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    Hello Everyone!!
    I haven't been here in over a month, more like 2 months probably. But, just wanted to thank everyone who posted when I asked about taking Effexor. I was very hesitant to take all the drugs the Dr put me on, but finally was convinced to give them a fair chance, and am so glad I did. I'm not totally without pain, but am much better than I was for a while there. The Effexor has helped me with my outlook on life so much, that I wouldn't want to go off of it. I'm back on Weight Watchers and am losing weight again. I need to be doing that very badly. I'm not always as "good" as I should be, but am losing a little every week, so I'm happy about that. I can really feel it when the weather gets worse or makes a change, but I don't guess it woud be realistic to expect to be totally pain free. Hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks again for all your help and encouragement. Donna 0:)