Having a rotten day...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjg4ever, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. cjg4ever

    cjg4ever New Member

    I am going on no sleep.I am having a really hard time sleeping and my blood pressure has been really low.I went to urgent care this morning ,but after my blood work I had to wait over 2 hrs.I just finally walked out.I am totally drained and cant hardly stand up.I am so dizzy and feel shaky,but I know they couldnt help me anyway.
    I cant miss work,because I havent been there long enough and have no sick days.All I can do is cry.It is going to be a really rough day at work.I hope I make it.
    My husband is so wonderful,he just holds me and lets me sob.He feels so helpless and really dosnt know what to do with me.He is so wonderful.I tell hime he deserves so much more.
    Well I have to go to work.Wish me luck. Jodi.
  2. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I am so sorry. I thought my day was rotten but I don't have to go to work.

    I am glad your husband understands...for that you are blessed.

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