Having a bad spell??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ozgran, Feb 16, 2003.

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    Had been feeling like I was slightly on the improve, but last few days seem to have gone backwards. Even tho' weather has cooled a little here in Australia, I seem to be running so hot. Was under the shower 5 times yesterday as my hair and underwear were all wet with perspiration. I feel the same as I sit here and type. Have had the aches again quite severely and also nausea. Oh well, suppose it's just part and parcel of this DD.

    Pat Palmer if you read this, I have been taking the Olive Leaf Extract for about 2 weeks now, can it have any effects on you. I assume similar to what people call a herx. Is that a symptom of your bodies fight with infection??

    Anyway, things will turn around again. It's just good to share with some who understand. Love Ozgran.
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    i hope that you are feeling better to day and not having to shower so much .where we live it is so cold -7c the weather is hard on me also . i had a bad flare for 2 weeks . it took a week to get over it .this was a new one for me to take so long to get over it o well just the fun of having this . i hope that you not as achy and the nausea is gone please take care
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    Have wondered where you got to, so looked up your posts and can see you asked me a question on the 16th. I am so sorry, I was not well myself last week and couldn`t cope with the computer very much, so I missed it.
    It`s almost a week since now so i`m hoping you may be feeling a little better.
    Yes, the Olive Leaf will make you worse at first because it is killing off the bacteria which turn toxic, and your immune system kicks in to rid of this.
    I assumed you had read up on OLE and knew, but it`s impossible to read and remember much when you`re ill, sorry. Are you drinking loads of water ?

    Olive Leaf Extract is a brillient natural antibiotic, unlike prescription antibiotics it doesn`t affect the good bacteria, leaving you with a candida problem.
    So if you have Candida the OLE will kill that off too.

    Sounds heartless, but i`m glad in a way you did feel worse because that means it`s working, but do cut back on the amount if you feel dreadful. How many are you on ?
    Please stick with it, for several more weeks, need to stock up.

    I gave OLE to my daughter for 4 wks 3 mths ago and she improved dramatically.
    She then way overdid things and had a relaps, we all caught rotton colds and started on the Olive Leaf again, a week later my daughter`s disghusting catarrhal cough and the cold had completely gone.
    I was wiped out, this is day 10 on OLE and I have loads more energy.
    My daughter is now feeling much better again and is even exercising a little (amazing) and is going to continue taking the OL for 3 months this time, because it can take a while to get all the critters.

    Sorry for not replying earlier, I hadn`t seen you.

    Lots of love Pat.