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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by coyote, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. coyote

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    As I've mentioned before, I am a travelling art teacher. I carry my art supplies to six schools, and do art on a cart.
    By the end of the year, I'm pretty exhausted. I thought I'd spend the summer trying to recuperate: a little exercise, reasonable sleeping hours, vitamins, supplements,

    last week, I took a course, to keep up certification. It ran from 8 a.m. to 3:30 in the afternoon. It was a half hour drive from my house....required getting up much earlier than usual (have always been a night person), and sitting in the classroon for 8 and 1/2 hours with breaks. I kept getting up and moving around, standing up for awhile...thought I would be ok.

    Not. I can't remember feeling so exhausted ever, sleeping endless hours of poor quality sleep...waking up, and waking up, you know the story. Feel sick, you know, the mailaise after overdoing it. Can hardly get up to move from room to room today.

    They say this isn't progressive but, boy, I can't remember being so sick with this....and didn't think I was overdoing that much. Of course, it feels like it will never go away.

    I have new sympathy for those who are more severly affected by this damn thing. Excuse my language, please.
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    I am not sure that this is true, but I was thinking that maybe age could play a factor in this illness, you know like when we we're in our teens or early twenties we could do an all-nighter clubbing etc, and get ready for work as if nothing was wrong, then when we reach late twenties , early thirties.......all-nighters are a possibility, but getting harder to bounce back from......and then when you reach your mid thirties you ask yourself is it really worth it....lol
    Was just toying with the idea that it could be sort of a stamina thing, harder to cope as we get on.......or as the number of years we've been ill gets higher.

    What do you think?
    All the best ,
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  3. jacqui_k

    jacqui_k New Member

    I forgot to say Coyote that I hope you feel better soon.

    Hugs, Jacqui
  4. Jen F

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    Whenever I feel like you mention, I am afraid that is the way I will be from then on and I won't be able to stand it. Then, a day or two later I recover a little and can cope.

    Then next time I do too much I go through the same thing and while it is happening and I am so sick and tired, I am afraid that it will always be like that and how will I survive...but it does pass.

    You must rest and get proper nutrition and the best sleep possible and you will go back to being your regular CFS self soon, I hope.

    I do find that things are getting a little worse as I get older, but...i don't think it has to be that way for everybody.

    I hope your flare passes soon. next time maybe you should limit yourself more, it's challenging, but often necessary.

  5. coyote

    coyote New Member

    I wish that age were the only factor....yeah, I remember being able to watch David Letterman nightly and be able to get up for work in the morning.
    My co-worker took the course with me. We are the same age. She is fine, and will be taking three more of these courses. I am singed up for one more, and will be cancelling it. Will find something a little less intensive, like one day a week.

    I feel like a vegetable today.....a squash or something related.

    Oh, well. At least it's summer.

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  6. Fibromiester

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    I'm so sorry you are Under this thing right now. But remember it will get better- it IS summer! When you get a break, even resting in bed or on the couch IS resting. And Do be sure to eat fresh foods, and not fast food! Lots of good Healthy food, and the Suppliments you know you should have. Do things to relax yourself, and I sure pray you'll feel better Very Soon !
    I admire your guts, hang in there and look to better days!
    Hey, if you can, ask a favor of a good friend, or family member, to come over & Clean & Do the Wash! Folks love to do that for their friends who are under stress, or just home from the hospital, or under the weather, etc!
    Love to you!
    Fibromiester :)
  7. coyote

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    I needed the reminder....I opted for a tuna roll and onion rings for supper, chocolate for dessert, and can't mention how I feel.

    Will get some fruit......