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    Former title: "Say the magic word! How do I get refferal to specialist SOONER?"

    Thank you to everyone who has writen in to my thread about food cravings. I wasn't aware that hormones played into this so much. I was told, at least, that it is my thyroid problem that is causing me to be up till 7am - like tonight. Ugh, you should see me during the day after weeks of this.

    I shouldn't wait till March to see the thyroid specialist about this. I am too serriously ill to "hang in there" for another six weeks before we even start investigating this. As for the CFS/FM specialist in my town, her wait list is 1 1/2 YEARS.

    But to focus on the thyroid thing for now...
    I know that docs are there to help us and to get us the assistance we need. I also know that they are pretty bumbling about most things, and you have to play your cards just right to get anywhere with them and be taken serriously. (Sorry to be blunt here.)

    I booked an appointment with my GP for this Friday to see about getting in to see the thyroid specialist sooner. Dad will be going there to represent me, as I am too sick to leave the house. :( What are the magic words I can say to make the doors to speedy medical care open for me? What sort of Open Sesame do I need to say to get the doctor to take my needs seriously and get help to me sooner? I feel certain that being mild and honest and hoping he will do the right thing for me isn't going to get me anywhere. How can I handle him so that I can get what I want?

    I appreciate your help and experience in this. Thank you.
    (((thank you))) Shannon
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    My Dr referred me to an endocrinologist (before all my diagnoses) and he didn't even do a full blood work up. He was just concerned about my triglycerides.

    He took me off the drug that was working and put me on one that didn't.

    A year later, my family Dr put me back on Tricor and my triglycerides were normal. That's when they found out I did have a thyroid problem.

    Do they suspect your thyroid is high or low? If it's low see if your Dad can talk to your Dr about starting you on a low dose thyroid pill to see if it helps until you get to see the specialist.

    I hope you experience will go much more smoothly than mine did.


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    Call Calgary Health Region!!!! I did this and you get to talk to a nurse and tell her your problems!!! They contact the doctor or specialist and bump you up the line. Also give a LOT of good advice. I was supposed to wait three months to see Internist when I was VERY sick. They bumped it up to the next week. Also if you feel it's really bad then go to ER. They will do all the tests there and get a specialist in. I was sooooo sick in the beginning that I could NOT even get to Doctors so I went to ER (via ambulance) and they sorted it out while I layed in bed!
    Sounds to me like you are very ill right now and need to be seen asap.

    Annie the Londoner

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    I think so too, darude!!!!! I was up past dawn this morning, so jittery. Even now, jittery, crying, headache... ate like a whole loaf of french bread because of the cravings and one of those giant 300gm plain chocolate bars that I stole from my brother's car after he had gone to bed... and I have the eye symptoms too, pain and burning and stinging. Lastnight while on the site here till 7am vision kept blurring out until I could not read sometimes. Kept blinking and could just make out the letters well enough to type. It's getting worse every week.

    I'll call Calgary health region right away, thank you. I do feel like it's an emergency. Thank you for writing in. Anyone who reads this post, PLEASE keep it bumped and keep giving me more advice. My appointment with the doc is on Friday, and I don't trust him to be smart and get me in sooner unless I plead my case this just right.

    Thank you all. (((love))) Shannon
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    Thank you for the advice, printed out thyroid symptom list. Started bawling when I read it because I have like every symptom there and it is so scary. With thyroid, if untreated, you can even go into psychosis, and I'm afraid for myself because I see myself getting irrational at times, though maybe it's just a reaction to all the foods I am eating, like anytime I eat something with MSG I go nuts for a couple of days till it's out of my system. But anyway, scary situation.

    I've printed out the symptom list and highlighted the ones I have, and started writing about how bad they are and which are worst to dad can give all of this to the doctor.

    Thank you for your support, all of you.
    ((( ))) Shannon
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    They think I'm sick enough to go to emergency room. Maybe a good idea because... too tired to type more. Will think about it, hopefully go tonight. Please keep this post bumped and support me in this scary time.
    ((love)) Shannon
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    Does your GP let you get away with this? The appt being made by you and then your Dad going there to "represent" you?

    How can he possible give you adequate treatment and care if you are unable to make it to his office? In the US, a doc could not do this due to privacy laws. They would not be allowed to discuss your medical problems with your father.

    You said you had a choc bar that you got out of your brother's car -- if you were able to go out to his car, couldn't you go out to your dad's car and let him drive you to the appt? Most doc's offices have wheelchairs available to go out and pickup a patient who is unable to walk in to the office. Then they are transported back to the car via wheelchair after the appt is over. Some areas have health care vans that can pick you up on a stretcher, like an ambulances does. They take nursing home patients to the doc like this.

    I am just concerned for your health that you do not physically go to see the doc yourself. You are only 23 years old. Since you are so sick, it is all the more important for you to be seen in person.

    Please don't get angry at me for saying this, I am just really concerned for you. I think you need to find a way to be seen in this doctor's office yourself!

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    You sounded to me a little harsh on this gal- probably the last thing she needs right at this point in time. We may not know ALL the reasons WHY she is doing things this way, there is probabaly a good reason. I do agree she should be seen but we might not know ALL the reasons - she may not want to share right now.

    Bump again for Shannon.
    Wishing you luck my dear.
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    and i agree w/ljh you need to get your hiney in a doctor's office pronto...maybe you have social anxiety i don't know...but you will need to be seen...you can not honestly think you are getting the best care possible when you are not being examined by the doctor personally...

    thye need to feel your thyroid and many other things they look for...whites of your eyes...they can not look into your father's eyes and see how yours are...

    can they schedule you to be seen at your house?

    i don't know what else to advise except go to the doctors yourself and don't care what they may think...i don't know why yu are avoiding going to the officer personally and yes it doesn't make any sense to me...but i do not know all of the facts....

    so either go w/your dad or have them come into your home...if you don't do anything you will not ever get the professional help that you so desperately need.

    the best for you!
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    Please let us know how you are WHEN you can. Thinking of you. Is Foothills your nearest ER thats where I go.

    Hugs Annie the Londoner!
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    Hope you are OK!!!
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    Call them and tell them you need a follow up visit, they here usually give you about a day or two later. But they will ask follow up to when & where.

    if you need to go to a walkin clinic first or if possible ER, i hate leaving the house to when i feel bad, but i force myself to do this to get help. You will definately get in quicker, as for the referal, i agree with MCD56>

    let us know
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    Call me when you can.
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    I went through this.

    My symptoms were real, but they are what got me seen so fast, so you could say this, too. That you are hoarse, having trouble speaking and having trouble swallowing. But first say you have a lump on the side of your neck, then say about the hoarness and swallowing problem. I guarantee you this will work. These are the signs of thyroid cancer, and they will take you right away. My internal med doc got me to an endocrinologist fast. Good news: I do not have the cancer, just the goiter, but I still have to get it tested avery 6 months. YOu badly need blood work done, too, as I'm sure you know.

    Get there 1 way or another, and do it fast. YOur feelings are being caused by some type of malfunction of the thyroid, it sounds like. Don't worry you will not go crazy. But you do need help. Let us know.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I am not a doctor but I have read that thyroid problems are very common for peole with FM.
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    I apologize to you, Betty, and to Shannon, I did not intentionally mean to sound harsh. It was 2:30 a.m. (wee hrs of the morning) when I typed that and I was just so tired and in so much pain, my thoughts were not polished, and were just too blunt and a "tell-it-like-it-is-approach." For that, I apologize.

    It is after midnight again tonight, so I won't explain any more or offer any more comments--I don't want to put my other foot in my mouth now!

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    Oh I get it. I know sometimes that happens and things dont come out right. Every one does this for sure.

    Please take foot out of mouth~~~~
    I hope you got some GOOOOD sleep.

    Sincerely, Bette droop/ Karen Z
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    It is completely reasonable for you to trial thyroid treatment if you have been diagnosed with CFS of FM. Nearly 100% of us have issues... I wish I had the study to give you on this to hand over to your doctor!

    Unfortunately, traditional testing will not show abnormal results. That is why I am questioning whether you should tax yourself trying to see a specialist. If the doctor, specialist or not, does not know about our condition, they will be very unhelpful. ER included... I tried that route. By all means, go to the ER if you are concerned about immediate symptoms...but be prepared that often the answers will not be found there. I just am concerned about you expending energy that may not be helpful. It comes down to finding a doctor that will understand your condition and recognize the seriousness.

    Here is a document that is helpful to use with doctors that provided treatment suggestions. This will provide you with some leverage.

    I am on T3 myself and it has been helpful. I validated the need for this through body temperature testing.

    Please also feel free to check out my website... www.clik.to/CFIDS

    Look under the section on Advocacy and then Self Advocacy... this may be of help.