thought I was ignoring them)

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    I just found this forum and this is something I really relate to! I've been blaming it on the poor sleep quality & still think that might be a big part of it. I got no solution, but sometimes knowing you're not the "only one" helps. Hang in there!

    I don't understand what the sea salt is supposed to do. I'm a big water drinker & have used a filter for over 5 yrs. Ice water is usually my drink of choice, but it has had no effect on my fatique, brain fog, or pain. So is it the salt that's supposed to do something???