having a hard day....unkind comment by housemate. help??

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  1. bewell4

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    LOL!!! (not).

    i put my laundry in today, and when i went to switch it to the dryer, it was *sopping* wet. i told my landlord (family--who else could be so nasty to a tenant?! lol) that the washer was broken, she said (angry voice) "well, then you can just take it and wring it out by hand!"

    oh my.

    this is the kind of abuse i live with on a near daily basis. there is no arguing with her. there is, 9 times out of 10, no appealing to her compassion (what a joke) or "soft side" or logic*, etc!

    she ...has her own burdens. much of the time i am able to feel genuine compassion. but too often it really gets to me. this is the part i would like some understanding for.

    you would think that after the first unfair, hurtful, (or along these lines) comment was hurled at me (yeah, yeah, this is my interpretation...) that i would have learned to deal with it!

    it actually strikes me as an extremely cruel thing to say. not only would it be - well, less than nice to say to a "normal" person...my hands are in agony. it is hurting me to type this, but my motivation to get some comfort and understanding and support is overriding. i will pay later. my whole forearms are hurting from the typing i've done this last week.

    there is no educating her. i have a hundred examples, too many to detail... and i, unfortunately have as many little "wounds". i would like to think that i could just let it go, if i were free from here, but i think part of the problem is that i know i have to face the same scenario tomorrow and the next day and the next.

    to add salt to the wound, i am LUCKY to be living here. if it were not here, it would be a shelter. i honestly have not found any other options. life is, shall we say, different when income is limited (this is putting it nicely! lol!)

    can you imagine *wringing out laundry* by hand??!

    well, i am a bit afraid that this will come through garbled and i will be misunderstood, or possibly even -rightly- taken to task for my part in this situation.

    right now i could really just use some sympathy, or understanding, or a good laugh. . .


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    I am so sorry you have to live with someone who talks to you in that way. It is hard enough living day to day with an understanding family I couldn't imagine having someone talk to me like that while I am in constant pain. I wish you well and hope you feel better.
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    You just have to wonder what in the world are people thinking. I don't know if they would even notice if they were talked to in the same way! LOL

    I don't recommend "turn-about", no use stooping down to their level.

    One thing you might try is coming back with "did you really mean to say that the way it sounded?", may make them stop to think.

    Been there - done that - my mom called me a moron last year...so I do know how you feel except I don't have to live with it everyday. Now that would be tough.

    Take care, I hope the sweet fairy sprinkles her with giggles and kindness.
  4. bewell4

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    thank you...i can't tell if that was a joke! lol. i did not wring it out by hand...no way! i couldn't, really. :)
  5. bewell4

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    thank you! but my computer is slow today...by the time i got the respond window up, i forgot the name i was trying to respond to! plus, i am typing w 1 finger left hand. have really wrecked my wrists with the typing. oh well! will rest and try more later!
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    You're like me in not remembering all the names.

    Here's a tip I got from others on the board:
    Press the shift key then click the REPLY button, you can then reply in the new window and the messages will still be showing.

    Take care I hope the washer is fixed soon.