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    Someone posted a topic about symptoms getting worse. I was shocked to see how many replies were in aggrement. I was also very happy to not feel alone. My doctor is not very sympathetic.He's trying new meds for FM and CFS.He told me that I would be 50% better. Well after 2 weeks, I am not better and indeed feeling worse. I asked him to complete paperwork so that I could receive short term disability from my employer.No big deal and many people do it for up to one year. He refused and his nurse gave no reason on the phone.I barely make it thru days at home without collapsing form exhausttion. Very scared to drive and have a hard time concetrating.I will loose my job without this and am now more depressed and scared than ever. I spent most of the day sobbing because of this and pain. I need to get better before I can work. Sorry to drag on about my problems just looking for an understanding ear.God bless all of us.Thanx for your time. Mary
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    for myself here also. I know what you mean you need the job but you can't function well. I would give it another week then if it isn;t better call your Doc again and tell him you are not getting better. make another visit with him if you have to.

    The squeeky wheel always gets oiled.

    maybe you might have to get a second opioion if he won't listen to you.

    Hope you get what you need. thinking of you.
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    Oh, I'm in with you... I have just come home from the doctors and am definately in for the pity party. My doctor left last month and I now have this new one.

    She admited that she knows nothing about cfs or fibro and then went on to say to me that well.. "it's not that bad"
    I burst into tears - she did not hear a word I had said. I don't cry very easily as it makes my headaches worse, so I avoid it when I can! But she made me SO UPSET.

    Luckily my husband was there to stop me ranting and raving at her! And he just asked her, do you think we should find another doctor, and she said yes!!!

    So now I am back to where I was 4 yrs ago, trying to find a doctor that will treat me. Preferably one that has some idea on how badly this illness affects us.

    So yes I'm in with the pity party... pity pity pity... why oh why are there so many ignorant doctors worldwide? pity pity pity...

    Thankyou springlake for the party, I am feeling alot better, cheers.. now if only I could tolerate alcohol!!
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    I have been throwing myself lots of those parties lately. I am trying hard to get in a better mode of thinking. If I have to have this illness I at least want to be ok mentally. I KNOW it is hard to do but try to stay hopeful. Things will turn around.

    Did you say this Dr. is trying new meds on you? If that is what is making you worse than please stop taking them. If it has been two weeks already and the meds are still making you worse than I don't think they are going to work for you. If this doctor can't be of help to you and makes you worse than it may be time for a new doctor. You don't need someone who is going to make you feel worse or add to your stress and depression. If he won't complete your disablitly paperwork than find a doctor who will. Sounds like he is adding more stress to your life and a doctor should never do that. They are there to help not make things worse. Sounds like you really need this disablity and if he can't accept that than find a doctor who can. Fight for yourself and what you need.

    I hope you feel better soon and PLEASE try to stay hopeful. We all understand how difficult things can be. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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    After sooo many years with this and because of it losing most everything I had in my once wonderful life I jumped from pity parties and now I have visits to "PITY CITY!" It was explained to me that when you have any kind of loss in your life you need to grieve that loss...And that I have had about every traumatic loss and those in between and it would probably take me a long time to grieve them. So now I live my life with this rule to myself, " I will do the very best I can in the situation I am in at the time." It was what I had taught my children, so I guess I should do the same .

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