Having a tightness in and around my heart.

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    for about the last 4 months I have a tightening around my heart like someone is squeezing it. Most of the time it feels better with high flow oxygen. I have had about every kind of test my family doc can figure out to to, and I passed a stress test with flying colors. Has anyone every head of any thing like this or know what I should look for or what kind of doctor to look for. I am having bilateral knee replacements but I would like to find out what is causing this first. So would my surgeon. I am open to all suggestions. Thanks
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    I don't know if this will help you.

    Two weeks ago I started with some burning in my chest. Then later it went from my chest up to my neck and the HMO sent me to the Hospital Emergency Room. While in there I was set up in a private room in the Emergency Room and low and behold it had a TV that swung right to my bed and had Cable (ah, my prayers were answered). And on comes South Park--a show that takes my mind off many things.

    The burning was still there and they gave me nitroglycerin. Which stopped the burning. But my chest was feeling like I was wearing a tight vest. They put me on oxygen and admitted me to the hospital and the next day I didn't have the chest tightness and I went through various tests. Because I am mobility disabled they had to due the stress test chemically and that came out fine. All tests came out fine. The hospital cardiologist wants me referred to a cardiologist by the HMO. They don't like that I had the symptoms and the tests didn't get to the bottom of the symptoms.

    So this is just in my case and may have no bearing in yours. But it is something to think about. Passing the stress test may not always be the final indicator that you get a pass on health health.

    Keep positive and good luck and hugs. P.S. My cats were very unhappy that I left them and my friend came in to feed them. When I came home I was ignored and given no kitty love for a whole day (plus I smelled like hospital), the following day I was fussed over and given lots of kitty love and it was obvious my punishment was over.
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    Even with the above, I see the eye surgeon the first week of May and hopefully have the eye surgery soon in May. So they are going ahead, even with the cardiac scare. My primary care doctor has requested that my one aspirin a day be changed to two enteric coated aspirin per day (the enteric don't upset the stomach as much).