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    Hello, I have lurked on this board for a while now feeling supported by reading post of people that have been there done that. I have been diagnosed with Fibro now for 3 years. I am on quite a bit of meds, lyrica, cembalta, trazadone, tramadol and a anti inflammatory med.

    I wasn't feeling great when I went to bed last night. Took my regular meds and was in bed by 10. I woke up at 2 am in SO MUCH PAIN. My hubby is always supportive told me to just take it easy on the couch. But I am so very frustrated. We just moved to a new house and before I had even packed my 2nd box I was in a flair that put me to bed. Needless to say my husband moved the entire house and did the cleaning at the other townhome by himself. This flare is just out of the blue and is really bad. I always have pain in my hips but this is so much worse. My lower back is having spasms, my hands feel swollen and tight, my shoulder and neck are burning, my toes are going numb and my knees are throbbing like a toothache!!

    Everytime I move it seems like it is making me gasp and I can't help but keep moving because I can't get comfortable no matter how I sit or lay. I feel that when I gasp everyone feels like I am trying to get attention. I keep apologizing to my husband for being like this and he keeps telling me it is not my fault. As I said, my family is very supportive so I think that it is not so much them getting irritated but me feeling guilty for being the way I am. Sometimes I just can't imagine living the rest of my life like this. I am tired of the pain and I am tired of taking meds.

    Thanks for listening to me vent. I just don't know which way to turn today. Scott says that I might need to make a dr. appt. tomorrow but my primary care dr. acts as though I should be able to exercise and have a more positive attitiude and it would be all better. I was diagnosed by a remy but I live in Juneau, AK and there is not one here plus my primary dr. would have to refer me and I don't think she would.

    Thanks Again.

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    I am way too exhausted and foggy to try to write any kind of coherent response rt now, but I do want you to know that I read what you wrote and I feel for you....wish I could help
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    Im sorry youre going thru this. Ive been in a particularly bad flare lately so I can relate. How great that you have an understanding and supportive dh! I think we all feel guilty sometimes but shouldnt because we didnt ask for this and would fix it if we could. Personally I think ppl who dont have these DDs need to thank their lucky stars. Your doc seems to be treating with the rx's that are supposed to help. And some ppl have had positive results. But a positive attitude wont change one thing about pain and exercise can make it worse. Listen to your body and pace yourself. Pushing thru the pain is almost a guarantee to make it worse. . . . Must be interesting to live in AK! Such beautiful country! Too cold for me but I am fascinated at the stories tell that live there! Welcome here...glad you posted! Cut yourself some slack and just do what you can, when you can. Sending you a gentle hug....
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    Nice to have you post!

    I could have typed it myself! I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from! It's so hard not to feel badly when we can't "participate" in our daily lives. Sounds like your husband is very supportive which is so important. I'm lucky there too!

    No it doesn't sound like you're on too many meds - and I'm sure your Dr. or pharmacist would know if there were any interactions. You have Fibro and I"m assuming it's "Primary". Suddenly this secondary thing popped up even though many people here already have other conditons and know it.

    Are you getting adequate pain relief w/the Tramadol? Are you taking the anti-inflammatories for another condition? They probably won't do anything for your Fibro since there isn't any inflammation. Have you ever tried any muscle relaxants? Those can help me when my thigh muscles hurt really badly.

    It's my hips and knees that are definitely the WORST. I loved your throbbing like a toothache analogy!!! That's exactly how my knee feels so often. Incredibly hard to deal with.

    I hope you're post more often! Hug that husband of yours - and it's true, NONE of this is your fault. I know you know that and I also know that it's hard not to feel guilty sometimes for not being able to do things....but work on that, okay? (I still apologize all the time, so I have to work on it also!)

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    Thanks for your support. I am feeling better though I may have overdone it again today. Nice sunny day in AK and my daughter wanted me to play with her outside. It was either say no and neither of us would be happy or say yes and create some great memories that I can think about while I am hurting tomorrow. I agree that we have to pace ourselves but unfortunately our life doesn't take this into account. I have a my daughter is three years old that keeps me hoping plus a fifteen year old son that plays baseball so we are always at the field for practice or games. I also have a 20 yr. old son but he does his own thing. Thank goodness that I was able to quit my job which has helped.
    Janalyn, this DD affects us in pretty much the same . Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? LOL :) mine worst places is my lower back, my right hip, well all my right side, and my right under my butt!

    I am wondering does your doc blame every new symptom on your fibro without really checking it out? That is what I have found. And if you start to question the doc then they think you are searching for drugs! very frustrating. I am just worried that something might be wrong with my lower back.

    Alaska is not my choice but home is where the Coast Guard sends us. Thanks again for listening. It really does help ;-)

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    I have a son who plays baseball as well! Hes only 9 so we arent in the jr high or high school thing yet. He plays on 2 competition teams..1 is a travelling all star team. That ones tough cos we have to long distances. The other isnt that bad...usually just an hour away. He plays 1st base and has recently started pitching. Hes the only "lefty" on either team. I can so relate to the practices and games. Its rough sometimes. We took him to a Rangers game for his bday last year. It was awesome. Hes turned us into quite the bb fans. . . . . . I have that pain at the top of the thigh and always thought i was somehow pulling a muscle. Thanks to this board i now know its a flare. This board has helped me in so many ways. I hope it does the same for you.