haven't had my period for over two months

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chopindog, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. chopindog

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    I all. I am 28 years old so I can't imagine its menopause. Not sexually active so can't be pregnant.

    Has this problem happened to others? Did you find out what was wrong?

    Thanks, Joy
  2. kriket

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    Called the doctor and had a preg. test. Negative. If you are under a lot of stress, it can affect your periods. Can make you miss one or so. That's what they thought mine was. When I say stress, I mean REALLY STRESSED. Don't know if this will help you. Thought I would share w/ you.


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  3. I'm also 28, mine are always "like clockwork" (well...*mostly*)...

    Even despite some major problems with cysts, the cycles have mostly been very regular......until 2 months ago...

    But...unlike you....I haven't been worrying about it, but, rather enjoyed it, LOL ;-)

    But, hubby has been after me to go to my doctor, since my mother had endometrial cancer, and many many many problems run on both sides of my family...so off to the doctor I go soon.....darn it...

    My sister, cousin, & best friend all went many years with only having periods once or twice a year, and got varied responses from doctors......my sister's doctor (a male) actually told her, knowing this went on for 13-15 years for her, "well, you should actually consider yourself lucky, most women would be *jealous* of you, and some take pills to only have a period 4 times a year!" and that "since you're not married, we'll just worry about it when you get ready to have kids." (My Sister is 30!!!)

    Needless to say she sought out a different doctor for another opinion, and found out that her...(?) prolactin(I think) levels.....were through the roof...(whichever levels may indicate a pituitary tumour when they are "near or upwards of 100" according to her doctor) Hers was over 70, and she was put on medication and monitored, and she will have an MRI later on when her insurance kicks in, and birth control is helping her now, after completing medication to help start cycles,

    Anyways, a visit to the ole doc wouldn't hurt, may not be anything, but, it's never normal to skip, sometimes we can get off course from time to time, but, if it continues on and on, it's your body tryin' to tell you something, so, I'd just go see the doc' just to see how things are going.

    Like I said, just after I see my other 14 doctors (LOL!!! j/k!) that's where I'm headed, just to be sure things are ok... I'm not real sure that they are, so....... and, I'm about a year off from my annual (shhhh!) :-O

    Take care, best of luck to you,

  4. elliespad

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    My periods stopped when I was in my mid or late 30's. Didn't have one for almost 2 years. Then, my Accupuncturist, who was also an MD, and Neurologist, changed my Synthroid (Synthetic Thyroid med, T4 only) to Armour (Natural, contains T3/T4) and my periods started up and have come like clockwork ever since. I'm 48 now.

    Also, if you are consuming a lot of plant based estrogens, soy, tofu, soy milk, you could be Estrogen Dominant and Progesterone Deficient. This could cause your periods to stop also. Just a few more thoughts.
  5. ziva

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    several years ago when i was about 29 by periods just stopped. i knew i wasnt pregnant so i went to my gyn and he did a blood test to see if i had early meopause. it came back negative so he put me on birth control pills to make sure i would have a period every month. its important to have one if you are not menopausal because going 6 mons or longer without one in that case can lead to problems like uterine cancer (that's what my doctor told me).

    so the best advice i can give you is seen your gyn before your problem goes on too long.

    best wishes!


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