Having a hard time emotionally and physically

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  1. Lana56

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    I guess i just need to have someone listen.I am going through the hardest stuff ever and getting through each day is not easy.It helps to be here and know everyone cares so much.Here goes-I am fighting depression,in terrible pain(on many meds to help)my father has kidney cancer(not sure what they are going to do since he is 85 and has a heart problem too)my husband is in trouble with the law(for something he is NOT guilty of)and can be facing many years in prison.So far the case does not look good for him.We have been married 23 years(August 9th) and are good people.Since I got sick this man has been by my side in every way.He has supported me financially also since I never got disability(long story)and when I am in pain he can't do enough to make me comnfortable-even if i just need a hug.So as you can see we are two people stuck like glue.The thought of them taking him away from me for something he had nothing to do with,is making me sick.I am very depressed and even cry in my sleep with things on my mind.I am scared and don't know what I will do with no income.To be in constant pain and not feel good it is hard to cope with what may be coming soon.In pain I want to be in my own bed,my own home and want my husband there.My family does not understand the pain I am in,as I don't talk about it.My sister just says to go to work and if I am headed for bad times I know I will not get the support I need.Sorry this is so long-just needed to get it out.I feel angry with the world right now and these bitter feelings do not help.I can use all the prayers I can get.The thought of so many losses coming is hard-and there are more.Thankyou for listening. Lana56
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    You prro thing...too much to deal with at once! I send my prayers to you and your fam,ily. It odd, but i have been thru the exact same things...at about the same time.
    When i was 16 my dad got very sick..he had been in/out of hospital my entire time in high school...He passed away when i was 17. I was a daddy's girl. To add to it, I was living with my boyfriend of 2 yrs and found out i was pregnant...3 months later he was arrested for armed robbery! I knew nothing about it and was shocked when they came to get him.
    I don't know how i made it thru, but i did. I am now happilly married 23 years, my life is perfect in enery way except for this awful disease.
    I know it may be hard to see now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...you will make it thru this.
    All i can offer is advise. Enjoy and savor ever moment you have wiht your dad...let hime know how much you love him.
    The same goes for hubby...stand by him, and offer as much support as you can.
    As far as your sister/family..maybe she can go to the dr wiht you? this is how my hubby finally understood how sick i was.
    And remember, nothing lasts forever....this too shall pass.
    Hope its helped,
    warm fuzzies
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    Hello Lana,

    You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours". I am so sorry for all that is going on in your life right now. So many of us have faced challenges on a personal level as do we all as humans. Right now you are overwhelmed and it sounds to me that you are depressed. Who wouldn't be, right?

    Without going into my life history...I just want to say that attitude is everything. Have faith that you will be okay through this and seek medical help for depression if you have not already done so. It is easy to say and hard to do, but not impossible.

    I hope you have an understanding physician that can make this road a little less rocky.

    My heart goes out to you...

    Many Blessings,
  4. CarolK

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    Lana -- Just wanted you to know that I prayed for you today. When life is overwhelming (as it seems your life is right now)always remember that the God who holds the world in the palm of His hand.... cares for you! When life seems more than you can bare, fall into His arms!! Trust Him even when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Know too that all this stress is not good for you and when you see no solution, that is the time when you need to give every detail of your life up to Him!!

    I've been through enough in my life to know that when all looks hopeless... that's when my God shows me just how much He loves me and is there to lift me up above the storms of life and ALWAYS provides a solution... even if it is not in my time frame! Just reach out to Him and watch how good He really is! I've been in several life and death situations myself.... He has never let me down!!

    Trust Him, Lean on Him.... watch what He will do for you!
    Love and soft hugs to you Lana.

  5. tlc8858

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    So sorry to hear what is going on with you. Hang in there if you can, and pray a lot. I will keep you in my prayers.
    Depression can be a terrible thing, are you getting any help for that at all. Such as meds or therapy?
    God Bless
  6. Lana56

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    Thankyou everyone for your responses.I am on antidepressants and in therapy.I also have a great doctor who is by my side in every way.Gee,should I complain?!I need all the support I can get to go on and cope with everything.Thankyou again and my prayers are with each and eveyone of you. Lana56
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    I am sending Hugs to you((((((((((((((LANA)))))))))))))))
    and you will be in my prayers... Words cannot express what you are going thru, so Im going to let the big man upstairs be in charge for you!!! I pray that things get better soon, lots of love and prayers, IGGY